Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Fatooni


New Doll


Hello Our Readers ;D

New Doll : VanessaRedgrave

 Graphic 5/5 well done stardoll :D

► Some information :)
Vanessa Redgrave, CBE (born 30 January 1937) is an English actress of stage, screen and television, as well as a political activist.

She rose to prominence in 1961 playing Rosalind in As You Like It with the Royal Shakespeare Company and has since made more than 35 appearances on London's West End and Broadway, winning both the Tony and Olivier Awards
On screen, she has starred in more than 80 films; including Mary, Queen of Scots, Isadora, Julia, The Bostonians, Mission: Impossible and Atonement.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Hello SMW readers, sorry for not posting this earlier, I've just been SO busy. This is one of my
very important years of school and I need to focus. But, I have time now. I'm sure you probably know about the PPQ Outfit Competition for 50 stardollars as many of you have participated in it. It was super hard because of all the entries we got, and because they were all so amazing. But the judges and I picked the number one favored outfit:

WINNER: peggy_sue

Your outfit was amazing, congratulations!

You have 24 hours to contact me, thefray101, for your prize.

Oh, you thought that was it huh? Nope. There's one more amazing winner!

WINNER: atatui

Your outfit was beautiful, congratulations!

You also have 24 hours to contact me, thefray101, for your prize.



All you outfits were amazing also, but it was those final two who nailed it. Thank you all for participating, and I will post the top commentors in one more week, so keep commenting! 


Superstar for a Day

Today when non-SS log in they should be greeted with the message below.
Stardoll will make you a Superstar for today, if you have not logged in yet remember this offer is only for today.

Have a great day being SS =)


Happy Birthday to Princess__17


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Doll


New Doll : Paul_Dano

 Graphic 5/5 well done

► Some information :)

Paul Franklin Dano (born June 19, 1984) is an American actor and producer. He has appeared in films such as L.I.E. (2001), The Girl Next Door (2004), Little Miss Sunshine (2006), There Will Be Blood (2007), and Where the Wild Things Are (2009).

 Dano was born in New York City, the son of Gladys (née Pipp) and Paul Dano He spent the first few years of his childhood in New York City and initially attended the Browning School, while his father worked as a businessman in New York.

Happy Birthday to Chrissi145, Alphonsinne, & MickieDiva




Monday, September 26, 2011

Long time no post people! :D (+SMW: You Write Info)

Hey guys! Where have you all disappeared to? Well, I can't say much as I've been pretty much MIA for the last fortnight, but with good reason. During my time off, I realised I was way too addicted to Stardoll, and realised how much has passed me by without me realising. My life is complicated atm. Some aspects I love, whilst others, I'd rather not talk about tbh. But Manchester United have been doing pretty good. Although some Liverpool fans were giving me a load of rubbish as United drew to Stoke--when Liverpool lost to them. Lol. And my arguments with my Science teacher continue :D (OMG we were watching a clip in Science and it had Manchester United in it! My teacher was shaking his head--I don't think he realised they were in it!!--then pointed at me and the clip whilst I was sat there with a huge grin plastered on my face :D) I feel a bit bad so I might give him something to compliment Liverpool if I'm in a really good mood :) I've been quite mean...and my friends are joining in now! :D Whenever I hear marshmallows I think of a convo with him and my Maths teacher...looooooooooong story.


I came back to Stardoll and found myself with Nineteen and Twelve notifications and messages!! Eek! (I'm happy as it's an inside Manchester United thing :D Read my presentation to find out. :P Yay!) Lol. I'm not sure if I'll be sticking around atm as there's something pretty serious going on. Admittedly, I've missed parts of Stardoll. The friends guys :) (Speaking of, I need a mega catch-up with some of you guys!! Dollmail me when you can people :) I'd love to know how you're getting on!!) just previewed the post and guess what I just saw?!?!

Stardoll’s Most Wanted has 5500 followers!!

Well, when I checked, it was 5519. The nineteen just makes it even more special for me :o)

Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are absolutely fricking amazing! If I didn't write for the blog, I don't think I'd have bothered coming back! :P

I've been reading some of the past posts on the blog and saw that TSL has been cancelled. I'm utterly here. Stardoll didn't have a problem when it was at it's peak, so why do they have one now?? I'm quite angry as it was a fun way for everyone to get involved with the blog! Gahh. I might email Stardoll if Larsa hasn't already. I don't know how it compromises account safety unless I've missed something...

And it's great to see that Seen on Stardoll has bought their old segment back! :) 


This is quite important....

SMW You Write is still on if you all want it to be!
I promise I'll refresh it next week if people choose to have it that way in the poll.

Some people were posting on weekends; remember, this is NOT allowed and is one of the crucial rules!!

 Oh, and if you have any ideas to improve SMW, we'd love to hear them!! (Just not comps...we're doing our best here people :)) Writers is out of the question I'm afraid :/ And I cannot advertise projects on SMW! Remember Jenna still owns the blog :)

If you read all that...thank you! Haha.

Remember...Manchester United are awesome! :P<3

Oh, and I got accepted for Beauty Week! Can't wait to see if I get through now :)

I'm sorry if I go AWOL again for a coupla's just been really busy but I think I can squeeze in a half hour-hour for Stardoll every now and then. Man it feels weird not going on for a long time :/ It just loses the fact that it's appealing don't you think? Hmm...


PS: How many have heard Demi Lovato's album Unbroken?!? I love it!!
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