Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Elle Boutique now in starplaza. The editors at elle have hand picked th hottest trends from the fall 2008 season and brought them to stardoll. I like them, what about you?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September Cover Girl

This months cover girl is 2_cutecarla! She was spotted with a hotbuys outfit on yesterday! Congrats! She gets the lovely stardoll treasure award
that now will be given to all our cover girls and 5 gifts of choice or $50 (Superstar Only). Plus she goes on my Bff list & is manager of the club for 1 month!

Here's a little about her from her presentation.

Hi my name is Carla.
I live in the U.S.
I love sports.
My fav sport is soccer.
I also like track, cross- country, volleyball, tennis and other sports.
My favorite colors are pink, black, light green, and many more.
I love stardoll.
I like to buy clothes and sell.
If you get a chance stop by my starbazaar.
My favorite stardoll shop is Fudge.
I kind of collect hot buys
but I don't spend astronamical amounts of money.



Here is a list of some other GREAT BLOGS & Clubs! The list is mainly comprised of blogs I personally follow or followers of this blog who have asked to advertise.

If you would like your blog/Magazine to be shown here, you must be a follower of this blog and a member of my club. If so, then comment here and I will add you.

Be sure to leave your stardoll name and the link to your blog!




Please note that payments may take a month or more to be received depending on my RL schedule, so please DO NOT put something out until instructed and please keep it there until it is purchased. Thanks!

1. It is your responsibility to follow the blog and know whether you are a winner or not.

2. All winners MUST contact me on stardoll at JENNAROX4EVA (in GB) within 1 week of winning to claim your prize. I am sorry, but I do not have the time to contact each winner. If you do not claim the prize, it will be forfeited.

*Some comps have smaller claim periods. See post for details.

*LOTTERY WINNERS must claim their prize within 24hrs

*TIP WINNERS must claim their prize within 24hrs. 

*TOP COMMENTERS must claim their prize within 24hrs

*THEME DAY WINNERS must claim their prize within 24hrs

*RANDOM GIVEAWAY WINNERS must claim their prize within 24hrs

3. Prizes generally are paid once a month on the 30th (may be longer if I am backed up or busy). Be patient you will always get it if you claim it within the claim period. This is due to stardoll limitations and because we do A LOT of comps! But also due to my real-life BUSY schedule.

~Average time frame is 1-2 weeks, but may be a month or longer depending on my RL schedule. If prize is at the end of the month, it may be the next month before you get your prize.

~Please DO NOT ask me before this time when you will get your prize. I try to check my Jennarox4eva account once a week. If you receive it prior to the end of month consider yourself lucky.

4. When you contact me, I will respond when I am ready to do the payouts by telling you to either place an item in your bazaar or to the list the gift that you wish to receive. Times are approximate. If for some reason you do not receive it in the specified amount of time, a polite reminder is always helpful.  However, please only remind me once. I will see your comment when I do prizes so no need for multiple comments. It just confuses things.

5. If I am NOT contacted in 1 week or within the time period, the prize is forfeited. I must be contacted in my GB on JENNAROX4EVA. I will NOT accept claims at my Emorox4eva account. No exceptions.

*It is your responsibility to keep proof of the date you contacted me. I do not always see everything as I get a lot of messages. I do not have time to search for your comments. I try to keep an accurate accounting, but I am just human as well. Sorry

* SS MEMBERSHIPS OR CODES require me to buy a prepaid card. These may take a little longer depending on card accessibility of the cards in my area and whether I have to order online.

*SD PAYMENTS-OR PRIZES You have 1 week after I contact you for payment to put the item for sale or put in your wishlist. If you do not comment back within a week the prize is forfeited. The same goes for prizes that require you to purchase from me. You have one week to purchase it after I have reserved it for sale.

I will not hold ANY prize for a extended period of time unless you are saving for a code. See below.

Sorry, we are just too busy and it messes up my money and balancing m account.

