Thursday, November 30, 2017

Hotbuys D&G Inspired Leaf Headband released!

Stardoll released the last HB of November and it's the D&G Inspired Leaf Headband

It costs 13 sd and you can find them in Rio Chicas. It's also a Beauty Parlor item. The graphics are impressive tho.

You can check out the real life version on the RLV blog!

What do you think of this item? Are you going to buy? 

In other news...
Stardoll released this Calendar spoiler

It's def not a HB calendar since we already got December HBs so I have no idea what these might be....

What do you think stardoll has for us for Xmas?


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

New collection of Velvet Orchid released!

And oh boy what a mess it is...

It looks like SD parachuted us back to the Froot era of Marina Diamandis, except with bad graphics. Or shall I say ABBA and Dancing Queen?

Prices range between 24 and 6 sd. There are 2 starcoin items. 

What do you think of this release? Are you buying anything?


Hotbuys Knitted Degrade Sweater released and other news

Hello dolls, how is your week going? I'm taking a day off from work bcause I have to use all my free days before the year ends. 

Stardoll released this HB sweater which means there's only one more November HB left.

It costs 19 sd and you can find them in Original Future.

Real life version can be found on Inspired By blog.

What do you think of this sweater? Are you going to buy it?

Style it to be included in our poll to win $50sd.

All entries also qualify for our random giveaway just state it in your entry.

In other news:


These boots are available in main plaza for 50 sc. Fudge store was closed down years ago.

It's not very nice but at least its cheap?

Also, weekly SS gift is not out yet, but once its out I'll update the post.

Have a nice day from Gaga!! 


Monday, November 27, 2017

Net Neutrality

In case you haven't heard, the FCC (Federcal Communications Commission) is planning to roll back net neutrality.

What does that mean and what would that mean for me?

Net Neutrality means that governments and internet service providers must treat all date online (on the internet) the same. Meaning to to favour or neglect the other.

If net neutrality is revoked, this means that, to take the USA as an example, companies like AT&T, Comcast or Verizon can control what you do and see online. Not just that, other things they could do for example is the boosting or slowing down of the loading speed of certain websites, depending on how much they pay (bribe) them.
This means that if Stardoll for example, doesn't pay those companies enough, then they could just play around with the loading speed and we all are already pissed with how Stardoll's running already. If it then takes ages for everything to load, then Stardoll and any other webpage affected by this, is practically killed off, because who'd have the patience? I doubt I would. (Same goes for our beloved blog.)

By simply tampering with the loading speed, this would also open doors to create any competing service (music or video streaming for example), lower the loading speed of any other and basically kill off their competitors (That'd mean no more YouTube, Netflix, Spotify...), because once again, who'd have the patience? We'd most probably jump to the faster website.

The deminishment of net neutrality would equal in too much power in the hands of few.

How do I stop it?

Several webpages inform on and offer an easy way for you to contact congress (in North America) to put an end to this. Just about three weeks left to do so.

Yo! Here's one: BattleForTheNet

The stop of net neutrality would affect all of our lives online and if this terrible thing is going to take place in America, you can bet on your socks&shoes it's going to take place in the rest of the world as well.

So, find ways to help and spread the news about this like a contagious disease, my virtual people!

Virtual love,


Hello everyone! How are you?

I have a question for all of you. I'm curious if you are interested in a series of styling competitions (a lot like Jenna's 12 days of Christmas last year). 

There would be a competition on each weekend in December (think of it as four Advent Sundays and New Year's party 😉). I still haven't decided on the themes (I have two, maybe three ideas and I need five in total).

The winner of each week could win 200 SD or four weeks Superstar membership

For this to work, I need some people to help me judge. If you are prepared to help me out, please leave a comment with your username below 😊

I'll post first competition sometime on Friday and more detailed information and instructions will be included then.

Have a nice day and a great week!
Love, Anja

RNTM Cycle 1: Task 6 Results + Task 7

The Girl who Crumbled into the Shadows
Episode 9
“The Judging and The Task
Welcome to our top 5 results, this time around we had our models model Avante Garde outfits inspired by the architecture of Japan, and made only from furniture! 

Let’s find out who excelled and who, crumbled under the pressure! Let’s start off with the models who submitted their tasks first! Or submission order I guess! Haha.

First up, Lil_Rocker_Grl

I actually really enjoy this scene! I find it to be very whimsical! I think the awkward hand to the face pose works so well in this scene! It ads to the quirkiness of the scene! I think you mixed fashion and architecture! You chose a school building that is built with nature in mind! I think you made a genius move to use a rug that represents the puddle, and the flowers! Very nice!

