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1233ash / lachica.sexy805

Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Dress @ Perfect Day

Just want to say that I am gradually working on the HB Jacket Poll--just been really busy so been adding entries bit by bit day by day.

The Royal Wedding was today. I watched the whole thing from 6am...(dw, I usually get up that time anyway :P) One of the best parts was getting a day off school!

Remember the Perfect Day store? Stardoll's released Kate Middleton's (or now the Duchess of Cambridge's) dress. It's not a bad resemblence. Kate looked amazing in the dress. It was designed by Sarah Burton at McQueen. She did a great job!

(Right: Pippa Middleton, the sister & maid of honour of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton (Left) both in Sarah Burton at McQueen)

The tiara was given to her by Queen Elizabeth II to borrow for the day, whilst the earrings were a gift from her parents. The earrings were the bride's "something new". For her "something blue", a blue ribbon was sewn into the interior of her dress, while her "something old" was the traditional Carrickmacross craftsmanship used to create the bridal gown.

The bride's bouquet was shield-shaped wired bouquet of myrtle, lily-of-the-valley, sweet William (how sweet is that?!?) and hyacinth. She incorporated traditional British flowers in to the design of the dress, and all material used for the dress was British.

The Kiss <3

Did you watch the wedding?
What do you think of the couple?

PS: If anyone could re-create this in Starbazaar for a total of $25sd please contact me in my GB :o)

Oh, and check out what I made on GIMP...
Robyn'll understand how obsessed I am... xD


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New Doll

Good morning SMW readers :D
after only 1 hour , the royal wedding will start .. i'm so excited because as i heard the honeymoon will be in Jordan ( my country ) yay ^^

Today we have new doll she is so so cute
Born in January 31, 1995 (age 16) from
Portland, Oregon, U.S. and she is an 
since 2006–present


Danielle Campbell


Graphic : i like it so much

Rate : 5/5

Danielle Campbell is an American actress best known for her role as Jessica Olson in the 2010 Disney Channel Original Movie Starstruck.

Campbell was discovered in a hair salon in Chicago.
She got her first big break as a guest star on Prison Break appearing in four episodes. She also appeared in a nationwide commercial for Build-A-Bear Workshop and played the character of Darla in the 2008 movie The Poker House.
In 2010, she appeared in the Disney television movie Starstruck, and has signed a development deal with the company. On April 29th, 2011, she will appear as Simone Daniels in the movie Prom.

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May Birthday

May Birthday

If your birthday is in May and you want your special day announced please post your birthday below.

(If your blogger name is different from your Stardoll name please write your Stardoll name.)

Note Well:

1. You must be a blog follower
2. You must be a member of Club   Hotbuys_Bazaar 



I check my messages and had this Dollmail from Stardoll. Puppies are going to grown so don't forget to take pics. On first picture you can see what Stardoll says and below you can see the free Pret-à-Porter bag that everyone that bought a puppie will receive.



Update by Sara:
Seems some of you can't find the sale--thanks to a little help from my Blogger dashboard, I've realised why. Sale's only for Royalty members...sorry about that! Fair or unfair?

Original post by Filipa:
Hello everyone, we have 50% of discount on a real brand shop. This time is PPQ shop, below you can see the prices of the clothes on picture. This is a good oportunity to buy a piece that you haven't buy yet. I love these sales.


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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Doll :D

Hello SMW readers :D
Our new doll is a young girl ( 21 years old from US , california her
Occupation is an Actress started from 2003 – present )


Aimee Teegarden


Graphic : beautiful one ^^

Rate : 5/5

 (born October 10, 1989) is an American actress. She is best known for starring as Julie Taylor in the NBC series Friday Night Lights and Jenny Randall in the horror film Scream 4.

Teegarden was born and raised in Downey, California, a suburb of Los Angeles. On August 24, 2007, during the Miss Teen USA 2007 pageant, Teegarden posed the question ("Recent polls have shown a fifth of Americans can't locate the U.S. on a world map. Why do you think this is?") that led to an infamously rambling, nonsensical reply by contestant Caitlin Upton.

Happy Birthday to Ciara/Ciaraleanne

Ciara / Ciaraleanne
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