*RANDOM GIVEAWAY WINNERS- Have 24hrs to collect their prize or its forfeited.

*I do not compensate for Stardolls 20% commission fee. Sorry.

*Prizes can be revoked if we suspect you are cheating, dishonest or just plain RUDE.

*I will not reward people who are ignorant to me just because they are impatient for their prize.

* Prizes are for you and not to be re-given in your own comps or just for you to resell. Anyone doing this will be banned.

*CG prizes are not given until the end of the month (after the 1 month guest writer is up). If you decide not to guest write or don't really participate, you prize can be reduced.

*SD Prizes are not codes unless specifically stated. SD Prizes are given by selling me an unwanted item for the prize amount. If you are non-superstar..you will get the prize amount in gifts.

*Non SS that are top commenters have the option to let their winning accumulate until they reach $200 or $350sd. *Subject to availability by me. Click HERE to see post.

*If you mess up a code because you do not follow my instructions, I will not issue another one. 

*If you are unable to collect a prize for whatever reason. The prize will be forfeited. I can not hold prizes for extended periods of time. Sorry. 


*As of  JAN 30, 2011: NON-SUPERSTAR WINNERS now have the option to get their prize in gifts OR save your prize until you accumulate $200sd (US ONLY) or $350sd your choice. At that time I can then make you superstar for those amounts.

You still must claim your prize after each win . Just specify you want to save for a code. Once you have reached your amount come back and claim your $200sd or $350sd superstar. I will also do my best to keep track of your winnings.

*If you are a Honorable Mention Winner and you win a gift..this can also go towards your total accruement.

*Subject to availability by me

*$200sd SS Membership can only be purchased for people who live in the USA or
You can give account access, so that I can put it on your account. I have done this safely for many people over the years, but this is your choice and must be done through email contact at StardollsMostWanted@mail.com


Monday, September 8, 2008




1. To enter comps you must be a member of my club Hotbuys_Bazaar and a public follower of this blog.

2. Your entry must be posted in comments under the comp before the end date stated in the post.

3. All entries are viewed once the comp has ended by our judges.

4. Only 1 entry per person unless otherwise stated. Doing 2 items does not make you have a better chance.

5. You can not use photoshop, paint or album stickers on your entry unless it is specifically stated.


6. A winner will be announced when judging is completed. Generally within a week after the comp is over. It may sometimes take longer depending on my RL schedule.

7. It is your responsibility to follow the blog and know whether you won a comp. (See the collecting prizes page for more info)

8. Everyone must register their stardoll name in the chat box to enter comps/polls or raffles.

*New members must be registered and active at least 2 months before entering comps.

* You can NOT enter with accounts that are: "blank" accts (no or low friends or no presentation), business accounts (ex: accounts that have a business name or are used to sell things etc..), Alternate accounts or NEW accounts that are less than 4 months old or do not have equivalents starpoints (starpoints must match the account age and show activeness).

* AGE must be shown on your stardoll presentation page (not enforced atm)

* Adults - do not qualify for codes  and may not qualify for extremely rare prizes. It's more for fun. Maximum adult sd prize is $100sd.

* Number of entries may impact whether prize can be awarded for large prizes ( or prize may be forfeited or reduced).

*Prize may also be reduced if judges or myself do not feel their is an entry that met out expectations.


Polls are for Blog Readers and Club Members ONLY

1. You must be a member of my club Hotbuys_Bazaar to be in polls

2. Your entry must be posted in comments under the comp before space is full to be included in polls

3. Generally it is 1st come 1st serve. Meaning that blogs are mostly limited to the first 20-30 people to write in my GB.

4. I may not include you in a poll if your outfit is similar to someone who contacted me before you or you covered the HB or item for the poll.

5. You can NOT ask others to vote for you.

6. You can only enter polls under 1 account and 1 IP ADDRESS.

7. Prizes for polls are usually $50sd or 50sd worth of gifts (Non-superstars). Superstars get the $50sd by selling a non-wanted item to me for $50sd.

