Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Burberry bag in starplaza

There's a Burberry inspired bag in the Starplaza for $6sd.
You can also see it @ the Nick Jonas doll, but in starplaza it's selling at Rio for the girls..
What do you think of it?
Credit: Seen on Stardoll

Spotted....wearing HOT BUYS

Spotted... looking passionate in purple and sporting a few of the purple hot buys was Vasia28! I think she looks fab!She's wearing the HB's Jimmy Choo inspired bag, Topshop inspired leggings and the Sonya Rykiel beret!

Also, Nojarama was spotted wearing the HB's Topshop inspired skirt. I love the look.
What do you think?

Spotted...looking bowdacious

Spotted..with an amazing bow ball gown was Ms. Brigitte. I love it! She wasn't wearing it, but I noticed it when I visited her suite. It's BOWDACIOUS! Yo go girl!

What do you think?

Spotted...on the red carpet

Spotted.. last week wearing some of the last red carpet items...Filipinhamaria, Marcia256 & Ms. Brigitte! Sorry I forgot to post it.

Filipinhamaria in Josh GootMarcia256 in LuellaMs. Brigitte in Luella

HB Candies bag RELEASED

The October HB's have started. First up, the new HB's quilted shoulder bag by Candies (Kohls). I think it's cute. The price is $8sd and it's for NON- SUPERSTAR's.Here's the real life version. Credit to Hotbuys Addicted for the pic.

I don't usually do a POLL for accessories, but since it's finally a non-superstar HB.. show me your best outfit to go with this bag and I will put you in the poll.


If it is closed when you get there it means the poll is closed and I have enough people. I genreally only take 20 people. Thanks.

Missing Miss Sixty Items

I am so disappointed that stardoll did put out the entire Miss Sixty Collection. I am not too upset over the bathing suits, but I really wanted the shirt with the 4 faces on it (See below).

I have noticed a few people with it or the black shirt and on the tag it says DO NOT USE. So I guess stardoll was saying not to put it out in the shops. bummer.

Anywho what do you think? Why didn't they put these 2 items out?

And... if you happen to have them and are selling..please let me know on stardoll. I'd really like the 1st one. Thanks!
Credit: Stardoll and Ms. Brigitte

New Black Star Items

I went to my suite today and I saw this..We've all seen the spoilers on various blogs for different stuff coming out. Surprise it was going to be available in the USA. I fully expected to have to use a proxy.

Anyway inside was a HUGE perfume bottle (which I had) and it took you to a sight wear you could watch a video and get the pink dress, which I also had...but now it's FREE.

Also if you looked further down, there is a contest to dress Avril and the grand prize is 200sd. So it's a good chance for anyone needing stardolls. Everyone who enters will get the shoes, tights and dress shown below.

Lastly they have different prizes coming out on various dates. The t-shirt you get now and then the black purse on Oct 7th. The other 2 items I believe I have, but it's free :)
Not in the USA

Go to (proxy site) and paste this link into the search box.

HB Balloon Dress Poll 2


RULES: No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: $25sd or 25sd in gifts


HB Balloon Dress Poll 1

Sorry if you didn't make it into this poll. Please remember you must contact me in my GUEST BOOK on Stardoll not in comments. I only check comments when I am short people. Also if you are dressed similar to others that signed my gb before you, I may not include you. Sorry!


RULES: No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: $25sd or 25sd in gifts

Miss Sixty Denim Jacket Poll


RULES: No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: $20sd or 20sd in gifts


Miss Sixty Icon Mini Dress Poll

So this wasn't an official poll or anything, but a few people posted in my gb and I decided to do a small poll. Almost everyone was wearing either this dress or the denim jacket, so that is what I used.

RULES: No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: $20sd or 20sd in gifts


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

September Cover Girl Winners

Yes once again, we have double Cover Girl winners for the month of September. This is to try and make up for missing months.

So the winners are DieBrInI06 & MissCunha! Congrats chicas!

They will each become a guest writer on this blog for 1 month and win 100sd (awarded at the end of their month) each plus various other prizes.

Winning Entry

Sabrina, but everyone calls me Sabby

Birthplace: Small village in Germany

Age: 13 Gender: Girl

About Me: Small and sporty, short brown hair, love my dog, friends and family

Interests: Shopping (!), meet friends, fashion, horse riding, judo, piano and Stardoll

Fav shops/designer: Chanel, Gucci, D&G, but I love to shop at H&M

Fav Movies: Harry Potter (!), but Twilight is also one of my favs

Fav Songs: Pokerface, Gives you hell, When you're gone, My life would suck without you

What I like Most About Stardoll:
The fashion from real life. A girl like me does not have enough money to shop daily at Topshop, Dkny and other designer shops, but here at Stardoll I can. I love to dress my doll which are really expensive in real life.

