Thursday, August 31, 2017


This weekend's Theme is National Outfits. 

Dress your doll in an outfit that represents a Country other than your own

Please post the name of the Country you are creating an outfit for 

along with your Stardoll name and date in the OOTD Topic 

located in the menu at the top of the blog. 

Let us see many beautiful outfits of our diverse World!

♥ Do Not Post Your Entries Here ♥

If you enter both Saturday and Sunday you will be put into a drawing for 50 Stardollars!


New Callie's Picks Released + Giveway

There's a brand-new #83 collection of Callie's Picks!

This one is titled "Colorless", which as someone who generally writes in the Queen's English, was tough to type out. Must. Not. Add. U.

There's two floors, with the prices ranging from 4sd to 40sd, with two starcoin items.

I slightly feel as if they raided my wardrobe this time around, but what do you think about it?


Just style one main item from the release, add it to your wishlist, and you might just win it!

Don't forget to add your username.


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

HB Acid Wash Denim Jacket Released + Giveaway AND Comp

The last Hot Buy for the month of August has been released! The Hot Buys Acid Wash Denim Jacket has been released for 21 Stardollars (19 for Royalty).

You can find it in It Girls or directly in your dressing room HERE.

What are your thoughts on it? Do you like it?

If you know where it's inspired from, let us know in the comments!

Style this Hot Buy to be included in our POLL and GIVEAWAY!

Win Stardollars (depending on number of entries)


Get this Hot Buy for FREE!

Please state in your entry if you want to be included in the poll or giveaway or both. 

~ Make sure the Hot Buy is well seen
~ Don't forget your Stardoll name
~ Open for a limited time

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Chosen by Random Name Picker is Emily Erdbeer/Strobarycake! 

One of my favorites also because of the interesting stories she wrote 

along with her Monster Creations, I was so happy she was picked. 

Read them below.

The Jazz Never Stops

The old abandoned locale "Pristine Magdalene" is said to be haunted since that terrible incident, that terrible fire, that consumed everyone that night.
Nobody knows how it started. Some claim it to be the work of the devil, because of that damned boy. That terribly talented boy. A virtuoso on the saxophone.
The story goes around that he had made dealings with the devil and he came to get his reward, but he refused to give it to him. For this indiscretion he cast fire to consume him, to consume them all. A very believable story, if one is aware of the fact that, the "Pristine Magdalene" survived the incident almost without a single scratch. Images show only the ashes and burn marks of where the people stood, when the flames consumed them. It's as if they didn't move a single inch, when they slowly burned to death, but witnesses from back then can still remember the agonising screams of those so unfortunate to enter the locale that fateful night. On the spot where the boy used to play his saxophone, there's a blood red stain, that refuses to go. The former employees would try to clean it, but the stain wouldn't budge. When they thought that they had cleaned it all up, they'd look away and to their surprise, when they looked back it would be there again as if nobody bothered to clean it. FRESH, as if someone had just been killed right on that spot. Some claim to have heard whispers say "leave" after seeing the stain again. Others claim to have been scratched or slapped if they even tried to clean it. This and other eerie happenings after that night, made the "Pristine Magdalene" what it is today. A haunted place, sometimes misused for ritual sacrifices or other devilish doings, or as a place to spend the night to prove that one is not a wailing coward.
People who dared too do so claim to have seen mysterious apparitions in the corner of their eyes, hear strange sounds like the cackling of flames, voices, screams, get scratched, punched, slapped and to hear the distant sound of jazz... Ghastly jazz

It's late, so I sadly don't have much time to write up a story for this one.
Short: A voodoo priestess, who had to fake her own death to be left alone by other voodoo performers threatening her life, because she performs white magic. (In case you don't know: White magic = for good, grey magic = neutral stuff. Doesn't benefit no one, but doesn't harm at the same time, black magic = the BAD shit) The salon she used to run on the side was also where she performed her rituals, helped people, healed them etc, is now no longer run by her, but by her followers, but she explicitly told them not to continue the voodoo bit, so the building is closed at night, but enemies sometimes try to smash shit up and/or desecrate the ground or uneducated fools like to occasionally go there to spend the night, wanting to be daredevils and taunt some spirits or taunt hers, so she likes to play a little prank on them. To those, who seek no harm, she appears in white and kindly tells them to leave (usually spooks them enough to do the trick) and to those that do (like her enemies), she appears in black and smacks their asses voodoo-ghost style.

Most Up Votes were a tie with 9 votes each



The other two dolls I chose were for their stories and their doll's faces

Dollwars34, she had such a great time writing her stories...they were really scary

Uitsili, The Rat Queen was incredible! 

Go back and read their stories, if you would like.

Will Emily please put something in your bazaar for 50 Stardollars 

and reserve it for SMWPRIZES to buy? 

If not Superstar, please pick one (1) item up to 50 Stardollars 

and reply here when you have done so.  

The other winners will receive 20 Stardollars each. Follow the rules above to claim. 

