Monday, May 31, 2010


Hello everyone i discover someting very interesting, i was voting my friends and i notice everytime i vote i earn a coin. Then i went to look my account on PLAY & EARN and saw that i made more than the 5 coins we earn everyday. I thought does this is only for superstars? I ask to myself. So i went to a NON-SUPERSTAR ACCOUNT that i have and i decided to do the same thing. Below you can see on the 1 picture the stardollars i already made in a few minutes.
On 2 picture you can see what i buy, even if you dont see more than 4 stardollars when you look to PLAY & EARN you see that you have more. This means you can have the 70 stardollars in 1 day and buy what you want. For NON-SUPERSTARS this is really good because they can buy things more than 5 stardollares. I don't know how long this last but do it because this is a good opportunity to have some extra Stardollares even if you are a Superstar. The easy way to do it it's when you vote on the CATWALK or the BEST DESIGNE because you can stay on the same page and you take less time.

So what you think?


I think this is something that stardoll has to offer us in june with SUMMER PASS that everyone is speak about, i was lucky because it isn't work now but in a few days everyone can do, at least i hope. If it was a glitch Stardoll should have more like this one and was great if every month when the month ends this happaned.


Free The Wanted bag.

Hurry up and get the bag because there are only 10 000!

If you are from the UK click HERE to get the bag.

To get the bag:
Go to or

Paste this into the blank box:

Log into Stardoll and wait until the page loads.
Erase the previous link from the proxy and paste in this one:

Click go, wait until the page loads, close the window and go to the real Stardoll.
It should be in your suite.



Stardoll 2 episode is out, i receive this on my other account. I did click on the link but nothing hapaned.

What do you think it will be about 2 episode?

Do you think it will be interesting?

Tell us pls in comments if you had receive and if you watch the episode.



I found on spoilers some pieces of Italian celebrations. On 2 of June is the National Day of Italy. I like the water fountain.



Shawn Machel Johnson is american and born on January 19, 1992 in Des Moines, Iowa. At three years old her parents notice that she climbing up cabinets and jumping down from tables. When she was six years old enter Liang Chow gymnastics school. She is an artistic gymnast that win a lot of medals. In 2008 Olympic women's balance beam win the gold medalist, on the individual all-around she win the silver medalist in 2007 all-around World Champion and in 2007 and 2008 U.S. all-around champion.
In 2009 she win Dancing With the Stars and was the youngest competitor ever on that tv program. Shawn did too numerous public appearances everywhere from the MTV Movie Awards to the Scripps National Spelling Bee. She also was one of two female athletes to appear on AOL's 100 most searched females on the Internet for 2009. She ranked 27th.A scientific poll made by Forbes magazine concluded Johnson was "America's Most-Liked Sports Figure" in 2009. In May 2010 Shawn announced that she intends to make a comeback to the Olympics in 2012.

Shawn Johnson on 2008 Olympic Games
Shawn Johnson on Dancing with the Stars

More Spoilers!!

Here some more new spoilers that are filled with dresses and some swimwear and accesories. A couple mixed in are from Kohls.

Real Versions


BCBG Max Azria


Tara Matthews (thanks Melissakuh)

Melissa Odabash (thanks Melissakuh)

Emilio Pucci

Issa (thanks Melissakuh)

If you know any real versions, please let me know :)


Kohl's Spoilers!!

Hello my name is Gabby and I am going to be updating spoilers! I absolutely love fashion and of course stardoll. I hope you enjoy my posts and I'm excited to hear what you have to say.  Today there are new spoiler and they are from Kohls.To get all the clothes in your dressing room click on the names of each individual brand or just click here ! Here they are with some real versions:


Here are some not identified,but the shorts and capris are Abbey Dawn. The Cami's and blue dress is from Candies and the floral dress,romper and short sleeve shirt is from Mudd:

What do you think? Do you like the new Kohls clothes?


HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!

Happy belated birthday to Imatotalfriend for yesterday and Happy Birthday to Ruana for today!
Hope you guys had/have amazing days!



Firstly, I would just like to say a huge thankyou for the warm welcome you have all given me, it is much appreciated! Also, a big thankyou to those that offered to make me a new banner; I loved them all...and because of that I have decided to use all of them, (I hope this is OK with those that made them for me). Today I am using a banner courtesy of:

Please take time to visit her and see more of her work - a great talent!

