Monday, November 30, 2009

HoHoHo...Where's Our Advent Calendar???

I totally forgot, but shouldn't the Advent Calendar be out by now. Tomorrow (11:30pm here) is Dec 1st. Anyone seen anything for this year?We need to get our Virtual Picket signs out. Stardoll is slackin'. I want my advent's one of the great things about Christmas on Stardoll. :[

We got amazing items last year. If you don't know what it is, do a google search and you'll see last years items. Basically Stardoll gives us an item everyday for little or no cost. Last year they were almost all designer inspired. drool. ;)

Is Stardoll Cheating Us Again????

Have you noticed? Stardoll has done another sneaky thing.. Tylercon just pointed out to me that the LE tag no longer displays the ranking at the bottom. The number that told you what number you were out of how many were sold. See the before and after pictures below.


How do you feel about this? Do the numbers matter to you. I think it could be argued that the earlier numbers are rarer. I don't really care as much about that, but it definitely mattered how many were sold because of course an item that only had 200 would be rarer than an item that had 500 sold. It affects the amount you may get for it when re-selling..


With the release of "duplicates" and now this, it seems like stardoll is trying to make things not so competitive on Stardoll any longer. Maybe reduce scamming/hacking for rares. Is it too little too late? I mean they basically created this monster with their lottery dresses, comps and Limited Edition they want to take it back? Well I think it is not fair to those who spent A LOT of money on LE. If they want to make a change, they should change things going forward not the past..or they should give us back our money!

Tell us what you think!


There's a FREE shirt for Superstars in the Starplaza!

Go to New section and its at the bottom of the 3rd page. Hurry before it disappears.

Thanks Imogen-bubble for the information!

Official Voting Starts

The voting for the Star Awards has now started. It's a bit different this time, so I thought I'd post it. To vote you must request Vanessa (Star_Awards) and send her your vote in a message.

Honestly I'm not sure about this. It's probably to ensure less cheating and more privacy, but the downside is that the "public" can not see the votes for themselves or know if counting was done accurately. I think there was a discrepancy in a previous Star Awards about the numbers. NS. Anyway both ways have their concerns, but I'm sure Vanessa and her team will do their best to make sure that it is done fairly and correctly.

Good luck to all the nominees. See the rules below.


-You may only vote for the Official Nominees only. Which you can find them on my StarBlog (Star_Awards) too.
-You must vote for all catagories. (If not, your ballot will not count)
-Once your ballot is complete you must send it to my inbox (message) ONLY. Do not post your ballot in my guestbook, club, friend request, etc.
-You may only fill out 1 voting ballot.
-All ballots must be turned in by Dec.15th
-Any questions, just message me (Star_Awards).

Best Female Medoll of the Year

Best Male Medoll of the Year

Best Dressed Medoll of the Year

Best Suite of the Year

Social Butterfly of the Year

Best Magazine of the Year

Best Blog of the Year

Best Graphic Designer of the Year

Special Achievement Award

Sunday, November 29, 2009

HB Topshop Skirt is here...

The HB skirt inspired by Topshop is in the plaza. It's selling for $12sd and for SS only. Looks like Stardoll might have shortened it a tad, which I like because the longer skirts can look a bit grannyish. I personally like the black skirt in December hb's better. So how about you, Do you like this skirt and will you be buying it? What's better real or Stardoll?

Show us your best outfit for it! Tell me in GB if you are wearing it! Skirt by Topshop

Credit: Hotbuys Addicted RL pic

Oh Well...

It was good while it lasted...

Looks like the Rodarte outfits I talked about in the last post are no longer non-superstar, so I hope you got them while you could. Figures..

WTH Stardoll???

Well great news for NS or those who were unable to get these items when Halloween Couture was out or LE......but what the hell for the rest of us!!! Once again Stardoll has basically duplicated items that were fairly expensive and part of exclusive collections.

See here the Rodarte inspired LE dress. Some of us paid $275 and it was only available to 400 and now a practically identical one for just $13!! It even looks more like the original dress!
And here are the Rodarte inspired boots from Halloween Couture. Not 200, but 30sd. Still fairly expensive and a limited time collection. Now selling for 6sd! Again it is more true to the original!

