Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Miss Stardoll World

Hello! December is almost here and the voting for the MISS STARDOLL WORLD ends at December 9th. Well, what i want to know from you, is who you think will win? And who's the ultimate fashionista? If u checked the girls everyday, you noticed for sure that some of them created fantastic outfits!! Any of those finalists inspire you? Did you ever based your outfits in one of them?
I've done a poll, lets see if this blog readers will guess who will win this great contest!


Hello, and here are today's spoilers.
Some of the clothes and most of the interior / suite items are for the Other World store.
Which items are you looking forward to seeing in the starplaza?


December Birthdays!

Hello everyone!

The 'Birthday Club' was posted a long time ago and half those posts are from members who no longer read SMW or even use Stardoll. So please, if you're birthday is in December post it here so I can create the list and make sure I don't miss a birthday.

Happy Birthday ASTREAS!


Guess who ??

we bring it for you from the beauty world ..
Guess who ??
she is
Christina Aguilera

Christina María Aguilera (born December 18, 1980) is an American pop singer-songwriter, dancer and actress.Aguilera first appeared on national television in 1990 as a contestant on the Star Search program, and went on to star in Disney Channel's television series The Mickey Mouse Club from 1993–1994. Aguilera signed to RCA Records after recording "Reflection", the theme song for the animated film Mulan (1998).

isn't she SO beautiful ?? i love her so much .. she amazing
what about you ??


Monday, November 29, 2010

Reload 50%

I've never posted in a long time, but now is not the time for me to discuss my mysterious disappearance, for Stardoll has a new offer for us!

It's called Reload 50% and it works the same way as the other offer we had earlier (I've forgotten the name :P) - but this time you must add stardollars into your account and then you get 50% for free, depending on how much money you reloaded.

Hmm...do you think we'll be seeing a Holiday Calendar this year?

Hotbuys Bracelet released

Hotbuys bracelet, from Fallen Angel, has released! It's only for Superstars, as usual, and it costs 6 stardollars.

~Real Version~

(thanks to Hotbuys Addicted)

Will you buy it?


Hello, Stardoll have been very busy there are so many spoilers.
Which items are you looking forward to seeing in the starplaza?


New Sunny Bunny and Sunny Bunny Klōz glitch

Stardoll seems pretty busy today
because they have also released Sunny Bunny
not only the 'matching clothing' shop they were promising
but also a new floor on Sunny Bunny Medoll accessory shop [:
This is my favourite accessory floor so far,
bows are so cute, but the best part is that the
make-up and amazing eye-lashes on the mannequin are for non-superstars and cheap ^^
YAY, Thanks stardoll for non-ss make-up :3

BUT I have a serious question about the Klōz shop :S
The wigs have a glitch - they don't fit medoll :S
AND sorry for expression but WTF are these clothes? :D
Weren't the clothes meant as on stardollblog.com spoiler here with the Lolita inspired style?
 Is this all just a glitch?
What do you think?
Are you buying anything from Sunny Bunny accessories and the so far released clothing shop?

Burlesque Shop arrives (Free Hat and Dress)

The pretty Burlesque movie inspired shop has been added to starplaza,
Too bad that shop can be seen only in UK.
Anyway stardoll is so nice that they are giving away 2 items - Golden dress and hat for FREE :O
Click HERE to get them
 *Might be that after some time these items will be available only if you join a Burlesque contest, so get them while there is no need for proxy ^^

Anyway talking about the shop - all accessories are Non Superstar, price range 2-6sd, all the pretty dresses are Superstar starting from 10sd
CLICK HERE to check&buy shop items

So what do you think?
Are you buying any of these items?
Are you willing to see Burlesque movie?


Burlesque Shop is on spoilers so soon we will have the opportunity to buy these beautifulls clothes. I love the pink feathers dress and the gold mini dress.

Do you like this new shop?

Are you going to buy?


Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Her Closet #13 & #14

Hey Dolls! Sorry for the delay!
Here we are with our weekly featurettes!

First one is a gorgeous floral number
from TIBI's 2010 Spring Collection

...and here, our lovely friends modelling it!

Our second dress is a classic one from
HERVÉ LÉGER's 2010 Resort Collection

And here are our girls rocking the runway!