Now on to Stardoll news for UK members...

By buying a 6 or 12 month membership, UK stardolls can get real gifts delivered to their door thanks to designer, AnnaLou of London. As you can see, there is a clutch, purse and necklace to be had; personally, they're not really to my taste but what do you think about them? Is anyone going to take up this offer or has anyone actually got them already?! I think stardoll should provide more incentive offers like this for all membership price bands!!


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Free German Flag and Lena Outfit

To get the free German Flag:

The reason Stardoll is giving out a German Flag is because this year Germany won Eurovision!

If you would like the flag and are from Germany click HERE to get the flag.

If you are not from Germany go to a proxy like:

Paste this into the blank box:

Hit browse, log in and wait until the page loads.
Erase the previous link from the proxy and paste this one in:

Hit go then close the window and go to real Stardoll, it should be in your suite.

To get the Lena outfit: ***ONLY FOR SUPERSTARS***

If you are a superstar and from Germany and would like to get this outfit click HERE.

If not go to a German proxy like:

Paste this into the blank box:

Hit browse, then log into Stardoll and wait until the page loads.
Erase the previous link from the proxy and paste in this one:

Hit enter, then wait until the page loads, close the window and go to real Stardoll. It should be in your suite.



So the new HB Platforms are out...$7 and Superstars only. What do you think of them and will you be buying them?

As they are not a main item of clothing, I doubt Jenna will be doing a poll but if anyone comes up with an amazing outfit using these shoes then feel free to post it in comments and if there's time, I'll try and post a few for people to see!

I expect alot of people mentioned this in chatbox but as I'm not able to get the chatbox history up at the moment, I don't know who I should credit (sorry!) so I will credit all of you who know who you are!

Baya's Trivia Challenge: Part 3

So for PART 2 the answers were It's Stardoll Gossip & Tyler Top Trends.
nicole24-7, missricopenguin, 2peicesofcandy1, Gabby1822, clubklo, wenq502 are in the lead with 6 points and as for the full results check out the comments below.

Now for PART 3 of the trivia challenge.

Today's category is Awards:
When Star_Awards stopped hosting the Star Awards, who took over?
When was the last Star Awards ceremony held?

Leave your Stardoll username and answers in the comments below!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tea with Lolita: SaltyDan

This week's Celeb at Tea with Lolita was Adri, Babucci1992 but due to her having exams I moved to the other one which is DanPuffs/SaltyDan. I don't know if Adri will be this week's Celeb Blogger but as soon as she finishes the exams we will have an interview with her for our dear readers.

Lolita Elisabeth: Hey Dan, Welcome to Tea with Lolita, how have you been?

Dan: Thanks for inviting me, fine and yourself?

I am great too, thanks for asking. You have always been considered like a funny guy and also nice.Is that the true Dan? Pretty much, i mean i am what i am, i can't change to satisfy the masses.

Not much time ago you account DanPuffs got deleted, and not for the 1st time, you have any comment for it? It's funny, and ultimately my own fault.

But we got you back on SaltyDan, which is a good thing. We can't loose one of Stardoll's Users who did history. Yeah, i came back, the monsters always come back at the end of a good scary movie.

Hehe, yeah. You are the 1st boy here at tea with Lolita so we would like to ask you, is it difficult being boy and on Stardoll? I'd like to say yes, because the common thought is that it would be, but it's never been difficult for me, I've always had fun with it and laughed at myself. It got truckly when people started spreading rumors and stuff but i pissed on their cupcakes in the end.

Yeah, many times we have seen on Stardolls Most Hated Website/ Perez Hilton Of Stardoll you have always said your opinion as you think it and sometimes also with Videos on your personal Chanel on youtube, how often you feel like doing a video dedicated to someone from Stardoll? I do them semi-often, usually when I'm super bored or something funny happens. I enjoy making videos, it's probably the easiest way to show that most of the writing i do is very tongue in cheek.

Yeah, and between, Congrats on ur piercing is really nice. Ohhh thank you <3

Please choose now 1 of the 2 words to describe yourself: : a) Nice b) Mean but Funny Can I mix them? because I think i can be pretty mean, but i think i am a pretty nice guy, you've just got to give me a chance.