8. It is your responsibility to follow the blog and know whether you won a poll.

9. Everyone must register their stardoll name in the chat box to enter comps/polls or raffles.

*See the prizes page for more info

You will be disqualified if you are suspected of cheating by breaking rules 5 or 6.

If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.


Added 10/14

Due to the increasing popularity of the polls, I feel it necessary to make some adjustments..

Depending on the number of people we have for a poll...

1. ACTIVE Members (Frequent commenters/participants) will have priority.

This means that even though you posted 1st, you COULD be replaced in the poll by someone who is more active.

2. You could be replaced by someone who has a more fashionable outfit than you.

* Too many are just throwing an outfit together regardless of the way it looks or with just no effort. We are a fashion blog. The point of the polls is to show different, fashionably unique ways of wearing these clothes.

3. You may be replaced if your HB/designer inspired item is barely seen.

Do not COMPLETELY cover it up, we want to see it. Anyone can make an outfit with just a tiny bit of the item showing. It should be your main piece.

4. The rules are that you must be a member of my club, follower of the blog and registered in the chat box to be included in polls.

I enforce this more when we have more people. I also look at the other rules like age of account etc..

5. You may be replaced if you do not have an appropriate amount of Starpoints to match the age of your account.

This means that if you have an account opened in 2007, but only have 1200 starpoints..you would be replaced. This would lead me to suspect that this is not your main account and you are cheating to win.


1. Random raffles may be held for special events. WE NO LONGER DO THESE SINCE WE HIT 1000 FOLLOWERS.

They are done each month and to reward active members

2. You must be an ACTIVE PUBLIC follower of this blog AND a member of my club Hotbuys_Bazaar to be included in raffles.

3. Your stardoll name must be on your blogger profile. (see other rules below)

4. You must have a picture uploaded for your blogger icon. It can be any picture just not blank.

5. We use a lottery software called the hat for raffles/Giveaways.

If you do not follow the rules above you can not win and another person will be chosen.

6. You can only follow under 1 account. If we discover you are using multiple blogger accounts to increase your chances at winning you will be disqualified or banned.

7. It is your responsibility to actively check the blog and know whether you won and contact me within the 24 hour time frame. (See the prizes page for more info)

8. Prizes can range from stardollars/codes to rares.

9. Everyone must register their stardoll name in the chat box to enter comps/polls or raffles.

Stardoll Account Rules:
* You can NOT enter with accounts that are: "blank" accts (no or low friends or no presentation), business accounts, alternate accountsts or NEW accountsts that are 3 months old or younger.

* AGE must be shown on your stardoll presentation page (not enforced atm)

*Rules are subject to change at anytime so stay updated.

Lottery Dresses! Have U lost your mind?!

A few weeks ago stardoll reached 20 million members. Yay! Well it was yay until I discovered how the prizes they would offer would make the members INSANE! LOL!

They held a lottery to give out 20 exclusive couture dresses "supposedly" to thousands of members. While the idea of having exclusive items is exciting, it causes people on stardoll to lose their mind. :D People are scamming others or asking for outrageous amounts. Some are asking for $60 cash money sent to paypal for 1 VIRTUAL dress!!! Adults are getting bent out of shape because they can't seem to gettheir hands on one and then lashing out at us teens. What can I say, everyone has just lost it. LOL.

I myself was scammed this morning which you can read about in another article. All of this could have ben avoided if Stardoll would have chose a better way to handle things. Sometimes I wonder if stardoll wants all of this chaos and nastiness because of the way they do things.

Good friends of mine have suggested that maybe stardoll should make a safe trading station. Where u agree on a deal and then basically submit it to stardoll who makes the trade for you or maybe that stardoll should have just had these dresses available to everyone for a limited period of time. Rewarding all of us who made it possible for them to even have 20 million members in the 1st place instead of just a select few.

See the article and dresses in question below & let us know what you think.

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