Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spoilers-New Dot & Small Comp

Update: There seems to be some confusion. YOU CAN ONLY ENTER ONCE. So you pick one comp and enter. You can't enter both. If you've entered both, you can delete your comment so we know not to judge that ;) 

Hey SMW Followers and readers! How's ya day been? Can you believe it's Wednesday already? o.O 

Well, in today's spoilers, we have a new Dot collection coming soon. It's a mix of warm and cold colours, which means it's probably Spring inspired ;) Are you going to buy any and make your MeDoll look beautiful?

I hate to see the blog go downhill while Jenna's not here, so here's a lil comp to get all you followers waiting for a comp back in to action!

Now, for this competition, you have two choices. Seeing as Dot was in spoilers, it's what's inspired the comp. So...

Your options are:

  1. What does beauty mean to you? Write a few words on what you think beauty means, and what you have to do to be beautiful.
  2. Create a beautiful MeDoll! Give yourself a makeover-can be done in Starplaza-or give it to one of your friends by accessing their Beauty Parlor. Then, post the link in comments (I'll risk it :P) and write a few sentences about why you chose that look. It's the make-up you'll be judged on, not the outfit!
  1. You must be a public follower of SMW.
  2. You must post with your BLOGGER ACCOUNT.
  3. You can only enter ONCE with ONE option. You can't submit more than one entry.
  4. I know you usually have to be a member of the club Hotbuys_Bazaar, but seeing as Jenna's been away for a week (We miss you! xoxo) she may not have accepted pending requests, so it's not a rule this time.

Deadline:  April 1st-you've got just over a week!
Prize: $100sd. I'm not sure how to divide it up, so vote in the poll:

Judges: You don't have to judge this comp if you don't want to ;) If you do, then just add me via dollmail or email me your entries. < To the SMW Judging staff ;)


Rhona / RhonaCrowley said...

oh yay :D I'm definitely going to enter :D

Stardoll CL3M3 said...

realy cool !

sladurankata344 said...
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Brigdenbabe said...

Doing the make-up now :3

sladurankata344 said...

Helo .. For me the beauty means something,without we wouldn't be complete. It isn't in our appearance only,it's in our souls.And there is the real beauty.Our face and our souls are really beautiful when they are clen,without dirty thoughts and needless make up. .. hope u like my doll (:

Monika said...

This is my spring make up :) !


sa...gataki said...

I love the new Dot ♥
Love the idea of make up competition too!
Here's my link+what I think Beauty is ;]

romela1998 said...
i do in my one of my BFF beauty parlor.model:Anisa123
made by romela1998

Yumi said...

I think beauty means, feeling confident.

No matter how you may feel being confident always makes you stand out and feel proud about yourself. Beauty means inside for me, I have to be a good person and not be afraid to say my mind, It's myself that makes me beautiful. No one else can tell me what beauty is.

romela1998 said...

i do for spring,the makeover
made by romela1998.

Brigdenbabe said...

Done. I used the spring dot collection to create my spring look! :3

andreea9120 said...

I like the combination of black & purple so that's why I chose this makeup.I hope you like it:)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm excited for the lipsticks and shadow sticks.

Lilxmissxhot said...

So umm Yeah heres the link i didnt have much time so yeah.

Carolyn (LonnaLang) said...

Ooh its cute dot!

I think I'll pass on this comp, but it's a great idea! ;D I'm just really busy! :O

iloveanimals28 said...

Love the new collection :D


My entry:

I think beauty is what's inside of you that's pure, and what's outside, and as long as you love what's on the inside and outside, it is forever beautiful.

Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

I don't base beauty from appearence, from the makeup you wear, to the way you dress. Instead, I base it upon the smile. I believe if your smile is beautiful, then your personality reflects on that, becoming beautiful. I haven't yet seen an ugly smile, as smiling shows emotions, which are beautiful, they show your spirit, and prove you are a human, wanting to live life to it's potential. However, others interpretations of beauty vary, but that is my personal belief. So chin up and smile, it's what makes you beautiful!

