Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hotbuys Faux Fur Stole Released!

The Hotbuys Faux Fur Stole is released in the Starplaza today, $6, for Superstars only!

Does anyone know who inspired it?

Eternity Magazine VIP Press Conference - Questions and answers

So,yesterday was E magazine exclusive VIP press conference, and here are some details from it

Is the lucky cover girl a well known member on Stardoll or it is someone completely new to grace the front cover?
Mary It is a rather well known member.
VampLady How do u pick Cover Girl?
M Well, we have a lot of different reasons, but style and beauty are having some really huge roles. Also, we try to choose the CG-s by themes. And for sure personality.
firecracker. Why Eternity magazine returns?
M Well, I think I wanted to have some fun here while I am back, and I am sure SD needs more things too.

VL What will this issue be based on/theme?
M Luxury, fashion, and some things which are not used to sd world.

FC Mary, tell me what happened to the old team , where is Dora, Chloe, Heidi, Fay, Gina and Angelica? There was a problem between you?
M Dora, Heidi are still on the team, and Gina left SD. Angie is gone somewhere, Chloe is not active as well. Everything is fine, jut some people leave, some stay.

VL Will u be publishing E monthly from now on?
M Yes! I just might have studying break somewhere at spring-summer 2010 Charlotte As Mary said there might be a breaks but it takes a while to create a fantastic issue.
FC Tell us a bit of some of the new sections in the magazine.
M We don't have there beauty or fashion sections anymore. Strictly articles on the continents, no mini-chief editors.

FC What do you think about Tyler working for two magazines (Eternity and Fierce), do you think her can be loyal to Team?
C There is a contract that you have to agree when joining the team, and he is a good guy, he will be loyal.
Findurlove Do you think you will add anymore new members to the E team or would you like to keep it as it is?
M I might think about it, but not now. There was an overload, more members then articles. Now it's fine again

VL Do you still have 'readers letters' ?
M Nope, but in future we may launch them again. It is the first comeback issue, so people can tell nothing before it comes out

FC With this return of Eternity, do you think that Eternity can compete with Fierce, and be better then it?
C I think everyone knows that Eternity will always be on top, no matter what other magazines try and get in its way.
M Haha, well I think we are too different magazines to fight for the 1st place!
MW Mary,so you create your own poses?
M Yes!

VL Will you have again 2 cover girls? Last time it was great.
M We'll have even more!

And here is exclusive spoiler

If you want to read more from conference, see Cosmic Fever Of Stardoll and Haus Of Sin.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eternity Magazine VIP Press Conference

As you probably know, Mary is holding a 'press conference' today for her well known magazine Eternity. As she says on her blog, only few people are invited, to represent most popular blogs. I am glad to announce that I was invited to represent this blog, and I will get to ask questions about upcoming issue, excluding ones about Cover Girl and articles.
So this is your chance too. You can help me by telling me what do you want to know, and ask questions here in comment box. I will make sure to get answers to all of your questions, and I will post details from conference right after it is finished. Also, Mary promised an exclusive spoiler from magazine at the end of conference.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And The Winner Is...

LuvinCherrys !!!

Congratulations, your amazing talent, great personality, and extraordinary eye for detailing has made you Melanie's Next Top Model!

Some of you may know what this is all about, but the others are very confused. I own a club, MelsModels, and it is just like a stardoll version of America's Next Top Model. In my club I hold auditions and narrow it down to about 15 finalists. Each week there is a task and there is a winner for every task and people are eliminated as well. This continues on until I reach my final two and crown a winner!

While some contestants are eliminated others shine very brightly. LuvinCherrys has almost always been on the top, yet has learned so much and has grown greatly throughout MelsModels! He is the first male user to win the crown of MelsModels, and the first African American medoll as well! His talents have given him two wins throughout the competition, but finally the biggest win of all! He is now the winner of Cycle 3! Congratulations!!

**Also, I really just need to say that this decision was extremely difficult. Both my finalists are beautiful on the inside out, and RihannyX really deserves recognition!

Her sceneries were honestly drop-dead gorgeous, and her concepts out of this world! It has been such a true honor to watch her grow, and make the sceneries that I will continue to remember forever! The scenery above is one of my personal favorites, and one of her most recent.


Being a part of MelsModels, whether a viewer, judge, or participant is SUCH an amazing experience. You should all really consider joining and auditioning! I will be posting a topic later next week for the first round of auditions.

Join HERE!



I found these spoilers on Underneath Stardoll. Credit to them for the spoilers.

Click To Enlarge.

Sorry, I'm not in the mood to talk right now :S I'm having some family issues...

Here are some RL Versions, thanks to Seen On Stardoll.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac jacket & dress

Marchesa Dress
Opening Ceremony coat

Monday, December 28, 2009


Hi everyone, there is a new shop in Stardoll, it's:


I like the the shop, these pieces were draw buy some dolls in Stardoll, i love some of the pieces, the shoes some are so beautifull, the prices are not very expensive, they begin on 2 stardollares and the most expensive piece cost 10 stardollars. My favorite dress is the blue one from MarikuljaI and the pair of black shoes from Lady hahaha. Both non-superstars and superstars can buy, but the dresses only superstars can buy.




