Monday, August 31, 2009

Miss Sixty back?

Well, anything new on stardoll. But I was visiting some suites and I found that message:

Miss Sixty back?
What do you think?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pucci Inspired HB Sun Glasses

First of all, apologies for hardly posting for about a month - but I was on holidays, didnt go on internet much, I was away from internet for days at a time, been very busy, etc etc etc...

The new Pucci HotBuys sunglasses have been released! And again, TWO have been released.
One $6, one $7.
Sunglasses by Emilio Pucci

What do YOU think? I personally luv'em.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gossip Girl Comp

So did you hear? Hilary Duff is joining the cast of Gossip Girl and will be playing Penn Badgley's love interest. What do you think? Will she be good or Evil. Either way I can't wait. I love Gossip Girl.So to me that screams comp. ;)

1. Dress up as a character from Gossip Girl. Choose your fav pic of the GG character and try to re-create the look from head to toe.

Take a screen print of your doll next to the pic that inspired you. Upload to a photo hosting site or blog and give us the link here in comments when you sign up.

Make sure the picture is big, clear and labeled.

WIN A $200sd CODE
Plus a Gossip Girl logo shirt!


Harry Potter vs Twilight- THE COMP

A few weeks ago Maggie (Findurlove) made a post about Harry Potter vs Twilight and the comments got pretty heated. Well as everyone knows I am huge Twilight fan, but currently I am on the 4th book of Harry Potter and loving it.

So I decided why not do a comp!


1. Create a scenery re-creating a scene from either Harry Potter or Twilight. Explain your scene in the comments. (It can be from any of the Harry Potter/Twilight books or movies).

We will pick 1 Harry Potter winner AND 1 Twilight winner. Each will get $50sd.

They will then be placed in a POLL to determine the ultimate winner.

The winner of the poll will get $200sd code.

Plus I will support it here to be voted as scenery winner the following week.


Decide on your scene. Create your scenery & take a screen print.(You do not have to buy it).

SIGN UP here in comments. Be sure to list your stardoll name, the link & info about your scene (ie book/movie what is happening, who is in it etc..).


For instructions on screen printing see my starblog.

Are you in the Top 10?

Surprise! Here are the top 10 commenters for the month of August! Remember this widget only takes into consideration the last 500 comments.

Each gets $25sd. Thanks for commenting! (See rules for collecting prizes)
  1. _kool_kat_1 (25)
  2. Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] (25)
  3. Rab92 (20)
  4. Cherries648/Neon (15)
  5. Avril14140 (14)
  6. Adrienne-Miranda (14)
  7. Catarinaa (14)
  8. Sara/cutie07392 (13)
  9. katara4 (10)
  10. wounded90 (10)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

School Teacher Comp #1 Winner

We chose:
1. Teri_roxe-$200sd code
2. Emilymileyrocks -Love it, but you got the idea from Dabaybeez.
($50sd or 50sd in gifts)
Honorable mention to: A15ha (nice, but u can't use photoshop), Naomi_b (very unique) & daisy croatia.

YOU VOTE- School Teacher Dress up Comp

We couldn't decide who to pick for this comp, so I thought I'd put it in a poll for you to decide.

Narrowed it down to 3.

No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: $100sd code


RCs Missing in Action!

Hello Everyone! I was checking my mail when one of my friends, MadameMushroom, told me Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were no longer RCs! I could not believe this when I read what she sent me, so I immediately went to go check the dolls, and I found the dolls and I felt relieved! Then I went to the Real Celeb dolls, and they were not listed! Not only that, but they made major cuts!
Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, ALL the pussy cat dolls, Kat Von D, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Ashley Olsen all got cut and are no longer RCs! I cannot believe this! I do not really care about everyone else, but I think Mary-Kate and Ashley should have stayed! I wonder if there clothing store is going to be gone soon too!
I am not sure if I am forgetting anyone, so if you remember anyone who is not on the list of all the current RCs (below), let me know in the comments!
Just like we have budgets with SD, stardoll must have a huge budget as well, and they can no longer dealwith the people who do not sign in alot!
What do all of you think of this new change! Opinions please! Anyone you think that should not have been cut, or anyone you think SHOULD be cut?

What do you think? Scenery

Today's Scenery Winner: Alina81k. What do you think of her scenery. Use the stars to rate it below.

What do you think? CG

Today's CG is Marsinia. What do you think of her outfit. Use the stars to rate it below.

Oh no another double

HB Muffin Purse is released and once again we are seeing doubles. At least this time they are both the same price!What do you think about this purse. I am not too crazy about it. I think it looks a bit young for my taste, but the real life version inspired by ASOS is cute. Will you be buying it?
Credit: HotbuysAddicted for pic

Cover girl cheating- The Full Story

As you can see HERE a source has claimed that Alex aka Vnvi has made approximately 600 accounts in which he used to vote himself CG.

Well Alex contacted me. The rumors are true. He does have 600 accounts as used them to vote himself and others CG. See below.
What do you think about this? Is it OK if they use it to help others too?
I personally think that helps. I am not going to deny that I would love to have the use of 600 accounts to help the people on our CG list, but who the hell has the time.

One of the things that makes me upset is that people spend real money on stardoll to become CG. Whether it is by broadcasting or offering's a lot of money. When other people are pursuing CG at the same time and use these accounts to win it totally cheats the other person that spent all their money.