You have one week. 

Thank you to all that entered. Wish I could award you all. 

Try again next weekend. And if you have any suggestions about future themes, 

please post them here. 

♥ Aonuk ♥



Monday, August 28, 2017


Hey guys it's been a rough two weeks for me, but I'm trying to get back in the swing of things. Catching up on giveaways in this post and will be working on other comps and paying prizes throughout the remainder of the week.

I really appreciate all of you who have been able to help out and the rest of you for your support of the writers and your patience. 💖

Please claim all prizes in comments within the week.
Be sure the item is in your WL.

Hopefully, I didn't mess any of these up. I'm so tired right now it's quite possible. Sorry if I did. If you were chosen for an item you didn't want or already have...I apologize just kindly tell me in comments. Thanks!







HB Miu Miu Inspired Pink Pearl Earrings Released!

The Hot Buys Miu Miu Inspired Pink Pearl Earrings have been released for 14 Stardollars (13 for Royalty). The other earring comes free with your purchase.

You can find it in Pretty N Love or in your dressing room HERE.

Real life inspired by Miu Miu

What do you think about them? Will you buy them?


Sunday, August 27, 2017


Apologies for not getting this out sooner. 

The judges have voted. It was very close, but by 1 vote our winner is: 

Please reserve an item for 50sd to SMWPrizes (an item you no longer use would be great since we need items) If not place 50sd worth of items in your wishlist. 

Thank you all for participating. Remember the more people that enter the more you can win.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

HB Sophie Hulme Inspired Micro Bag Released

It costs a whopping 23 sd (21 for Royalties).

You can find in in Bonjour Bizou or get in the dressing room HERE.

Note - I don't have authority to start a poll or comp, but Jenna (or someone else) may edit this post later, so be sure to post your styling and thoughts about this release! And besides, it's always great to get different perspectives.

- Lucy (Sunnysidessue)


Friday, August 25, 2017

New Trails Released

Woohoo, my first post! 

Anyway, we have a brand new floor of Trails in the Starplaza.

Prices range between 9-19 sd and there are three starcoin items

What are your thoughts on this collection?

- Lucy (sunnysidessue)



Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the Author of Frankenstein 

has a birthday on the 30th of this Month. In the year 1797 

she was born in London, England, to William Goodwin, famous theorist 

and one of the leading literary women leaders, Mary Wollstonecraft.

Married at 16 to Percy Shelley, who was embroiled in controversy by his art 

and his atheist views, she wrote Frankenstein at 18 years old. 

People in those days could not believe a young woman could write such a story 

and always attributed it to her husband, which was untrue.

For a change this weekend's theme is be a Monster! 

It doesn't have to be a Frankenstein or Frankenstein's Woman. 

But think something you would not want to see in a dark alleyway by yourself. 

Use Star Design hair, make scars, turn your doll into a different color.

Be the Grim Reaper with a Joker mask. Mix stuff around. Use crazy clothing!

Use your creative side. We can't be beautiful all the time can we? 

The more grotesque the better!

Please post your Monsters under the OOTD at the top of the menu. 

Remember to put your Stardoll name and the correct date.  

If you enter both days you will be put into a Random drawing for 50 Stardollars! 

♦ Do not post your dolls here ♦


Thursday, August 24, 2017


We are slowly approaching the end of this month. If you celebrate your birthday in the month of September and would like to have a TOPIC feature about you, please leave a comment below with your STARDOLL USERNAME and your BIRTHDATE.

To participate, you must be active on Stardoll and in this blog.


NOTE: There is still time to enter Inspired by architecture ... Creative competition HERE


Happy Birthday LOLITKA1444!

Today is a very important day! 

My best friend, decorator extraordinaire and Sherlock Super fan, is turning 20 today!  

lolitka1444 has been a member of Stardoll for 7 years, is a level 82 and an on-and-off Superstar. 

Jane has a love for all things cat related

(and animals in general, my nickname is Giraffe), 

watches Supernatural, Sherlock Holmes 

and listens to Twenty One Pilots, Fall Out Boy and AC/DC!!

 Jane loves to decorate. She has six full amazing rooms of her personal favorites 

plus the Alpine Chalet suite. 

All have a lot of vintage touches showcasing her amazing abilities 

to bring modern vibes to old classics.

lolitka1444 is also an active club member, managing several clubs 

throughout her reign on Stardoll and winning several cycles in them. 

She shares her passion for fashion here on Stardoll's Most Wanted

with her OOTD's and amazing contest entries!

Jane, you're my best friend. I love you so much!

 Wishing you all the best on your special day. 

I cannot believe it's been over a year with you. 

Thanks for making Stardoll special to me, you deserve the best in life! 

Lots Of Love & Socks, Aniyah

Please join Aniyah-xxxx and myself in wishing lolitka1444 a Very Happy Birthday! 
Her link is below if you would like to visit and leave a nice comment in her guestbook. 
A gift would be nice of you but not mandatory.

