Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hi everyone! I'm Doinker_chic (AKA Lily Rose!) Jenna has kindly allowed me to be one of the writers here. I am so happy and I can't wait to participate. I love fashion and I am really happy that I can express fashion through being a writer for this blog. Thanks!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


In my boredom today, I decided to hunt in starbazaar for some items I needed. While I was there, I came across something that could revolutionalize your stardoll world. Ok..well maybe it's not that big, but for some of you, this could be a great option!
Most on stardoll are constantly looking for rare items. Either you have no luck or the price is insane! Well here are 2 great alternatives. Knockoffs if you will, to help satisfy your MKA RC or LE cravings.

The first is by Blackmambayeah. She has created a "knockoff" version of the MKA RC green striped tunic and sells them for $60. Now the price may still be steep for some, but you get a taste for a fraction of the price! look how good it looks. Amazing.
The other is by Agamng. She made a "knockoff" version of the LE logo shirt. Pretty good replica. She was selling for $12, but someone is reselling for $60!!!. Kinda a ripoff considering the original sold for $75 and they didnt make it, but IDK, you'll prob pay lots more if you try to buy the real one off someone. :)
IDK if they have anymore rare designs, but if you are interested cruise on by their stardoll suites and ask. I know for some people a "knockoff" is just that...a knockoff... but what do you think? Would you buy them? xoxo Jenna


The HB Tux Delux Jacket is finally in starplaza. The cost is $11sd. *Ouch* Stardoll is really hurting my pockets lately. If you haven't yet seen the real verion, take a look below. I actually think I like Stardoll's version better, but then I am a sucker for pink. xoxo Jenna

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The winner is....drumroll please! Jeremyn2005! So yes, Jeremyn wins this comp, but she wins because 3 out of 4 judges voted for her & thought she did an amazing job. She wins a 200sd gift code! Woohoo!

Personally, the 2nd one is my favorite, what about you? Congrats Jenn and all of you did a great job. Good luck if you entered our next comp, the HB 5-5 Layering Challenge! I can't wait to see those creations! xoxo Jenna


Monday, January 26, 2009


On Jan 30th and 31st we will be searching for our new February Cover Girl! If you want to be considered for our cover girl, SIGN UP HERE in comments.

*You must be dressed in an outfit that includes atleast 1 hb (clothes) on those days. Also you need to have a BRIEF profile or bio all about yourself either on your presentation or in your starblog.
About you: (What you look like, Interesticing facts, family etc..)
Fav Designers:
Fav Movies or TV Shows:
Fav Music:
What you like most about stardoll:
Most Valued Stardoll Item:
What you want people to know most about you:
What you get:

Manager of the club for 1 month
Guest blogger for 1 month
$200sd gift code
On my BFF List (which I do alot of broadcasts/comps, so hopefully they'll visit you too :))
Featured in the blog
Judge for comps
*If not participating in judging & blog $50 or gifts may be given instead.

Clements Ribeiro in shops

The hb pink Clements Ribeiro top is now in shops. I guess it's cute, kinda :P, but I'm not too crazy about it. What about you? Here is the real life version for you to compare.xoxo JennaCREDITS: (pic)

Sunday, January 25, 2009


What did I tell you! Bigger and better in 2009! This may be the best comp eva!!!
WIN A LOTTERY DRESS!!! Say what?! You heard me. But that's not all!!! Also win a $200sd code! Oh yeah!

Now... even though I'm giving one away, it won't be too easy. You'll have to work for it!

1. HB 5-5 LAYERING CHALLENGE (5 outfits, 5 layers)

-Pick any 1 CLOTHING hb item. Using your Medoll, create 5 different outfits usuing that hb. The hb you pick must be at least partially VISIBLE in each outfit.
The trick is you must layer with at least 5 items on each outfit (5 total including the hb)Accessories (hats, hoes, belts, jewelry DO NOT count as part of the 5).
Save eack look in your album (or presentation or upload and give us the link). Label each outfit Hotbuys_Bazaar Comp, list both the hb used and each of the other pieces used to layer.

*The LOTTERY DRESS will remain a mystery until the end of the comp, but it is a genuine, limited edition lottery dress!!!

SIGN UP HERE! Click on the word comments & state:

Your stardoll name:
"I'm in! Check out my album on Feb 2nd!"

*If you don't have a blogger account. Click on Anonymous to post.*
*adults do not qualify for sd prizes
Here are the possibilities below! Good Luck!


Friday, January 23, 2009


Here are the finalists from the HB CHALLENGE COMP. The people who did the comp really did a fab job, so it was really hard to choose. So we decided to choose the top 5 and then let you vote in a poll. The poll is located on the right hand side of the blog.
PLEASE do not vote based on friendships, but based on their outfits. Thanks. *Remember the winner gets a $200sd giftcode.

1. Jeremyn2005 (

2.Pantene94 ( 4.StarJBRBDoll
5.Fionamcgonigle *Honarable mention goes out to Bashy77 (love the Chanel outfit), stars_flower & Mushkaa.



The hb earring are finally here. I think they are beautiful. Take a look at the real life ones by Lanvin that inspired this item. The cost is $9.

