Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well as most of you know, I currently only have paint on this computer :P Many of you have offered to help make a new banner and it gave me an idea for a fun comp.

So, get imaginative and use your photoshop skills to create a great new banner for our blog. Get inspiration from our name (Stardoll's Most Wanted). Think about the most wanted items on stardoll & the most fashionable places in the world.

Ends March 3oth.

Win $200sd code.

Here is our current banner.
- List your stardoll name and the link to the banner you created


Anonymous said...

Hi! My stardoll name is: MissKandiCake . I have noy yet made the banner yet, but I soon will! :) P.S. I'll comment again with the link.

2_cutecarla said...

I will ask my sister to help me make a banner soon. I will comment again, and delete this one if I do.

The Amazing (NOT) Lilla / ewonline said...

Name: ewonline

Its not a very good quality on tinypic. :S

roxy [: said...
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Pirates_Soccer said...

i have a great person in mind who can do this!

I told her about the comp! her nam is ber_blue

Runaway In LA said...

Haii.(: ` It's Bryannah!..

Here is my entry:



Anonymous said...

Hi! I made one, too. My nick is BebeAnny

idilpekel585 said...

I am currently doing it so I'll post when i am finished! :)

Cali_Beauty said...
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Cali_Beauty said...

The Best I can do =]

roxy [: said...
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roxy [: said...
Sorry, i decided to make a moving one. I want this to be in the contest.

rosie333. said...

rosie333. (remember the dot)

Hiiiiiiiiii . said...



You like ?

Stefany R. said...

Hilow! :]
Im faita_14 in stardoll..
i have not yet made the banner, but i promise i will do it!

Greetings.. :D

Much Better said...

my stardoll name is: AudmicJonas
this is my banner's link.


Anonymous said...

Hiya! I'm thegoddessof09. I just wanted to say that I am going to enter! Lol. I have almost finished my banner so I'll inform you very soon! :)

Anonymous said...

My stardoll name is Emeraldroxx
I have made the banner and posted it on the following link:

Anonymous said...

My name is riera422
My banner is this link:

Stefany R. said...

God... i havent finished my banner yet u_u
But ill do it very soon..

Promise! :]

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my name is actually reira422, not riera422

Stefany R. said...

Stardoll name: faita_14

It's really simple.. but kinda cute :]

farahsaleem said...

Hi! My username on Stardoll is mannymonkeygirl. This is my entry. I hope you like it, but it isn't much. I used 'Paint'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenna! My username on stardoll is ashleyfan1999. I have completed the banner and i hope you'll like it.

Username : ashleyfan1999

-ashleyfan1999 =)

mcfly_is_hot said...

My username is mcfly_is_hot
Here's my banner


Stefany R. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Oh God!
Hope i'm not late! I forgot it! :[

*My Stardoll: gossip_1993
*My Banner:


Anonymous said...

hiya :)
My stardoll is:Tama-yama-wuv
THe link is:
If it doesnt work, keep refreshing it cause thats what i had 2 do

Anonymous said...

heyahhh, my stardoll name is baybee2k9

i think this comp is a great idea here is my enetry:

hope you like!

thegoddessof09 said...

Hi again! This is thegoddessof09 again! Sorry that I didn't post my entry yet! It's been a heck of a month for me! I hope you like it! Here's the link:
Enjoy! :)

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