That's my entry, I hope you like it:-) Gosh, how many times did I use beautiful in that?;-)

My username is PopStarKizzle.

Kim/PopStarKizzle♥ said...

Oh, and I love the new dot. The colours are gorgeous. Heh, I love spring!:-)

LilMonicabing said...

What is beauty?: Beauty for me, is not only about the looks and the make up, but the mind and heart! If you are kind, sharing and fair then you are beautiful. Express your inner beauty and be beautiful! x

mari91 said...
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mari91 said...

Ok I JUST enter the make up poll :) But I can't understand why we can only enter one of them?!

In my country the new dot collection isn't available yet... :( So I had to do it in my beauty parlour.

Username: Jody_Cailin

Rhona / RhonaCrowley said...

To me, beauty is not on the outside but in the inside. Lots of people think beauty is about your makeup, face, clothes etc. But it's not.It's your personality :) It's just being YOU!

Rhona / RhonaCrowley said...

To me, beauty is not on the outside but in the inside. Lots of people think beauty is about your makeup, face, clothes etc. But it's not.It's your personality :) It's just being YOU!

JanaStarlite said...

I just wanted to say that I love the new colors for dot; I especially crave the new blush colors!!

the2glams said...

Beauty is what you think about yourself inside not on the outside. Everyone is beautiful no matter what they think about themselves. Most people rely on how beautiful they look on the outside because whats they think is the most important thing. When we talk about beauty it doesnt mean we are talking about a person's beauty it can be an object like a glass window or a flower. There is no one definition for beauty, it would be impossible to come up with a good definition for it since everyone thinks diffrently than others.

PwincessSara/Sara said...

You can only enter one to make your chances of winning more fair. If some people enter both, and they excel in both without trying, it's not fair to those who try really hard to think of something. I know it may sound confusing, but there was a thought process behind my madness ^.*

grainnequiglry said...
thats mine xoxoxox
good luck 2 every1 else xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
my sentances r on ma pik

arch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Avril14140/Mihaela said...

The colors are perfect

evermore1girl said...

I can't wait to enter, I better go work on my make up...

I-Love-Pigs said...


I don't know why, but it won't let me do makeup in the Starplaza (or remove my automatic makeup from the Beauty parlour) so I'm doing the Beauty one instead.

For me, beauty means not only having a beautiful face, but by having a personality that excels any possible face or image possible. Even when you are sad, beauty will shine through, as being a real person with beautiful feelings. But, with beauty products today, this gives the chance to bring out our dazzling personalities onto something visual, something the eye can see. To be beautiful? That isn't as hard as it seems. Beauty is as deep as your heart, and by reaching down and being the best person you can be, even though it's hard at times, and that is beauty. Everyone is overflowing with beauty, inner and outer, just some cannot find sufficient ways to show it (:

Sorry it's long but it just came from the heart lol

MikiChan said...

I think true beauty is when a person have a beautifull personality and doesnt have to have good looks like all people believes i believe in the inner beauty but the other viewers might just klike their look ... You just have to have congidence in your looks and that u have a great personality it doesnt matter if the persons dont like u by your looks just show them that great personality ;)

StardollUsername: MikiVnzla
Makeup Page:

♥Petra/Shakira_Avril said...

I like it :D

Anonymous said...

Im not good with make-up.. BTW theres a hotbuys top on bisou for 8 sd ;) hurry up !!

Nowandwhenever/Demi_lavato10 said...

I might enter :)

Curioser and Curiouser said...

- doll is me ( CarCar947 )

I chose to do this make-up look to define Spring. If you look closely, you'll see hints of green to represent a stem on a flower and the pinks and whites to represent a beautiful petal. The hair just balance out the eyes because everything is almost a pastel base :)

Nowandwhenever/Demi_lavato10 said...