Thanks for joining us this week!
See you soon! XOXO!


Jenna where are you ?

Today I`m not posting for new doll from stardoll ..
I`m writing today because i missed Jenna so much and the blog mean nothing without here
( sorry : but she is the owner and she really have something special when she post )
 i also asked Maria about her and she said that she is busy with her real life and she will comeback soon ...
from me Ghandoora and all writers and all followers :
wanted you Jenna to back , the really missed you so much ...
Back Jenna the blog waited for you !!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday tropicsweeti!


The Interview with Eamonn

I was hired to do interviews. I am starting them with one of the most talked about new bag designers Eamonn a.k.a fashionngirl.

Bruno: Hello Eamonn.

Eamonn: Hello Bruno

Bruno: Thanks so much for accepting our invite.

Eamonn: Oh no thank you

Bruno: This past week everyone is buzzing about your new designers bags. How did you decided to start to make them?

Eamonn Og Collins Doherty: Well, I started making them designers a few months ago but i only started to make them into bags.

Bruno: Ok, I see! How do you feel about everyone’s comments to your bags?

Eamonn: OMG, It is so magical i love people saying they are in love with them and also them Elites buying them it’s just a dream come true that a guy like me from no were become a big stardoll designer hand bag designer.

Bruno: Yes that must be amazing. One thing much people don't know from you is, that you make graphics. Do you have any future plans to do with your graphics?

Eamonn: Well at the minute i am only thinking about my designer bags i would love to be on the bes designers list but i do make graphics once in a while but i meanly make banners

Eamonn: samples of my banners http://eamonnsbanners.blogspot.com/

Bruno: You did do my banner too! So what don't people know about you?

Eamonn: Oh I think it is, That I have a girl account and people keep calling me a girl but I am a boy from Ireland. :S

Bruno: Any last words to our readers?

Eamonn: I would like to thank you all for reading and buying my designs :)

Want to be interviewed too? Leave your name on comments.


Friday, November 26, 2010

Herve Leger + Couture Tribute - Last chance to buy

Hello everyone,

Today I received this e-mail from Stardoll promoting Black Friday and the sale, and also advising that Herve Leger Tribute and Couture Tribute will not last much longer. It seems that they will not be in sale, so better hurry up and buy what you desire most.
As you can see, this comes right after LE, so it is supposed for you to buy more stardollars so you can afford clothes from those tribute stores.

Will you buy anything?

Dove Club (Free Bag and more items coming)

Stardoll just seems very active for making free items today :D So to sponsor Dove products stardoll has created a Dove club available to USA in which by reaching new goal of members, we can get a new Dove freebie.
Thanks to active readers on USD :D There have been found working manual proxies AND A WEBPROXY to join the new Dove club for those who don't live in USA [:
First gift for joining is this bag
The next gift will be given when club will reach 25 thousands of members. It's quite a lot, so if you can - please spread a word about this club to your friends and join to it with your spare accounts (if you have any) otherwise we will never reach those 100 thousands [!!!] members for the last gift dress :S

So anyway here is how to join:
-If you are from USA - Simply Join the Dove club: www.stardoll.com/en/clubs/home.php?id=2410101 
-If you don't live in USA to join you can use two options: First - Use myproxy.ca -  
1)Go to USA proxy www.myproxy.ca 
(Be sure to Close the ads)
2)Copy and Paste clubs link in the blank box: 
3)Hit Enter or Click on 'Click Here to Start Browsing' button 
4)Log in stardoll and Click Join this club, Yes 
5)Wait till page loads, Leave proxy, Go to stardoll as usual 
Bag will be in a Dove Backpack and other items will be coming as club will reach more members [: 

Or Second option - Set an USA proxy like - 
IP Address: Port: 8080
IP Address: Port: 3128 OR 
IP Address: Port: 80
How to set manual proxy? 
If you don't know Check HERE
When you have set the manual proxy - 
1)Go to stardoll and Log in 
2)Join the Dove club:
That's it, bag should be in a Dove Backpack in your suite [:
Be sure to turn off the proxy after using it.

So anyway what do you think about this club?
Are you going to join?
Which giveaway item is your favourite? 
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