Most Valued Stardoll Item: Lottery dresses, Dkny Scuba, Skyscraper, MKA RC and other old Dkny.

What I want people to know most me:
I don't want to be a different person and you can't make me be one. I'm me and if you have a problem with it, I don't care. Why should I try to be someone else? The original is ALWAYS the best.

Why I want to be Cover Girl:
Maybe I'm not the richest, maybe I'm not the most popular, maybe not even the prettiest, but it is the combination of everything that counts.

What she was wearing today:

Winning Entry

Name: Daisy

Birthplace: Lisbon Age: 15 Gender: Female

About you: I have Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Indian and Portuguese descent, I like to read books, I'm well known at school because of my curly hair and I my biggest inspiration is Ralph Lauren.

Interests:Tennis and my bass guitar.

Fav Designers: Ralph Lauren; Oscar De Larenta; Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney.

Fav Movies or TV Shows: "Women", "The Proposal", "The Rock 'N Roll Boat" and "Transformers 2".

Fav Music: 80's, 90's, Rock 'n Roll, Pop/Rock.

What you like most about stardoll: I like Stardoll's diversity styles; people can use their imagination and create a virtual reality for themselves. It allows people to have dreams that they can realize and promotes independent thought.

Most Valued Stardoll Item:
My Paulina Porizkova RC Necklace.

What you want people to know most about you:
That I'm a normal girl with normal dreams. I always follow my dreams and I've learned that no one can 'steal' them from me. Also, I'm very mature.

Why you want to be cover girl:
I want to become CoverGirl, because I want to show to every girl on this website that we always have a chance to be what we want to be and just like I said, if you want it, get it.

What she was wearing today:
Check out her album! She has a very good album, stop by and see it when you congratulate her!

I look forward to seeing them both write on this blog!

MISS SIXTY COMP-Non-Superstars Only


As promised...

Dress up the Miss Sixty doll. (Creativity is the key)Take a screen print & list the link in comments

(Sorry if you do not know how, it's faster for me to judge. See my starblog for instructions or ask and adult).

Win a $100sd code


* You must be a non-superstar to enter
* Be a follower of my blog and a member of my club (See comp rules for details)


So I was thinking about new comp ideas and I came up with this one.

Design Your Own Stardoll T-Shirt

I think it will be fun! Here's How:

Click on the Design Tab
Click on Print Your Tee

Use the different Apparel, Designs and Text tabs to create your own unique stardoll t-shirt.

Take a screen print (If you do not know how..see my starblog or ask an adult). Be sure to use the zoom features on firefox or IE etc.. and make the item large enough to see all details.

List the link in comments.

The winner will receive the T-shirt they design free of cost!

I am working on various ways to do this using minimal personal information.

(I am trying to get Stardoll to send it to the winner and post the winning design in the magazine). This is unlikely, but would be amazing..

If not I will ship it OR possibly provide a 1 time pre-paid credit card where the receipt is send to me for proof.

It says it can be shipped to: all 50 States, Puerto Rico, APO and P.O. boxes. Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and APO addresses may take up to 7 days to deliver after the order is shipped.

OR you can choose a virtual version of the shirt plus a $200sd code!


If you are in a different country (and stardoll will not provide the prize) are your alternatives..

I could purchase it and ship it to you...but you will be responsible for the shipping cost. You must discuss it with your parents and find out about international shipping rates prior to entering.

OR you can choose to win a virtual version of your shirt plus a $200sd code.


*You must be a blog follower and club member to enter

HB Topshop Balloon Dress

So you know how it works..the Topshop inspired HB's Balloon skirt dress is now on the plaza.

If you've bought it and are wearing it let me know in my GB for the poll.

What do you think of this dress? Would you wear it in real life? Let us know in comments!
Credit: Hotbuysaddicted

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hot buys 09 Comp

Stardoll has created a new stardoll for the latest hot buys collection. The clothes are beautiful and you can see some of the real life versions in the October Hot buys post. So I decided to do a comp.

*Sorry, but unfortunately this comp is for superstars since the doll is for superstar only. I will make one exclusively for non-superstars soon.

Dress up the latest Hot buys 09 Stardoll. Be creative, layer but still look fashionable.Take a screen print and post the link in comments when you are finished.

WIN: choice of an old hot buy (HB's Bestsy Johnson Bow top, HB's Ben Amun Blue Dress, Hb's blue Cynthia Rowley Boots, HB's in the mood for love dress, HB Nave dress, HB Lacoste sweater, HB Forever 21 dress, HB Betsy Johnson Black dress, HB Gwendolyn Carrie Shoes)

Plus $50sd

* (I have a few others if you win and you have these that I could offer instead)

Last day to enter: October 1st

Sign up here in comments

*You must be a blog follower and club member to enter (see comp rules)
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