Yeh, a) Caring b)Selfish I think caring, I honestly try and put my friends above anything, I do not think i am selfish. I'm sure people would dissagree though!

Not everyone understands us, I have lots of experience in that. Have u ever thought how would your Stardoll Life have been without PSG? I'd have left after about a month, because the clubs were not around then, Perez saved my stardoll life.

And talking about Clubs, we have seen you very active in A-L, what is this whole fight between Animal-Lovers and FashionClub? I don't get involved in any of that, I like FC and A-L.

How would u describe yourself with just 1 sentence, saying all for style, behaviour present us Dan. The sweetest bitch you'll ever meet.

Oh, that's funny. Would u like a doll on Stardoll very famous but with no rares or a doll not famous but with lots of rares? Neither bother me, rares are just pixels and fame is worthless on stardoll, I'd rather Paris Hilton or Katie Cassidy to be real celebs!

Paris Hilton, you look like her a lot, as we can see form your presentation too, is that true? Paris is awesome, I have her name tattooed across my wrist, but I love Katie Cassidy more.

Hmm, in fact is really nice knowing more and more popular users of Stardoll here at Tea with Lolita since we go across different people. How important is your hair for you in real life Dan? Not terribly, most of the time i don't even style it, just wash it and go out, it's too long at the moment though, I look like an old english sheep dog with highlights.

Hahaha, ur always trying to see the bright side of things, even if they are bad. Is there any time Dan is in a bad mood, what is the worst thing u can do in bad mood? I'm a total meanie in a bad mood, I am vindictive and thoughtless, i rarely get that way on stardoll, i log out if i think im gonna be bad to people.

And when your angry? I log out, and chill playing with my dog or listen to a cd.

Not that long time ago we have heard for the Dan-Kasia Fight, how is that going now? Is it over or? I'm done with her, I would not piss on if she was rolling around on fire.

So u 2 aren't talking anymore? Do u think it was you who or she who changed? Her. Because as soon as she left Perez she started trashing me, I'd never said anything but nice things about her and her bullshit theories made me laugh.

Thanks for being here Dan. Thanks for having me.


Weekly MelsModels ~-~ Task Three!

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the weekly MelsModels reviews. For this task every girl was put into a group, and then each group was assigned an accessory to model. The three accessories were necklaces, handbags, and bracelets. I thought this task was important because as a model you are always being put up against other models for similar jobs, and in order to book that job you have to be able to model the same things better and stand out. Everyone did such an amazing job, but the judges and myself agreed on one that did the best with their assignment. This contestant made a very memorable scenery that is purely stunning and really sticks out from the crowd.

And The Winner Is .....

BabetteCouture ! ! !

Her winning scenery above, isn't it just spectacular!? While it is quite scandalous, it still has appeal to both female and male clients. Most women would love to buy and wear that necklace, and most men would be inclined to buy that necklace for their wife or girlfriend. The pose is innovation at its finest, the styling to her medoll is done perfectly, and the overall vibe of the scenery is sensual yet sophisticated. As a whole the MelsModels team loved this scenery, and we hope you all do too!

Tell us in the comments what you think and stay tuned for next week's MelsModels Task Review!!!


Happy Birthday Bobdude123!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Free Monster High Fedora and Microphone

To get the Monster High Fedora:

If you are from the US you can get the fedora by clicking HERE.

If you are not from the US go to a proxy like:

Then, paste this into the blank box:

Hit enter then log in and wait until the page loads.
Close the window and go to real Stardoll and it should be in your suite.

To get the Microphone:

Unfortunately the microphone is only for superstars. I hope they don't start making more free items only for ss!

Go to

Paste this into the blank box:

Hit browse, log into Stardoll and wait until the page loads.

Erase the previous link from the proxy and put in this one:

Hit enter, wait until the page loads. Close the window and go to the real Stardoll it should be in your suite.


OMG Chanel clothes! That´s why I love Stardoll...

Hey All, I´m back!
Look at the Spoilers! Yeah! It´s Chanel Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Chanel is one of my favorite brands and specially the designer: Karl. Click here to see complete collection. Will Stardoll make a new shop? Will Chanel be a LE collection?
Please, don´t forget to credit if you will use the pictures.

What do you think about the Chanel collection in Stardoll?

Please, don´t forget to credit if you will use the pictures.

What do you think about the Chanel collection in Stardoll?

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