Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hi guys! It's been a long while... Lately everyone on Stardoll is on and off (more off than on, tho) and that includes me. Thanks god Stardoll started this Academy thing, which is really entertaining and fun! At least I enjoy it :)

Today I'm gonna talk about one of my favourite stores in Stardoll and real life:
I'm totally in love with those swedish designs and the collaborations they make (this includes the most known fashion bloggers, like Fanny Lyckman, aftDRK and 5 inch and up)!

My wishlist is mainly this:
Nly Chloe Dress - 27SD
This dress is just perfect for a night out, and no one can deny it!
I wish Stardoll could show that amazing back we where missing...
Such a pity it's sold out in real life *sigh*

Nelly Mendez Dress - 25SD
FabulousIII Shoes - 9SD
Sparkly lovin'
I couldn't help to fall in love with those heels in real life...
I keep dreaming about owning a pair of 6 inches heels like these.

Vero Moda Sequin Shorts - 14SD
Gray Filippa K Booties - 11SD
I quite prefer these two in Stardoll than in real life, even though Vero Moda and Filippa K are one of my favourite stores ever.
Poppy Delevigne and Alexa Chung in Vero Moda

I could really go on forever with my wishlist and my love for Nelly and all the brands in there (I'm a Cheap Monday unconditional lover, so minimalistic designs are my second name), but in about 30 minutes Lacoste fashion show starts, so I need to finish some things :)

Which are your favourite Nelly designs?
Do you own anything by Nelly?

I'll show you some runway lookalikes in the next entry!
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