Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New Callie's Picks + COMP

Stardoll really is an enviroment friendly game!

There are 2 floors and prices range between 39 and 10 sd. There is only 1 starcoin item. (under the green trousers).

What do you think of this collection? Are you buying anything?


I like several of the items in this CP release. One of the items that caught my eye were the dizzying heights pants. I would have never considered them before, but I recently saw them styled in TSL by Veronica (Vogue_Veronica) and loved them! See below.

Choose an item that you might have passed over the first time that is maybe not really your style and style it. 

Maybe you have since seen people make great outfits with it or maybe you'll surprise yourself and like the complete look! Be creative, get out of your comfort zone and take a risk!

Post your pic in comments

WIN $50sd

~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Can be created in Starplaza
~Ends Sat Feb 2, 2019


The Uglies: Double Jump Edition


You need to make TWO outfits with the Revealing Leopard Print Jumpsuit - however, there's a catch.

In ONE outfit, you must ONLY see the top.
In the OTHER, you must ONLY see the bottoms.

How you make this work is up to you!

The prize is 50 SD :O


Use the plaza or your suite.
Absolutely NO photo editing is permitted! 
The item must be easily identified in your outfits.
Please crop appropriately - this is an outfit comp, we don't need to see your decor too. 
Don't forget to include your username!




Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Dupes #3: Basics Bonanza

It's been a while since the latest BASICS release (and the last Dupes post,) but that hasn't stopped more stores from bringing out near-identical versions of clothes we already have! 


No, that's not a typo - at least not on my part! Stardoll's Original Future "Stockins" looks an awful lot like the much older, and cheaper, Basics tights.

However, both pairs have pros and cons. The Basics pair is quite loose, not fitting super well, particularly around the doll's knees, and have the undies-and-garter details. However, the bolder colours show up much nicer on darker-skinned dolls, the price is unbeatable, and they come in more than just these three colours. On the other hand, the Original Future pair are perfectly fitted, and don't have weird shading or garters - but only the blue pair shows up as colourful as their Basics counterparts.

The Alternatives

This time, I really don't have a better offer. The BASICS version are varied and cheap enough to speak for themselves, and even the OF versions are a reasonably affordable upgrade.

And if BASICS don't offer the colour range you need, you can always make your own in Stardesign.

Red Alert

Red mini skirts have proven popular items, and clearly Stardoll is well aware of it. 

The Vinyl is the closest in colour to the original Basics, but the Active version is closer in length and in texture.

The Alternatives

Red skirts are a trend that Stardoll is more than prepared for. Mixing it up with a slightly different texture or length is easy!

Tis' The Season To Recolour

Just when you thought PNL couldn't get any worse, I noticed these boots looked awfully familiar. Colour wise, they sit somewhere between the white and taupe pair, and have a pointed rather than chunky heel - but when zoomed out, look nearabout identical.

Obviously, the Basics pair is far better priced than the Hotbuys version. Honestly, other than the tag, I can't see any reason why you'd pick the stardollar version over the starcoin one.

The Alternatives
I love my booties, and there's no lack of them to choose from on stardoll, especially in neutral colours. If you don't mind spending a bit more cash, that is - otherwise, the basics boots are quite fine too.

Wait, Again?!

Believe it or not, this is far from the first time this basics tops has been duped. A near perfect replica was found in both an old Nelly floor, and Vinyl has a duplicate in white.

Given the BASICS version has significantly more texture and shading, it's hard to understand why the Pals version was ever created, let alone set to sell for stardollars.

The Alternatives
Grey, textured shirts are such basic staple pieces it's a wonder Stardoll managed to do the same one more than once. But at least there's other cuts, like long sleeves or a unisex tuck.

Did you buy any of the Stardollar dupes - or did you prefer the BASICs version?


February birhdays

Hello everyone and sorry for the late post ... Sadly, exams demand their time ;)

So, without much further ado, I'm asking all of you who celebrate their birthdays in February, to share your birth dates with us.

Of course, there are some rules:
1. To get a feature post you HAVE TO BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER here on the blog (whoever writes the feature post checks for activity), meaning participating not only in competitions but also (even more importantly) being active in Chat section of the blog!
2. If you celebrate your birthday in February, leave a comment with your USERNAME AND BIRTHDATE!!!

Have a lovely day!
Love, Anja

PS: In my monthly post, I tend to mention every monthly "birthday baby", even if you don't meet the criteria for the feature post. I just feel that if you took your time and wrote your birthdate in the comments, you can get at least that much :)

Monday, January 28, 2019

New Active... Kind Of?

Brand new ACTIVE is showing up on the Starplaza catalog. However, it is not in store yet.

Prices range from 8 to 13sd and there are three starcoin items.


CHAT #29

Featured member: CosimaSaskia

Nominated by : Exabella

Make sure to read the rules HERE before you post!
If you are unsure, please contact a moderator before you post.
If you see something concerning, don't reply to it, just report it and tag a mod.

Wishing all of you a lovely week!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Happy Birthday, Vogue_veronica!

Queen of Layering.

A guest writer on the Stardoll Lookbook, our sister blog is also a frequent member of us. 
We are happy to have you here on the blog (:
Hope your day is filled with joy and celebration with your loved ones. 

