Friday, February 20, 2009

Retro chic!

I couldn't find anything new on SD to talk about. So I decided to make an original out fit! The coat has retro feel to it because of the bright color...For this reason i used a neutral color-black. The black brings out the color with out intensifying it further. Simple accesories only compliment the outfit, this is key. However most of the clothing is only for SS. You can still use the same concept with other clothes and colors!


2_cutecarla said...

Wow that is simple and cute!
I love the colors.

Anonymous said...

I love every thing from the neck down, however if i was to wear it, I would only wear either the hat or the earrings, not both :)
The colours are gorgeous and so are the textures [:

Unknown said...

Wow I love that!
Black and Gold (or yellow) go really well together in that simple design. Love it, so original and creative!

Cali_Beauty said...

In My opinion,I'd go without the hat,BUT AMAZING LOOK.
OlD iS gReAt!!

Pirates_Soccer said...

Thanks for the advice!

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