Beauty: Isn't How you look, It's your inner self and your personality. It's what makes you inside. Beauty is the inner stain of your soul, the real you. What makes people beautiful is their actions and words, and their personality. Beauty is NOT How you looks or what you wear. It's the person behind the flesh and meat. In this world today beauty is your appearance, money, connections. To me beauty is the person who you are the soul and goodness in you. I think people judge others to much, they judge and bully others a lot because of their appearance, what if we all looked the same? Appearance wouldn't matter. YOU would and your heart would.

Anonymous said...

OH wow! I'll definitely be purchasing. I love the new spring colors! =D

jennyarther said...

hey sara this tym my medoll is also there:)
i dont hav spring colours still tried :)

Pinkandsatin/Gabbi said...

Using findurlove as a model

I call this look "Jewelled". I love the bright, neon colours and how they remind me of emeralds. The colours are beautiful and very fresh, like spring. I think of this as a sophisticated look.

Thanks (:

Gurliciousbabe said...

I made over filipinhamaria

To me, beauty is what makes us, us. We have our own, unique looks, and we are all considered beautiful. Beauty is not from "How much makeup you put on" or "How shiny your hair is" What do you perceive to be beauty? A slim size eight figure, long shiny hair, clear sparkling eyes, and a perfect smile? The beauty you view outside of yourself is an illusion. Perfection exists, but not in beauty. Most individuals buy an an expensive cream or designer clothes to feel better about themselves and create happiness, but are you truly happy in your own skin? Beauty and success is not focused on looks, although that's what advertising and celebrities propose. Beauty is everywhere. You and everyone else in the world is beautiful, regardless of image and how much money you have in the bank.It's time that we all saw the inner beauty in everyone. Personality is much more important over looks. Beauty does not last forever, but the true beauty within is timeless. Complimenting another person is a beautiful act and it conveys confidence in your own skin. How many of us compliment others on a daily basis. Look for the beauty in everything, and you are on the way to becoming a truly powerful being right now. Although money can buy looks and youth, money cannot buy true happiness. Only happiness lies in you! Do you accept your beauty and that of everyone else in the world? Beauty really is skin deep! Make up your own mind about beauty, and stop letting the media and celebrities make that choice for you! I hope I inspired you a bit! Thanks for reading!


phoebe/lemy100 said...
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Anonymous said...

Beauty....Beauty is not something just on the outside its on the inside too :) Everyone is beautiful in there own way :) Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and look beautiful :)

EssRox said...

The beauty parlour means so much to me. I feel as though on Stardoll you can either remove or add imperfections to your medoll to make it feel more homely and like you. Even though beauty is only skin deep, Beauty Parlour proves this.

My Makeup:
Username: EssRox

Teo / Botsy_pink said...

Beauty means to me your natural face. No make-up or no chemicals to destroy it. All people are beauty , in their way. Even they trust me or not. But if they have make-up , they need just to be creative and they`ll be beauty.

My entry :
My stardoll name :

vennesa4eva said...

Omigod I cannot say how glad I am they have a new collection. The winter one disguisted me :S

And I would like to enter please

Makeup with writing:

Tuba said...

Stardoll username-


Luckybutterfly said...

1. What does beauty mean to you?

To me, being beautiful has absolutely nothing to do with your weight, height, race, or anything on the outside. Being beautiful means having courage and trust and strength. It means to be yourself, and to be true to yourself as well as others.
Everyone sees a girl with flawless skin and expensive makeup, designer clothes, fancy jewelery, and a bright smile plastered over her face as someone who is 'beautiful'. But I think that beauty is like nature; What makes someone beautiful is there own unique simplicity. You don't need plastic surgery or up to date dresses, you just need a real, natural smile and purity, not some fake reputation that makes everyone like you.

Stardoll username: luckybutterfly
For The Makeup Comp:

Luckybutterfly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fairydew said...

Nice ;) Im in ♥

GoldenHeart Threads said...

Hi! You said: "but seeing as Jenna's been away for a week (We miss you! xoxo) she may not have accepted pending requests, so it's not a rule this time."
I was just wondering when Jenna plans to pay the awards for the comps she held before the hacking fiasco. She has always been very honorable and trustworthy so I know she will honor her word...just wondering when.

anaKonda said...

