Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello everybody :)

Hehe, yes me again with a very exiting post! So it all started when before going to bed i sent a letter to stardoll threw the "contact us" feature about how much i would LOVE to write for the stardoll magazine. Seriously, i wouldn't of expected them to answer because of my utter selfishness and they probably couldn't of tell me that "sorry your not hired" because seriously, that would be rude ;P

Okay, so when i logged on today (about 15 min ago) i checked my mail and just screamed! Look at what i got:
Anyways, your probably thinking why on earth i posted this because it has nothing to do with Hot Buys and this blog - but wait right there! It does actually. Stardoll said that if i have a blog or something, i should give them the link to it...and i gave the link to this blog! Again, your thinking "why did you do that instead of giving the link to the blog you own??". Good question. My blog has stuff including celebs and i complain a lot on it. This blog has more to do with stardoll.

So yeah, exited much?



Anonymous said...

OMG thats so cool u should so be a writers specially with the awsome blog and club !!

rosie333. said...

WOW! Can't wait! Wonder who'll be writing on stardoll next?

Anonymous said...

thats what they said to me

Anonymous said...

i got the same message !

sweet_viksi xx

roxy [: said...

Oh my. That means it's not personalized >.<

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thats awesome!

Anonymous said...

Got excatly the same message. It seems they have an answer for everything.

Eftychia (MarsaL15)

Anonymous said...

Cool You're very lucky and if singingmermaid can get a post i guess everyone else should get a fair chance!:)

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