Next up is, LoveFontinh
 When I first saw this task, I really liked it, but as I look at it more, I see that you went with a really crazy pose, and I think you pulled it off well, but the whole scene is so messy! You did create a very Japan inspired scene, and really did well with your building, but I really think the scene is brought down by the messyness! Also, sloths are literally my favorite animal, but sloths live in South America so that's kind of weird!

Next up is, Dorky123

I am really confused with this task, and the reason why is because you didn't follow the task. You chose a building, and made an outfit out of furniture, but where was the inspiration? You said you made a Japanese Marry Poppins, and that wasn't the task, so I mean, its a nice photo, but I have no way of judging your task based off of the what the whole task was. It's the final 5 and someone was eliminated last task for not following the task, so if you make it past this week, then PLEASE follow the task!

Next up is, Louisa.Karemina

I think you did so well with your outfit! It's very AVANTE GARDE! I am not a huge pan of the pose because it just seems like you would really injure your back if someone made that pose in real life! you followed the task very well, and I think you pulled of a very great photo!

Last but not least, Ealain
Holy cow! What a comeback, I was scared you were slipping! You did the best this task by far! Very Haute Couture, and the outfit is just so amazing! I think you did really well with the Hijemi Castle! I went there when I visited Japan! I think you were on point 100 percent! Great job!

You 5 have gone so far in this contest, and it's going to be really hard to eliminate one of you! BUT Our client next week only want 4 models, and we have to listen to our client!

Best photo, and the first model going into our Semi Finale is...

Ealain! Congrats, you blew everyone away this week!

Runner-up for best photo is,

Lil_Rocker_Grl, well done, your quirky scene impressed me!

Safe this week and going into our semi finale is,

Lousia.Karemina, well done! The three of you did so well this week!

Unfortunately that leaves Dorky123, and LoveFontinh...

Dorky123, I think you started this cycle in the middle, and have done well to where you haven't had bad photos, but you haven't had impressive photos either, and that's what is holding you back. This week, you actually had photo that was, not to great, and you didnt follow the task all the way.

LoveFontinh, You started off this cycle near the bottom, and slowly got WAY BETTER, and I commend you for that, but this week you fell back,you had a nice scene theme wise, but it was so messy! We are top 5 right now, next week its only 4, so falling back is very dangerous.

So who goes home, the middle runner, or the slow climber? Blth of you fell backwards this week, but only one of you has what it takes more than the other...

LoveFontinh,congratulations, you are still in the running towards becoming Roxanne's Next Top Model

Dorky123, thank you so much for competing! I think you could have gone farther had you pushed yourself a little more!


So I mentioned something about a client before I announced the callout. Well, our client this week is my VERY OWN makeup collection called HAUTE Cosmetics!

Thats right, you are doing a make-up ad! You will be assigned a specific makeup and you must make that your main focus! It's also inspired by Geisha's, so dress like a geisha!

Please note its a beauty shot so from your shoulders up!

Ealain, you got Tokyo Lips (lipstick)

Lil_Rocker_Grl, you got Tokyo Lashes (Mascara)

Louisa.Karemina, you got Tokyo Lights (Highlighter)

LoveFontinh, you got Tokyo Shadows (Contour)

You may chose ANY color for your make-up, and be careful when creating a make-up look, you dont want your assigned makeup to not be the main focus! Also, research how makeup companies advertise your makeup you got!

PLEASE use a white background, I will be creating ads with the photo you turn in!

DUE, December 2nd at 11:59 P.M. SMT


Sunday, November 26, 2017

All The Turkey

Turkies? Turkeys? Turkey? Not sure what the plural is, but since it keeps coming up, I thought I'd do a quick post of where all of these Thanksgiving hidden birds are!

Turkey One : "Mobile Games"
Turkey Two: "Top Stylist"
Turkey Three: "Spotlight"
Turkey Four: "One Stop Rules"

I'd also love to see what you do with these, um, turkey (seriously, though, what is the proper plural?)  

Image result for stardoll turkey thanksgiving

Hotbuys Prada Inspired Bag is out!

Finally! Stardoll released the(second) best HB of this month. 

It costs 24 sd and you can find them in Fallen Angel.

The real life version can be found on the Inspired By blog.

What do you think of this HB? Are you going to buy it?

Style this bag and win them for free! 

- Don't forget your username
- HB item must be visible
- Open for a limited time only

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Closing Chat Thread

Due to the mess that happened long before I got out of bed, I am closing the chat thread.

Please, mods, DO NOT OPEN IT UP AGAIN. That call should be up to Jenna, not us.

To be frank, I don't care to be a mod - what I do care about is keeping this a safe, happy, enjoyable community, which it definitely was not last night, or whatever time it was for you. I'm only a mod so I can monitor the activity of those wanting birthday posts, and I'd rather have stuck to that than had to deal with this mess.