Can't wait for the new colours - especially love the blushes and eyeshadows/pencils. The lipsticks as usual are strange.

I decided to go with the makeover, this my link:

I used mainly pink and blue colours which I always associate with spring and gave it a little edgy look.

Stardoll name: MissLadyAnjah

Romana/Romana.Dawn said...

I know why Stardoll adds more DOT. Because of the poll of few days ago.

Sarah/DivaMiley1992 said...
I chose this make-up ecause blue is one of my fav colors and The make-up is nice,simple,inspired by spring,with blended colors,it should present someone who knows that he/she is beautiful and is not afraid to show it.Make-up done on Shakira_Avril. P.S. Beuty is something that is not on the outside it's the inside that matters!

Anonymous said...

Beauty is the most mislead word, as many people think its your style, and look, but lets all look past that. Beauty means so much more... its your soul. Many people out there have those fake, selfish hearts, but few of them really actually care to have a beautiful soul. I think beauty is who you are as a person, people who are true to themselves, not caring what they are wearing, or how they are, they are beautiful for going past the outside, digging up the inside, and not being ANYONE else. Many people I have met, aren't beautiful at all, even the ones that might have the nicest clothes, and most expensive makeup, but those are the ugliest because of having a cruel personality. Beauty is life, and a hearted soul.

dieBrInI06 said...

My English is not very good, so I did the make-up:

PwincessSara/Sara said...

I'm not actually sure. I remember she said in a blog post she would continue with the competitions whilst she still had some Stardollars on Jennarox4eva, but I'm not sure. She'll probably pay them when she comes back :)

OrangeAnnax said...

What does beauty mean to you?

There are 2 kinds of beauty.
first is the beauty what everyone can see. Second kind is inner beauty.
inner beauty can see only people who knows you.
It's really easy to make you beautiful outside. you just gotta haw money to buy cool things (clothes & accessories) and make-up.
But you gotta work hard to be beautiful inside. Its harder than make you beautiful outside and only people who get to know you sees it.
And i think the real beauty is inner beauty. Inner beauty mean to me the you are a nice person, you always help people or animals and you don't think just about other people nails or hair you see inner beauty in other people too.
If you really are beautiful you whil see the same beauty in others.
Off course i don't say if you are thinking about how your nails look or about your outfit that you are stupid i just say you don't gotta think about it all the time.
I know in my me-doll you wont see inner beauty.
but anyway i whil try to show you at least her outside beauty :)
(sorry if some sentences don't sound right I'm still working on my English ♥)

My stardoll name is OrangeAnnax :)
image -

Why did i choose this make-up?

I tried a lot make-up versions but i liked this one the most.
I like colors i used.
Maybe this make-up isn't in spring style but I like it :)
btw i'm not sure if i was allowed to use accessories but i used em :)

icebells said...

♥BEAUTY♥ the word has a vast meaning.i think it means what a person fell about another person . beauty is hidden inside the heart of a person it can't be seen its hidden beneath the veil of our external is a kind of an undefined word because i cant distinguish between a beautiful and an average looking person i think attractiveness is in the eyes of the person .for me beauty is in everyone .for god there is nothing like ugly everything is beautiful and equal to him .if you will see around beauty you will see beauty in everyone we beauty is in our soul which attracts people towards us♥

afgantje-2 said...

for everyone means beauty diferent i mean for someone is it with make-up and for someone without make-up. but for me it doesnt matter because everyone is beatifull in their own way.

and i made 2 looks one only for my face and that other one is with an outfit:)

only face:

with outfit:

afgantje-2 said...

i choose this make-up style because i like these clors the most and i think this style is very nice:)

hope you also like this:)

Anonymous said...

Hi. my name on stardoll is alexa_plk.
Here's my makeup :
Hope u like it xx
Ps.: Luv ur blog, reading it everyday!

