Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today when i log Stardoll i found new dresses, 1 is from Versace Spring Collection 2010. On this Collection, Donatella Versace inspiration is from the movie "Alice in Wonderland" from Tim Burton. I like this Collection because i see the 1980 from Gianni Versace, all the Collection is tres Impeccable, Sexy and Feminine. Other detail that i like is the high Stilletos and i remember 1980 Topmodels like Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christhy Turlington and Cindy Crawford.

Do you like Versace?

Do you think that the dress in Stardoll looks good as the real version?


Spotted...looking epic

The absolute trendsetter Ajnas was spotted with her epic-looking eyes. This goes to show how unique and original she can be ;) What do you think?


Saturday, January 30, 2010


Hello again, after i buy the Fudge Hot Buys Tee i create a look made with black and pink colour, i try to give a Glamour Rock Style, the hat and the boots have the same pink of the Fudge Hot Buys Tee, they give to this look a stylish detail in my opinion.

Do you like Black and Pink mix?



Hey, now on sale is the Fudge Hot Buys Tee (inspired by Pleasure Principle), as u can see it has a big heart and costs 10 stardollars, in my opinion its's very cute. I like the 2 colours black and pink mix. I already bought it.

RL Inspiration: Pleasure Principle top

Credit: Hotbuys Addicted

Will you buy?



Hello everyone, it's been a while that i write to Stardoll's Most Wanted, i've been busy with real life. I went to Starplaza to buy pieces of Miss Sixty to my other doll when i discover that some pieces had vanish, i think we will have a new Collection. I hope this it's true because i love Miss Sixty Shop.

What do you think about this?

Will you buy the new pieces?

Do you think this new collection will be so good as the last's ones?


More information on The Awards

Haus of Sin has posted some new information about week 1 of The Awards. They have also listed the sponsors, judges and categories. See below.

The official sponsors or 'The Awards' are; Haus of Sin and The Star Dose.
The official jury for 'The Awards' consists of; Nojarama, Tcholas93, .Marcela.., PerezStarGossip and Guaggi.
The title for week one of the awards is 'The Glossies'.

And here are the categories;
'Best Magazine'
'Best Creative Director'
'Best Stylist'
'Best Writer'
'Most Memorable Editorial'
'Most Memorable Article'
'Breakthrough Magazine'
'Worst Magazine'
'Most UN-stylish Styling'
'Most Boring Article'
'Most Talked About Magazine'
'Dream Team '
'Nightmare Team'
'Critics Magazine Choice'

Friday, January 29, 2010

Eternity's latest spoiler

I like the catch phrase..taste the next season! It's interesting..
I wanna taste! ;)

HB's purse out!

The hb's Judith Leiber inspired purse has hit the plaza. It's cute yes, but seems like something that should have been released during the holidays to me. It's $7sd and for SS only :(. See the real life version below and let us know what you thin about it in comments!

Judith Leiber purse
Credit: Hotbuys Addicted for RL pic

Valentine's Collage Comp

With Valentine's Day around the corner, I have couple of Valentine themed comps planned.

If you read PSG, I'm sure you have seen the banner's that are made by Nicole-0. If not they are these great collage's! I <3 collages and thought that would be a great idea for a comp.

So, create a Valentine's themed Stardoll Collage!

~Put in it all the people, things, clothes etc.. you love about Stardoll! You can use whatever you want. Try to incorporate some Valentine's colors, shapes or items into your collage as well.

~create it in album, scenery (you do not have to buy it) or any paint type application.

~Take a screen print, upload to a blog or photo hosting site

~Post the link in comments to sign up!

~Provide a brief message about your collage and the things you love on Stardoll.

Last day to Enter Feb 10th!

WIN $100sd (NS will be made SS).

Thanks Nicole-0 for inspiring the comp!

I know I still have a lot of older comps to work on, but I wanted to start fresh and at least get new comps/segments going. I hope to straighten out the past in the weeks to come. Our comps may not be as big as before... as I have set a spending limit for myself with Stardoll, but I hope they will be just as fun and you all will participate!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spotted...looking thrice as hot

I was browsing around people's suites and visited the trio, superoh, mirka_17 and M_Themis. I noticed how elegant and simple their outfits were, so I decided to feature them here! They get it right, once again!

Left: superoh, Center: mirka_17, Right: M_Themis


The Real Dan

DanPuffs says a big virtual "FU" to those who doubted his gender. It's a shame that he actually had to do it, but in a way I'm glad he did. Now it's out of the way and to hell with anyone who doesn't believe him, right? I think he handled himself very well in the video. He definitely has the last laugh.

See for yourself below.

What do you think of the video? And I so want to know more about this radio project!

Heroes and Villians Winners

I know I have been so dragging my feet in judging the old comps among other things. I have just been so uninspired to do the work and yes LAZY:P

Sorry. Only 13 people did the comp which doesn't meet our minimum, but I wanted to post my top 5. The ones I really enjoyed and thought were unique. Everyone did a great job.


Darling Nikki
(Great job)

Dimitsuri (I love Sailor Moon)


(Good recreation)

Searchers wanted...

I need searchers.
What's that you ask?

People who are able to be on Stardoll A LOT. Almost everyday, who have good style and a good eye for the arts. People who can spend a good deal of time searching accounts.

You must be reliable, unbiased and be able to do the task on time.

This is for a new segment/upcoming project. If you are interested, please comment here by Feb 2nd. Thanks.

HB Cardi Poll


RULES: No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: $25sd or 25sd in gifts

Ends Feb 2nd


The Hair Game...

Who had the BEST "Hair" Makeover?
RULES: No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: The 6 winners for each style will be put in another poll at the end. The over all winner will get a $110sd code

Ends Feb 1st

1. Supermodel Hair

2. The Long Wavy Look

3. The Bob

4. Lady Gaga

5. The feminine Look

6. Short & Fierce

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