Decades Of The Teens!

Remember the Design Contest? Well, the winners have been chosen and their creations are out in the Starplaza now! But before I post pictures, I would like to congratulate all the winners! Congrats to LilSunshine91, Weronna21, Martitta12345, Zelatins, marikulja1, lady_hahaha, RubyKettle, Anoud_316, and Bshineyb!


You can visit the store HERE.

Unsurprisingly, all the dresses are for SS, but all the accessories and shoes are Non-SS ;)

P.S Sorry for no pictures D: They wouldn't upload.

What do you think of the store?


January Hotbuys!

Finally, the January 2010 Hotbuys are in the Stardoll Magazine! I've been waiting (impatiently) for a long time! Hopefully I can become SS by then ;)

Click To Enlarge.

Hotbuys Wrap - 1st January
Hotbuys Silver Dress - 5th January
Hotbuys Bracelet - 7th January
Hotbuys Coat - 12th January
Hotbuys Shoes - 14th January
Hotbuys Tights - 21st January
Hotbuys Dress - 26th January
Hotbuys Cardigan - 28th January
Hotbuys Purse - 30th January
Hotbuys Top - 31st January

All the items are nice, but they're not the best hotbuys, in my opinion. Although I really love the tights and the purse!

Here are a few of the RL versions:

Judith Leiber purse

La Petite S*****

ModCloth Bracelet

Oscar De Le Renta dress, cardigan and coat.

Credit To: Seen On Stardoll for RL Pics.

What do you think?

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happy Birthday little.miss.28

I've decided to update the birthdays for Jenna, if that would be okay with her and the other writers. I hope Jenna's computer will be fixed soon.

Happy 14th Birthday Abby Jane! We hope you enjoy it!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Temporarily Computerless

No banner. Sorry. I just wanted say that I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that I will be back soon. Unfortunately, I let my little cousin on computer and she screwed it up. Don't ask how..I can't begin to understand. Anyway, it's under warranty so a Dell technician will be out sometime this week to fix it. So until then I most likely won't be on much. Right now I'm using my Dad's laptop (which he rarely lets me on) and the only other real choices I have are my Mom's netbook, the dinosaur slow desk top or my iphone..none which are that appealing! So talk to you guys soon! Enjoy your holidays!!!

Naughty and nice

While most of people are now enjoying in holidays, some people just do not understand meaning of those. By celebrating New Year, we want to leave all bad things behind and hope for better next year. Well, at least most of us. Believe or not, there are still people who seem like have forgotten about holidays. So, do not be surprised, or upset, if u find comment left in your guestbook/album/scenery.
But why they do it?? Let me tell you. They will hate you if you sell clothes 'expensive', no matter what expensive means for them, even if you sell one piece of clothing for high price, expect mean comment. They will hate you if you have clothes he/she wants. They will hate you if you say 'no' to their trade offer, no matter how ridiculous is it. They will hate you if you are 'different', again, no matter what different means to them. They will hate you because you do not reply to chat. They will hate you if you are superstar, if you are popular, if you won covergirl or any other contest. See?
So, what should you do if you come up to a comment full of hate and I am sure jealousy too? Delete it, and forget that it ever existed. It is the best. You can try to argue with them, or reply them nicely to show them how to be nice, but for me, it is just a waste of your precious time.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Hey everyone! Its Maggie! Well, as you all know Jenna wont be on so much these days, and since she isn't not a lot of polls have been made.

So, since I am here, why not make polls?!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hotbuys Gold Heart Purse Released!

Yes, yes, it's me again. I just wanted to inform you guys that the Hotbuys Gold Heart Purse is released in the Starplaza, for $6, available for Superstars only. I am a bit upset, since this is my favourite December hotbuy and my Superstar membership ran out, and that I expected Stardoll to release it as Non-SS, or maybe even for free, since it was Christmas day.

Credit to: Hotbuys Addicted for RL pic.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


'Tis the season to be shoppin'!

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!

Oh, and a happy new year ;D
You haven't heard from me from a while - truth be told, life sucks without internet. Your all so lucky.
So, in one of the rare occasions when I AM online, I can post!

The superstar sale is on, and I decided to make a coupla' cheap, simple outfits that you can add on and stuff. Check them out!

(Click here to enlarge the pic!)

Outfit 1...
Cape coat - Decades - was 7, now 3!
Chloe inspired slouch trousers - Bisou - was 7, now 3!
Printed Mary Jane heels - Bisou - was 5, now 2!

Outfit 2...
Dual Layer tank - Stardoll girls - was 3, now 1!
Sequined stripe top - Tingeling - was 6, now 3!
Sequined ziggy trousers - Tingeling - was 6, now 3!
T strap sandals - Rio girls - was 5, now 2!

Outfit 3...
Fringe dress - Voile - was 9, now 4!
Glitzy silver heels - Baby Phat - was 10, NOW A WHOPPING 3 STARDOLLARS!