I don't care who started it, or why, ALL of those who participated are, as far as I am concerned, in the wrong. Things were said and done that should not have been. Mods, you are the pillars of this community - you should be leading by example, not tearing people down. Members, you should know better, too. But it is not my place, nor is it yours, to sort this out. So until Jenna gets here, DO NOT open the chat thread, or un-ban anyone. 

I've had a rough week and am not in the mood for funny games, backstabbing or sarcastic comments, so please, act like adults for today at least.

 For the rest of you, I am truly sorry for having to post this, and hope we can sort out this mess sooner rather than later. For now, there's plenty of raffles to be entered and hotbuys to be styled - and don't forget about wearing velvet this weekend!

- Lucy (Passive Aggressive Marshmallow)

Image result for sorry


We are slowly approaching the end of this month. If you celebrate your birthday in the month of December and would like to have a TOPIC feature about you, please leave a comment below with your STARDOLL USERNAME and your BIRTHDATE.

You have to be a follower of this blog and you MUST be an active member, meaning taking part in competitions, upvoting, posting OOTD's, voting in polls etc. and be active on Stardoll.
NOTE: Your activity will be checked.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Weekend OOTD Theme Winners and NEXT THEME

I'm so glad so many people entered last weekend, it was really hard to choose only 2 outfit. Please also take it into consideration that I'm always trying to choose different winners, even if I have some absolute fave stylings. But here are THE WINNERS:

nailed it!

She displayed not only the elegant side of a suit, but also a sporty, chill take of it.

She wins 25 sd.

Another winner is:


Styling both pants and skirts she (literally) dazzled with this theme.
She also wins 25 sd.

Please claim your price in my GB @ashleybaby93 within a week. 

This weekend's theme is...

V for 

Create 2 outfits using velvet item(s) in the center and win!

Good luck, dolls!

December Hotbuys Released!

These are the December Hotbuys

No HB Calendar again. I love the Prada heels, but I'm not so happy about all gowns and dresses but no tops or bottoms. :S

What do you think of these items? Are you excited about them?

Other Hotbuys news....

HotBuys Missoni Inspired Scarf was released
It costs 15 sd and you can find them in Velvet Orchid.

Hotbuys Ripped Ivory Denim was also released
It costs 23 sd and you can find them in Rio Chicas.

I personally think they are not anything to miss out but a giveaway can be held if you guys want. (depending on the number of entries)

Happy Weekend, dolls!


Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Birthday lilyhippo !

This doll is definitely one to look out for, if these super trendy looks are anything to judge by!

This doll is always up for an item styling.

Be sure to wish her w huge happy birthday - visit here suite HERE.

As always, gifts are appreciated but not compulsory!

(PS - sorry for the shorter post and any formatting issues, had to use my phone.)


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

New collection out in IT Girls!

Hello dolls, as you might have noticed there's a pretty cute new collection out in IT Girls.

Prices range between 10 and 25 sd. There is only 1 starcoin item.

What do you think of this release? Are you buying anything?

Style one of the MAIN items from this collection and WIN them for free!

-Don't forget your stardoll name
-Open for a limited time

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Birthday ashleybaby93!

This doll is a huge contributor to our wonderful blog, with plenty of fashion talent and chatting up to boot.

She rather rocks these two plaid jackets! 
(And I'm totally obsessed.)

She also killed it in this Gigi Hadid look:

Make sure to click HERE to wish her a big birthday in suite!

As always, gifts are appreciated, but not compulsory.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Hotbuys Flocked Tulle Skirt Released!

Hotbuys Flocked Tulle Skirt is now available in Plaza. 
It costs 21 sd and you can find them in Rio Chicas.

I'm personally not a great fan of it. The tulle layering seems too stiff and the waist is way too awkward and doesn't really seem to fit.

Don't forget to check out the real life version on the RLV blog!

What do you think of this HB? Are you going to buy?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Weekend OOTD theme: Nothing suits me like a suit

Hello dolls, it's me, Agnes again since our Weekend OOTD Mod is still busy because of personal reasons. Sorry for the late announcement, but I was early-birthday celebrating.
This weekend OOTD theme is...


In 1966, at a time when the perception of women wearing pants was considered off-kilter and inappropriate, Yves Saint Laurent introduced the world to Le Smoking, a tuxedo-style suit that quickly became the epitome of sex appeal. Though today we view the iconic look as an interesting alternative to the LBD, it signifies more than a party outfit: It’s a statement for women.

Black or baby blue, striped or leather, these suits bring women a significant appeance and a clear message: they are not here to take any of your sh!t.

So suit up, dolls!
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