See below where Alex says that MarsaL15 used the accounts to vote for herself on the same day that I was trying to become CG. She was suppose to support me that day (as I supported her on her day), but she won that day with the help of Alex's accounts. Then the next day Alex says that she used those accounts to vote for Vasia28 who came in 2nd.Wow, so.. I guess it was just by this blog and broadcasting that I luckily managed to pull out a win with 600 accounts already against me. Thanks also to Vasia for backing out and not want to continue voting against me.

So my point is that had I not won, those 600 accounts would have cost me the approx $2000sd in broadcasts I spent. Not cool.

Let me just state that I am not saying that Alex is not a nice person or even that he didn't deserve to win..because he is and he did! He has a fab style and suite and what he did is nothing new. I admire you Alex for admitting it and telling the truth.

I know others who have made hundreds of accounts in the past. It is a shame that CG voting can not be an honest thing. Many people have a few extra accounts and this is understandable. Even tricks to get more votes are acceptable, but 600 is basically "monopolizing the market" as it takes at least 700 votes to become CG.

Friends voting against friends, backstabbing, cheating, having to spend a ton of money.....Will it ever change?

Cover Girl Creativity

Well as you can see from the LED scroll, I am supporting Vasia28 for CG today, but that does not mean that I can't vote for other friends..and appreciate their creativity.

Look at Bigmomma41's suite! Amazing! Do you think she wants you to vote her for CG! I don't think anyone can fail to get the message!

Gotta give u ur props girl on the creativity! Kudos! I love it!


After my most recent post, I received a message about Vnvi that I thought was interesting!

You all remember that Vnvi was CG on Aug 9th. Well, my source who wishes to remain nameless says that Alex has "600+" accounts (This could be slightly exaggerated) that he used to make this happen and that today he is attempting to do it again! See below.
Click to enlarge
After confronting him, my source says that Alex was very cocky, swearing at her and degrading people who offered prizes for a chance to win.
BUT.. IF THIS IS TRUE..isn't it worse to have made so many accounts to ensure your own win. Of course he wouldn't be the first, Many of the so-called "elites" have been accused of exactly the same thing...

I mean this is why people like myself and many others have thought it necessary to entice people to their page. Over the years CG voting had become corrupted and pointless for just this reason.

We all know it as true, everywhere you go you see tons of abandoned or unused stardoll accounts. Why because they were mostly made for this reason. A few accounts maybe, but 600?

I can't say 100% if this is all true and I apologize if it is not. I can only say that this person has been trust worthy so far.. not to say that Alex is not. But if it is....shame on you Alex your way is no better and shouldn't we all be satisfied with 1 win.

We all know there are always 2 sides so Alex is welcome to tell his..

Stardoll's Romeo & Juliet on the outs?

Has Stardoll's widely publicized love affair come to an end? O.o

While visiting Alex (Vnvi) today I noticed something strange on his page. I had not been to see Alex much lately as I have not been on stardoll, but what I expected to see was not there.

What am I talking about?! Well something on his presentation declaring his love for Arna (Arna-rut) or at the very least Arna in his BFF list. But.. that was not the case. There was no Arna!
I thought how strange as the 2 always seemed to be inseparable, so I went to visit Arna's page and what do I see, but the same! Her huge unable to be missed declaration that she loves Alex is now gone and no Alex in her BFF list either!!Since we are trying to include a lil bit of "nice gossip" in this blog to help liven up our dull stardoll lives..I thought why not write about this! While I like both...what has happened?? Has stardoll's Romeo and Juliet parted ways? I never thought this would happen!

What do you think? I don't know if this is old news or not, but for some reason I just got that deja-vu feeling may be. If so sorry:P

The Deal with the site problems

If you are having issues with viewing our web page, I am sorry. Here is the deal is only happening for a small number of folks using internet explorer.

(Thanks Talia for bringing this to my attention)

Here are a few options: These browsers all seem to work Firefox, Netscape, Google Chrome & Safari.

So maybe you can use one of these. Most have started using another for security reasons anyhow and they also seem to work better on stardoll (at least firefox).

Also, if you don't want to or can't change browsers then most people are saying that after you get the error message if you close out of the window and reopen it again you are fine.

I researched this on the web and this seems to be fairly common issue with blogs and Internet Explorer.

I am very sorry for those experiencing this inconvenience, but at this time I do not want to remove all the html coding as it was difficult for me and took awhile to get it right.

It obviously must be an issue with Internet Explorer and removing it may not even solve the problem and then I would never get it right again.

So I hope you consider one of the options above and stay with us.

Thanks, Jenna

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Which is your favorite?


Vote here and tell us why in comments!



In Stardesign..Get the Look

Have you been searching for the rare DKNY Broken dress, but haven't quite gotten your hands on it? Well get the look now in Stardesign. JulietQa93 has done a great job re-creating this stardoll favorite in stardesign! What do you think?

She has also created these beautiful dresses. 1 very similar to the beautiful dkny hearts dress.See more of Juitqa93's creations HERE!

Spotted... -Cooldude

My friend Sean (-Cooldude) in his new spiky hair doo! Made from the horse hair! I'm lovin it! It's a new way to use an old trend!

You look fabulous and I'm lovin the shades as well!

Polls, Polls, Polls :) Beautiful in Black!

Yes, another poll. I'm on fire! Ha! While looking around for people wearing the Avril clothes, I noticed that so many people were wearing black and looking smashing! So here they are? What do you think..who's wearing it better?


No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: $25sd or 25sd in gifts

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