Friday, February 13, 2009


Do you feel it? Do ya, Do ya? You must because stardoll is dishing it out all over the place for Valentine's day! What am I talking about? Well, hurry over to starplaza and grab your free lipstick!!! It's fabulous darling! lol. Just click and you will see it for $0sd in your cart! Enjoy! Thanks Stardoll!Oh & while you're there be sure to grab the hb angel Jackson inspired bag! For NON-SUPERSTAR's too & for only $5sd!!


Anonymous said...

well i think its kind but mabey they should give a free dress

Anonymous said...

i found another hot buy
the black trousers with blue stripe.
i am the one who left you a comment with a lik to the pin disney bow necklace. my stardoll nickname is majonez, but you dont have do give me credit, it isnt important :)

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Wow thanks so much! You're good!

Anonymous said...

umm... the bag in stardoll is much prettier!!


OMGSammy said...

I personally love the bag.
It's pretty.
I <3 the lipstick they gave away too. It's very retro & my favorite color!!

Anonymous said...

I have the lipstick from sephora an it matches this one. This is gr8 for non superstars

Ciara said...

I bought both! I personnaly love the hotbuys bag. So...purple! xD
And the lipstick is Red and Hot!
Lovin 'em.

- Ciara.

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