CREDITS: for pic


Yes you read right! The sale is ON! Woohoo! So this is your chance to grab those designer inspired items that you didn't buy before for a steal! I went through and picked out my 30 must have sale items. Ofcourse there were lots more, but these are mainly the inspired or hb items to add to your collections. Enjoy! xoxo Jenna!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I know I already posted about this at, but it is so awesome that i had to make sure that all my club members knew about it too!

So yay! There is a new styling studio game. You are basically creating your own dress up game. You can pick your wardrobe (for the most part) a background & save it all to stardoll for $8sd. It will be shown under the styling studio dolls and also at the bottom of your page under your best friends list. So cool!

Anyway, I'd love to make a comp, but am unsure how many would be willing to pay to make one. The prize would be a code, so if you are interested let me know here in comments or at the club! Thanks!

Here are the pics from the game I made. I tried to include any of my rares that showed, but many were not there. Visit my page to give it a try.


Stardoll has posted the group of hot buys for february. I have found a few on other sites, but have been unlucky with the others. If you can find any real life pics, please let me know. I know for the jaguar bag there is also one by Angel Jackson, but it does not look the I'm not sure. :) Anyways, what do you think? I love the jaguar belt! Rawr!lol

Update: Thank you to whoever left the anonymous comment for the bow necklace pic :)

Release Dates:
Hot Buys Collar - Feb 2nd
Hot Buys Boots - Feb 3rd
Hot Buys Skirt - Feb 6th
Hot Buys Purple Cardigan - Feb 9th
Hot Buys Bag - Feb 13th
Hot Buys Leopard Cardigan - Feb 16th
Hot Buys Necklace - Feb 18th
Hot Buys Trousers - Feb 20th
Hot Buys Top - Feb23rd
Hot Buys Jaguar Belt - Feb 27th

Special thanks to Majonez who has done a great job finding both the bow necklace and the blue striped pants!



I know u all know, but I wasn't able to post earlier. The new hb skirt has been released for $12. I guess stardoll has gone back to their expensive ways. lol. Also if you know what real life designer inspired this skirt, please let me know. So what do think like or no? xoxo Jenna

Thursday, January 15, 2009


The stars love to wear Herve Leger & now you can least virtually. ;) Pick up the newly released hb Herver Leger inspired dress in the Starplaza. It is a whopping $14sd, but atleast you'll look like a star. xoxo Jenna


HB Challenge Comp

In this comp you must have the hb purple pants. They are for both superstars and non, so hopefully everyone can participate. Create 3 different outfits with the pants. Save in your album & label. Most creative outfits win. Layering is always a plus. Ends Jan 23rd.

Win: $200 stardollar gift code

If you wish to enter, please sign up in comments by stating:

Your stardoll name:

"I am entering. Please view my album on Jan 23rd."

This is the only way to enter. Here is a pic of the pants below.


This month's cover girl is KKIBY! I think she has a beautiful look! See below. She is a January Hot Buys Cover Girl. She will be manager & judge of the club for 1 month, Will go on my BFF list & win $50 or 5 interior gifts of choice. Be sure to stop by her uite & congratulate her!



Location: near Venice


Gender: Female

I'm 100% Italian,but my grandma was half american.My mum is a doctor and she's from Rome but now I live in a small city near Venice.I've grew with the influences of American Vogue and Italian fashion.Now I'm 14 and my style is varied,I space between Zara,Replay,D&G t-shirt,Louis Vuitton bags,Gucci pumps and Dior sneakers and I love to buy them in Milan or in Rome.I don't think that brands are indispensable but they have more quality than Chinese clothes!I can speak English,Italian et un peu de Francais.In the future I'd like to be a Manager in the world of fahion in NY,infact I'll study hard to fulfil my wish.I've a dream:to take the quality,the luxury and the skill of the Italian designers in all the world.

I haven't one preferite designer,I like:Alexander Mcqueen,Alberta Ferretti, Marras,Yves Saint Laurent,Dolce&Gabbana,DNKY,Balenciaga,Anna Molinari for Blumarine,dsquared2,Versace,Valentino,Dior,Christian Lacroix, Chanel,BurberryPorsum,Chloè,EmporioArmani,Fendi,Givenchy, Gucci,Hermès,Roberto Cavalli,Prada,Moschino cheap and chic, Marni,Marc Jacobs,Jean Paul Gaultier,Jil Sander,Lanvin,Lacoste,Karl Lagerfeld, Richmond, John Galliano and lot more.
But I think that Versace is the best,Donatella is a goddess and if you wear a Versace dress you'll look a goddes.That's great.

CREDITS: KKIBY presentation,mdavies

HB Winter Dress Up Comp Winner

There were so many amazing entries! Great job to all. I think that one that kind of stood out to me though was by GYBELL. I think she did a great job layering and making a completely new unique outfit.
She wins her choice of 1 item from thi list:
HB pink (ugg) boots, HB purple tank top, HB gold sequin skirt, HB gold sequin shirt, DKNY metallic satchel, DKNY bike, Voile blue Chiffon tube dress, Newest black/grey Voile Tube dress or choice of 5 interior gifts.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another HB Re-release

I guess three times the charm because this is the 3rd time that the Married to the Mob hoodie has been released. Reducing the value much stardoll?!

CREDITS: for pic
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