Friday, December 28, 2012

The Fashion Adviser: stardoll next top graphic designer

The thing that amazed me the most while I was on stardoll was the talent. Everyone had great ideas and everyone was eager to make it in here. I do believe that is a quality but too much eagerness made people do anything to get what they want. I am mumbling now. The point is, does stardoll still have that sparkle? I think somehow it is lost. Sure there are very interresting projects but there isn't the engagement that I remember from the followers. I have selected what it seems to be the most interresting project at the moment. Though I haven't searched much this project instantly caught my eye. Perhaps you have heard of stardoll next top graphic designer?
As you probably have understood by now it is a competition to choose the best designer. Graphics are the skill that surprises everyone the most. We all like stardoll magazines because of the graphics- it's a fact. I have seen all the tasks from all the cycles. I am hooked. I think that this contest improves the contestant's skills. You can clearly see an improvement in all contestants. There is now a new cycle starting so you better start following it. Everyone there is very talented but they just need to manage their skills in a more effecient way. They need guidance. If and when they get it they will be able to make the things we did in the past. I just hope some one helps them. Congratulations on this great idea and on the effort to keep it going Kimberly. You are doing a very good job! Same to do contestants.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Fashion Adviser: Sky high boots

 I am back again today. Here you have another fashion advice from your favorite expert, The Fashion Adviser. The title says it all. This is my take on sky high boots. Below you have 3 different ways to rock this trend.
1. The first outfit is almost all black and white which is going to be a big trend next spring, believe me. I also mixed two black and white pattern so that I had a more interresting combination. The boots are very country like and they are the only thing that isn't black or white. Overall this is a romantic look for any trendsetter, perfect for a date during the day.

2. Moving on to the second outfit. This unlike the first one is very rocker chic. Pairing the black jeans with boots from the same color makes you look taller and thinner. Then I added this blazer which is inspired by Alexander McQueen if I am not mistaken. I also added the red DKNY bag in order to have more colors in this look. This is the perfect outfit to rock a night out in the town.

3. Last but not least. When I look at this the first thing that comes to my mind is "Gossip Girl". The skirt is a school girl classic. The tank top and the jacket are very simple but goes greatly with the skirt. In terms of acessories I added the tights with the horizontal stripes (also a trend) and the big necklace. If you want to go for a walk on the upper east side, you know what to choose.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Fashion Adviser: New Year's Eve

 Hola amigos! You can call me The Fashion Adviser, there is no other name. I am the mother of good taste and I decided to share it with you. This blog has been long dead and I plan to shake it up a little. This is just the beginning. If it isn't obvious I will talk fashion. I am starting with the new year's eve outfit idea.
Disclaimer: I don't own this graphic, it is from Fresh Faces. I am just using it because it's pretty.
Now to the image I do own. New years needs some sparkle. I used this dress I had in my closet for a long time in order to creact a long asymmetric skirt to add just that. Then I went with a minimalistic shirt over in a creme color. I decided to acessorize this look in and unexpected way by adding the DKNY red headband. I finally finished it with matching shoes inspired by versus.

Do you want to be featured here? Leave you stardoll name and your best look for New Year's eve in comments.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


 Is so sad that Jenna leaved Stardoll and this blog don't run any more.
I remember time when this blog was most popular, everyone dreamed about writing here, me too.
Do you remember?

My dream come true, but sadly few months after Jenna was hacked and she give up at all.
I still love Stardoll Most Wanted and even no one post here I will still visit them.

I know few people also - just look on last John post. 
So i decided to write one more post 
and wish you a

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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is anyone there? | My stardoll's styling-career is OPEN!

Hey all! I'm so happy for being back after long time!
Let's create the most fashionable outfits inspired from High-Fashion Designers from real life!


Just send me your favorite designer!




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