MissLyana999 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MissLyana999 said...

Stardoll name: MissLyana999

--rihanna---- said...


I chose that look because I find that red and yellow make a great and gorgeous couple together. As this is spring, these colors are gorgeous for it- ohhh black ang grey ohh please=)
So it made a shiny sunny look, but it's still fashionable not over-priced=)

Infinie said...

Hi i'm I-lovz-all and here's my entery :

I choose this because this girl (MissCharmer68) is a wonderful friend of me and i did this as the celebration of the carnival that was last week !!!

miley said...
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Kristinkakiki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
miley said...

Hey, I chose the second opnion, i made a spring make-up from the new Dot collection i hope you like it :P

it'm me hohokoko1328

Thanks xD

~RiRi~ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
~RiRi~ said...

my spriing look:-
I have chosen the red because it reminds me of hot spring colours and the beige hair as it is neautral and not too shocking so the attention turns to the eyes and lips.
Hope Its Good Enough
Iram xx

Stardoll username: xXxGagaLuvvaxXx

jennyarther said...

hey the makeup is out & tried for the dont consider the prev pic this 1 is for the comp :)

Lolly140 said...

I love the colours


Username: Lolly140


jennyarther said...

sd name: jennyarther

GoldenHeart Threads said...

SD username is hautechatnoir and here is my entry:
OK,the whole makeup scene is definitely not my thing so please dont laugh too hard at my efforts here. This is a whole new look for me...bright shadow colors and highlighted short hair. I really wish SD would make a makeup blending brush or wedge so we could blend our edges!

mojonik said...


MikiChan said...

True beauty is inner beauty :3 like how ur prsonality is i believe all people is beautifull even the bad looking people cause if we look inside of that skin we will find a nice person with a super good personality!! >.<

gorge0us_geek37 said...

I like older styles of fashion as well as a natural look
so i have combined the two to make a simple look
my name is gorge0us_geek37 this is the link:

thoibi said...

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Here is my pic:

yasmine said...

for me beauty means to have a beautiful face and body. but that is not the most important thing for being beautiful. there is the inside beauty. inside beauty is when u know how to love,care for someone, be polite and have a great personality.
my me doll is yasminemagro, and her look is ready.

Anonymous said...


Fairydew said...

Beauty for me is seperated in 2: inside and outside beauty.

Inside beauty is the real beauty, for me. It is what we are all undeneath our appearance. What we hide, what is in our souls is the beauty, what comes from our heart. Our characteristics, our personality is the BEAUTY.

Outside beauty is a form of beauty as well, but most people think that you have to have a perfect face and body to be called beautifull. I don't agree with that. We are all beautifull in our ways, even GaGa says it. You don't have to look like a model to be beautifull, you are already since you were born.

Thats beauty for me after all.

Fairydew xxx

Kristinkakiki said...
its myy entry,hope you like it;) i did a beige pink one ;D

Anonymous said...

hi, i'm ancorastar and this is my entry:

MissLotsaSmiles said...

Hi, my stardoll username is MissLotsaSmiles.
This is my spring makeup!
It is inspired as if it is a spring flower in full bloom =) I included many warm colors to bring the feeling of spring, its weather and its warming. My makeup resembles lilies, cherry blossoms and daffodils. I hope you like it! =)

Safa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Safa said...

What Beauty Is To Me:
Nowadays people feel beauty is judged by your image/appearence, how you look. However, I feel beauty is not only that but beauty also refelcts on one's personality and the quality of the heart. I feel beauty is what makes us, us. It's something unique which every single individual has. It may not be our image, but our kind personality. I think natural beauty is what people should be proud of, you shouldn't wear tons of makeup, everyone's beautiful in their own way. I think we should all bear in mind, beauty comes from within.

Here's My Tinypic I Did On A Friend:

Thank You [♥]

Winniegirl123/Catriona said...

Hey, here's mine;

elamacie said...

username: mizprincessE101

Kimmyieo1 said...