Make sure to stop by at her suite and wish her a Happy Birthday!

*gifts are not mandatory, but always appreciated*


Friday, January 25, 2019

Runway Released

For some bizarre reason, prices on the second page do not show up, and some members are seeing prices for some items as being higher than what other people are.

For that reason, I can't say that max and min prices, on that, as per usual, there are no starcoin items.

Personally, I think this collection is rather uninspired.


Happy Birthday, RlOT!

Eduarda from Brasil is turning 25. (:

Pink is not a colour for her, but a lifestyle. 
We are happy to have you here on the blog (:

Hope your day is filled with joy and celebration with your loved ones. 

Make sure to stop by at her suite and wish her a Happy Birthday!

*gifts are not mandatory, but always appreciated*


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Game Of Luck (S2 E4)

Hello again dolls, we are here today for our 4th show. 
We are a quarter done with our season. 

Last week we said goodbye to MissFoxyRoxy913, she was the second contestant to leave us. Unfortunately another doll will join her tonight. 

Lets see who is lucky to stay another week. 

Person who is safe is: 

Whoisashleigh, I'm sorry doll. Your luck has run out. Please claim a prize up to 15sd. We thank you for joining us and making it this far. 

Tough to see someone go, but those are the rules. 

Now onto who gets a shot at the big prize. 

Our first contestant joining us next week is: 
She was the second contestant selected for the season and she moves up from second place last week. 

Second doll joining her is: 
Moving down from 1st place last week. Did you and Judith switch this week? 

Finalizing the top 3 for the week is: 
She has had an impressive record placing 3rd, 2nd, 1st, and grabbing the last safe spot last week. 

You 3 are safe and joining you next week will be: 

The last safe spot of the week goes to:

Congratulations dolls. 

That means that our bottom two this week are:

Mirdith and Regikenneth97
It is Mirdith's first time in the bottom and Regikenneth97's second time. 

Audience their luck is in your hands. Please vote in our poll. 

Note: You can not ask for votes or bribe anyone. If anyone is caught doing this they will be immediately disqualified.

Poll is open for 3 days.
Good luck dolls.

That's it for this week. Until next time. 

Create your own user feedback survey

.boookay. Partnership: Land to Sea! WIN 100SD!

Hi y'all!

It's Alex here! Time to time I'll be writing posts on here regarding the partnership between Hotbuys_Bazaar and .boookay.! To continue this partnership we are going to have a competition this month!

For this competition you must style two different outfits. The theme of this competition is Land to Sea! One outfit must be inspired by animal that you find on land while your second outfit must be inspired by an animal or creature you find in the sea. Get creative with your outfits and try to include not only colors you’ll find on those animals but also textures.

Since this is a partnership competition between Hotbuys_Bazaar and .boookay., the catch is that you must style outfits using someone’s doll from the other club. Yes, we know that a lot of you are apart of the same club but the goal here is to use someone’s doll that you’ve never seen before!

There will be a winner from both clubs! 1st place from each club will win 100SD and 2nd place from each club will win 50SD!

This competition will close on January 31st at 11:59PM EST!

Please place your entires below!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask either Jenna or myself.



February HotBuys revealed

Hi everyone!

February Hotbuys just got revealed. There are items from Gucci, Prada, Mykita, and I.AM.GIA as well, so all brand lovers got the chance to collect some more from their favorite ones. Some interesting fact that according to the RLV tags, some of these items are for men.

Real-life versions:

(Gucci, Mykita, I.AM.GIA, Prada, Maison Margiela, Ksubi )

Do you like the upcoming HotBuys? 


Wednesday, January 23, 2019

SMWFC - Voting Information

The poll will be out soon, but it's important you all understand how the voting will work beforehand, as it has two parts.

If you have questions, please ask in the comment section!


The first part is VOTING

You can click and drag or use the numbers on the side of the images to put the entries in order. The #1 entry is the 'best', the #12 is the 'worst. 
The person with the BEST average score wins the round. The person with the WORST average score is eliminated and cannot continue the cycle.

The second part is FEEDBACK

This is completely optional. You can give feedback to as many or as few contestants as you want. There is no word limit.
The Results post will include a summary of the most popular or useful feedback.

Feedback is to help contestants improve, and understand why they did well or badly! So the more helpful your comments are, the better.


Feedback do's and don'ts: 

Don't say 'Those shoes are horrid' / Do say 'plain shoes would look better'

Don't say 'your hair is nasty' / Do say 'your hair covers your outfit too much'

Don't say 'it's cute' / Do say 'I loved the shirt as a skirt'

Don't say 'I just think it's the best ' / Do say 'it fits the theme great'

Don't say 'your lips are ugly' / Do say 'the green lipstick clashes with your purple clothes'

Don't say 'I hate your style' / Do say 'I'm not a fan of (x style) outfits'

Don't say 'where is (item) from'  /  Please ask them in the comments instead.


Happy Birthday, JaneDoee83!

Not ur average Plain Jane :DD
We are happy to have you here on the blog (:
Hope your day is filled with joy and celebration with your loved ones. 

Make sure to stop by at her suite and wish her a Happy Birthday!

*gifts are not mandatory, but always appreciated*




Please choose your top 3 favorite looks!

Open for 48 hours

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