If you would like to create the feature for a friend of yours Birthday, 
just let me know in advance so we can make it happen.  
Peace and Love  ♥ Aonuk ♥


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Game of Luck - Top 8 + ELIMINATION CEREMONY 8

Welcome back to The Game of Luck! 2 weeks ago, a major shock took place as out of the blue, 4 contestants were eliminated, which brought us our TOP 8 contestants out of 20 who started the season!

Well, after the crazy elimination we had a poll to see which 3 of our TOP 8 had the most fans. Lets find out!!!

Well, CosimaSaskia, OUR VIEWERS HAVE SPOKEN! CosimaSaskia pulled in 23.08% of the vote, and also scored herself 25sd worth of items from her WISHLIST! It also looks like you guys want to see Anya-Samantha, and Gold3Silver make it to the FINALE! WildChrissie, and Judith_25 seem to have a lot of fans as well!

Now, lets get into the elimination!

The first Contestant safe this week is....

CosimaSaskia well, you have had a great week! Congrats on your second first place!

The next contestant safe is...

Judith_25 Well done! You are safe!

The next contestants safe are...




Well done to you two!

The last contestant safe from elimination is...


Unfortunately that leaves Anya-Samantha, ItsEtiosa, and Gold3Silver left. Only 1 of you will be saved to hopefully win 600sd, or 3 months SS!

The last contestant saved this week, and will be entering the SemiFinale of Season 1 is....

Anya-Samantha, last week we saw that you had a huge fan base in the comment section, so I am glad that they can still support you in this contest!

Gold3Silver, I pegged you as a one of the contestants to make it to the finale at least! I am really sad to see you go, and I thank you SO SO SO much for playing! 
ItsEtiosa, I think you were one of the contestants who did so well, but NOBODY noticed it! I really enjoyed having you in this season! Thank you!

BOTH of you won 40sd worth of items in your WISHLIST!

To our TOP 6, next week 3 of you will be eliminated. That is our SEMI-FINALE week, After the elimination I will announce some other prizes!

Till then (Wednesday August 30th), have a GREAT week!

XoXo Roxy


Tuesday, August 22, 2017


JudyellaFairy is our Winner this week! Chosen by Random name picker. I don't know if The Olsen Twins sing (they were her inspiration) but her Sunday entry was her own creation.

She wins 50 Stardollars!

Next are lolitka1444 and CoolRachael, who did a very clever recreation 

of the two crazy guys from 21 Pilots in their underwear! 

Most up voted with 9 votes is JaneDoee84!

  Lastly, my favorite two dolls who created their own looks are:  

And booklover29!

These 5 dolls win 20 Stardollars!

 Will the winners please put something up for sale in their BAZAAR if they are Superstar for SMWPRIZES to buy? 

Maybe you could put something you don't wear anymore for SMWPRIZES

If you are not Superstar please place one (1) item on your wishlist and reply here when you have done so.

There were so many clever and creative entries, 

I wanted to give to all. That is why some prizes were lowered. 

And as always if you have any suggestions for a Weekend Theme feel free to post them here. 

Hope you all had fun! Thanks for entering! ♥Aonuk♥


New Original Future released!

Hello dollies! It's been a while since i got to write a post here. I've been a bit busy with uni and personal stuff, but I'll try to be here as well (: Anyways:
There is a new collection out in Original Future.

Prices range between 20 and 8 sd. There are 2 starcoin item. 

What do you think of this small release?
What are your must haves? 

Style any of the main items and win your favourite items from this release!

-Dont forget your username
-Upvote your favourite outfit
-Have fun!

Monday, August 21, 2017

HB Denim Jeans Released + GIVEAWAY

The Hot Buys Light Denim With Side Stripe has been released for 22 Stardollars. (20 for Royalty)

You can find it in Bonjour Bizou or get it in your dressing room HERE.

What do you think about the jeans? Do you like them?

Real life version inspired by Nasty Gal

Show us how you would style this Hot Buy and you can get it for FREE!

Winners chosen randomly.

~ Don't forget your Stardoll name.
~ Open for a limited time. 



Results have been tallied and the winners of the Hot Buys Chains Poll

*drum roll*


It's a tie 

JaneDoee83 and RIOT received the same amount of votes.

They had very intricate creations. 

Please place an item on your wishlist of 25sd or less and post below when you have finished. Don't forget to add the chains to your list please.

Now for our raffle winner 

 Orpul-is-me9 please place the chains on your wishlist

Thank you everyone that participated. You dolls did a great job creating beautiful detailed looks. 

Until next time


Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Game of Luck UPDATE

As some of you noticed, THERE WAS NO EPISODE THIS WEEK!

Do not fret, I was SUPER bust with University stuff, moving in, and saying hi to new people, and going to new classes. I cried like 50 times this week!

So, next week we will continue on with The Game of Luck!

XoXo Roxy
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