I know they are not exactly the same, but they might as well be. They were inspired by the same items no? Again I am happy for the Non-Superstars as they are able to get some nice designer inspired clothes for less, but mad as hell for me. haha.

What do you think? Are you happy or a wee bit pissed..



RULES: No asking for votes or you will be disqualified. Polls are for blog & club members only. If you know someone breaking the rules please tell me as it's unfair to others.

PRIZE: $25sd or 25sd in gifts

Ends Dec 2nd


Possibilities for the HB Necklace

I promised to post a few people wearing the new hb necklace. This is not a poll because we don't do them on accessories, but please tell us who you think wore it better. How would you have used this necklace??? Give your fashion tips in comments.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Wishes to...Totally_9 and 2_cutecarla!!!

I'm a bit late, so I thought I'd list both at the same time! So happy birthday Totally_9. Sorry for the delay! Also happy "early" birthday to 2_cutecarla! Hope you both have a wonderful birthday!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Free HB Beret and Amy Diamond Dress

There are some great free things right now. You might already know, but I wanted to make sure everyone did.

1. Free beret, This is an old Hot buy. See below.

Get a free plaid beret
if you are from the UK get it by clicking HERE(you have to be already logged in to stardoll)!!!!If you are not from the UK use a proxy...go to and in the blank box copy and paste this and hit enter

Login to stardoll!!...
NOW in the box next to URL(proxy's URL in the top of the screen) erase the previous link and now copy and paste this and hit enter

Close the window and go to stardoll as usual it will be in your suite

2. Free Amy Diamond Dress.

Click HERE!! Write your lyrics or whatever:P...submit them and get it in your suite!!!Thanks so much to Underneath Stardoll. I love the Amy Diamond dress and great to get an old HB!!! Get them while you can!

Free Dress!

Now in the Starplaza their is a fabulous free dress! Unfortuneately it is only for superstars, but go and buy it right away before they fix this glitch! Also, a lot of new releases are in the shops now too, so go check it out!

New Dkny in Starplaza

Finally Dkny is in the shops! Yay! It's still exciting even though we've seen it in the spoilers. Some of the prices are a bit higher than I think Dkny has been in the past, but most is reasonable. The good thing is that it won't take long to buy and spend $200sd. Then as Filipa showed below you will receive all the exclusive gifts from the Holiday Soiree Collection.

If you are wearing a cute outfit out of the new Dkny, please let me know in my GB for the poll!!!



Today when i log Stardoll i was looking to the suite chat and saw on the end something new add and i click to see what was it, guess its HOLIDAY SOIRÉE, its really good Stardoll offers gifts but it depends how much you spent on STARPLAZA.
There are beautifull gifts that u can win, u cant spent between 1 stardollar and 200 stardollars. With the New Interior u win also DKNY logo in pink colour. You find the Interior on the Interiors that you already own . The others gifts i recive on my main room from Stardoll, but maybe you need to log off and then log on again Stardoll to find the gifts.

Do you like the gifts?

Which one you like more?

What about the new Interior, is it stylish?


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Free Dress and Wind Chimes

Hey just so you know there is a free dress and a free and flower wind chimes available.
These items were sold before on Stardoll, but you can get them now for free and the dress will come in handy if you need some clothes, but lack the funds. No proxy needed.

Just go to the magazine. There is a scenery contest.. make the scenery, save it and it should be in your suite. From what we've heard it looks like it's for everyone. Click HERE to go to the contest
Credit: Underneath Stardoll

HB Necklace and Dot released

Oops for got to post about the Topshop inspred HB's necklace being released! It is only for SS, but the good news is that it's only $ if you are broke you could buy it with your play and earn money. Is anyone wearing this. I'd love to feature a few different styles in this post. So let me know in my GB. Thanks!

Necklace by Topshop

Credit: Hotbuys Addicted for RL pic

Also in case you haven't noticed the new Dot has been officially released in Starplaza. I feel a makeover comp coming on. So if you bought the entire collection or most of it..let me know.

Picture Credit: Stylish on Stardoll (I was too lazy to do the screen print!)
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