Outfit 4...
Flower print tube dress - Pretty in Pink - was 6, now 3!
Strappy sandals - Baby Phat - was 10, NOW A WHOPPING 3 STARDOLLARS!

Outfit 5...
Dual layer tank - Stardoll girls - was 3, now 1!

Paint splatter jacket - Bisou - was 7, now 3!

Side split capri pants - Fallen angel girls - was 5, now 2!

What're you thinking about this sale? There are a LOT of other awesome items, these are just a few that I fancied. Will you buy anything?


Superstar Sale!

Lol, yes, I just couldn't resist posting! But this post will be short and sweet, since I'm only informing you that it's that time of the month again!

Whopee!! Unfortunately, my Superstar Membership ended a few days ago, and there are quite a few items in the sale that I would love to buy =/

My favourite item that is on sale is the Rio Cut-Out Bodycon Dress, only for $4. Just poke around in the Starplaza because there are a few awesome items on sale.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Baby Phat mistake???

Has Stardoll made another mistake?? It seems they have - this time in the Baby Phat store.

As you can see, on the 2nd floor of the store stardoll has made the prices of the shoes 2 0r 3 sd!!!
WOW!! I would usually say its part of the sale (which will be here very shortly) but since the original prices of the shoes are about 10sd, it's not likely as the sale is only 50% off! So my advice is to buy them before Stardoll realises that they made a mistake!!!

Free 25 Stardollars!

I'm trying to refrain from posting too much, and I'm sure that some of you are sick of seeing my posts all the time. So to prevent the blog from being flooded by my posts, I'm only going to post once or twice a week.

Anyways, every Christmas, Stardoll gives us free 25 Stardollars. How? Type in this link in the URL bar:

On the page, it'll say: 'Status=Ok'. Reload the page, and it'll say: 'Status=alreadygotit'. That means the stardollars are already in your account. Go back to the original Stardoll and reload the page - viola! 25 more Stardollars.

This cheat only works every Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Elements of Art... Through Fashion

(Found one of my old banners, just wanted to use it for old times sake)
There are 6 known elements of Art. These six are Line, Shape/Form, Value, Color, Space and Texture. Although these elements usually refer to painting and photography, I thought it would be interesting showing these elements through Stardoll fashion.
The first element is color. Each color evokes a different emotion and a different style. Try using your favorite color with black accents. Having black in the outfit can help make the certain color stand out. I personally love my doll in yellows and golds because it is modern, chic and can transform well from day to night. This element is one to help you personalize your looks always.

The element of Line, is more complex than people imagine. Line isn't just about putting on clothes that have lines on them. It is about a) creating a line with the items you chose and b) complimenting lines in your outfit by adding items. The main line here comes from the neckline. It is abstract and drapes downward. The pleats in the skirt compliment the look and make my doll look longer.

Texture is one of the most simple of the elements. It is basically showing a certain texture, or showing a mixture of textures. For my example, I decided to show a mix. With the ruffles skirt, draped top, lace leggings and leather boots, we have a lot of excitement going on. So I made sure to keep the color pallete simple so that the look would not turn to tacky.

Shape and Form is an element that you can all have fun with. To use this element effectively, you must know the shape of each curve in the human body, and which curves are complimentary. I highlighted the hips and made the shape of them stand out. To compliment this, I used a Voile Holiday Vest with feathered shoulders that sick out to bring the look together.

Value is about the different values between black and white. This means the darkest black, the lightest white, and all of the greys in between. Using value, you can add excitement without bold colors. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation so that you can let your creativity shine. You can go more daring when you don't have to worry about mixing and matching colors.

Space is easily the hardest element to evoke through fashion. In a picture, space refers to the space between what is being focused on and whatever is behind it. So basically, it is a about a three dimensional look. To do this, try showing the space between the clothing and your doll. Meaning: Cutouts. Cutouts can add a much needed edge to your outfit while leaving an infinate possibility of looks

So I hope you take these rules to heart and use them next time you make your outfits. The elements of art are a great guideling to go by because they leave room for so much creativity. None of them show a specific thing to do which is great. You can interpret them in your own way and let your true self shine.


Louis Vuitton Store?

There have been lots of rumours about a new store coming to Stardoll - the Louis Vuitton store. People found it in the store spoiler site a few hours ago.

Click to Enlarge.

As you can see, the clothes are a bit pricey, and they are clothes from the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2009 Collection.

The funny thing is that a few hours after it was released in the store spoiler site, Stardoll took it away and only a few people have taken screenprints of it. According to Underneath Stardoll, everytime you see a store spoiler, you can't see, or know, the prices of the clothes, and you can't release a store spoiler without releasing the clothes in the clothe spoiler!

Maybe this is just a glitch or a big mistake? Maybe Stardoll never planned on showing us this spoiler, which is why they hastened to take it off from the spoiler site? Who knows. Stardoll might not release this store, unless the clothes show up in the clothe spoiler site.

Credit to: Stardoll Prefects for Louis Vuitton store pic
Courtesy to Underneath Stardoll for pretty much everything...(:

So what do you think? Will Stardoll release this store?

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