This seems like a fun comp I hope I win :)
I really enjoyed making this doll because its so unique and out there that only few people would dare to wear it but im crazy just like my style sometimes <3

kimmyieo1 said...

This is my opinion on beauty and my crazy style which I love immensly <3

Adriano Iuliani said...

In my opinion, beuty comes from the inside.And one of the most beutiful qualities a women shal have is being indipendant.
For this copotition,since i can not really show indippendancy.I dicided i would mostly use the color that represents the word: Blue.


PS: Dont forget...Your beutiful!

My outfit and makeup:

Close up of Makeup:

Adriano Iuliani said...

In m opinion beuty is somethig that comes from the inside.One of the most amazing qualities a women could have is the power of ``Indipendance``.
Since i could not show Indipendance in my makeup i used the color that best describes the word Idipendant: Blue.


PS: We are all beutiful

My outfit and makeup:

My Makeup close:

Pamplesorbet said...

My entry :

For the comp, I wanted to make a colorful make up, beacause life is made of color! These spring color make us joyful!! =D
And it corresponds very well with the new dot collection.

It's great that we can participate, even if we're not member of the club =)


Pamplesorbet said...

My entry :

There's a particular beauty in each woman, it's always different and it make them singular. Make up will beautify them. It's like a paint : make up will tell a story, show a mood.
For the comp, I wanted to make a colorful make up, because life is made of color! I make my medoll, simple and colorful, with a cute head band in order to complete and put more color. These spring color make us joyful!! =D
And it corresponds very well with the new dot collection.

It's great that we can participate, even if we're not member of the club =)


Pamplesorbet said...

Sorry I posted it twice =S It's the same picture

ImaginaryThings said...

Stardoll username: ImaginaryThings

evermore1girl said...

I finally made my entry its plain but thats all that suits my medoll :3

thank you

miss.privacy said...

Beauty...of course its true that what really counts is how a person is on the inside...or inner beauty. Having said that...there is also outer beauty...a beautiful face..and to b honest i think we would all like to have one. Most people think that everyone has a different view of what outer beauty is depending on their own personality, background, race and culture.The truth is that beauty is all about a math equation. Phi or 1=1.618!! Its all about proportions. for example...width of mouth compared with width of cheek shuld b 1 to 1.618. A Dr.Marquardt has even made a mask with all these proportions on it. and if it fits perfectly, the face is beautiful. So if u want to know if u or someone else are really beautiful...just remember phi. So math can b good for something after all :P

ImaginaryThings said...

Username: ImaginaryThings

Pamplesorbet said...


Munni said...

Beauty: My definition of beauty is not the way you look but who you are. If you're a beautiful person, but you have an ugly personality...sure you're beautiful right? In way...yes, on the outside sure, but on the inside is a monster. You can't judge a person on how they look, that doing what this quote: "Never judge a book by its cover" specifically told you NOT to do. Beauty on the outside is But TRUE Beauty comes from within. (haha such a corny ending :P)'s my medoll:

Anonymous said...

Beauty must be inside out..if u r a clear,transparent person,then all your inner beauty will show on your face!!..being honest,caring will give u the most beautiful smile on earth,without the need for dentists and cosmetic procedures!!..we must care for others..feel for them..share sadness and intellegent to recognize what hurts them and what's not!!..if any girl is capable to be caring and loving as i said..then she will be Miss Universe in my eyes!!

Mila said...

I adore the new dot .. Btw i have new make up on my doll visit me nilou965874 follow me ;)

Anonymous said...

amanda.un.jete said...

Hi! Tnx for the comp.
So i've in a comp for the first time, but i think it's ok! :)

Beauty menas to me:
Beauty is what every girl or women needs. When you are yeoung - you don't need to use make-up. Everybody says u are making ugly ur beautifulness. I think it's right. But u can't judge a women or girl just becose shes beautifle and pretty - all the beautifulness is in the heart. <3


Daniella said...

Maybe im not a superstar but here is my picture

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