Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Today, we are starting our NEW --MEMBER OF THE MONTH PROGRAM!! We had a poll & the majority voted yes, so.. for the 6 who voted that it's stupid then... just don't participate! :P


Whoever participates the most in this club & blog (hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com) will be in the running and eligible to win, MARCH MEMBER OF THE MONTH!!!!


-Make interesting club related posts (NOT games or unrelated stuff etc..)
-Participate in discussions
-Make suggestions
-Do comps
-Comment blog articles &
-Invite people to join our club.

*There is a top spot topic set up in the club where any new members can sign & let us know who invited them! This will go towards helping you win! It's not about how many people you get, but about showing that you are being active!!

The winner will win $2oosd code!


Guest writer for a month
Comp Judge for a month
Club consultant for a month
Featured in the blog

This will run until April 5th when the winner will be chosen.

*sd prize awarded at the end of the month


Anonymous said...

wow great idea!!

Anonymous said...

I'm in-dalvik

rosie333. said...

Sounds cool! I'll get started!

Anonymous said...

I am ttly in!

Anonymous said...

Pure brillance! And amazing prizes! How do you get all of this stuff? Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Cool, awesome idea!!

Anonymous said...

Love the idea =]



Anonymous said...

Funkydoohdaah01 says: I rlly liekd this idea, i voted it to be done too!! :D .. LOVE Y'all;; x <3

Anonymous said...

oh, incredible good idea!!! i already invited all of my 350 friends to join your club, and i am sure that at least 50 of them have joined!!!


Anonymous said...

I love this club/blog! I going to be active!

Anonymous said...

HOTBUYS_BAZAAR is a great club and i love participating trying to win member of the month =]

Anonymous said...

Great i love comps! i'm definatly in!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING idea! Thanks so much for these amazing comps and prizes. They are a lot of fun to participate in :)


Cali_Beauty said...

This is a great idea.
Good luck everyone.

2_cutecarla said...

I will try because
I ♥ this club!
I may not be
able to get many
invites, if the
club wasn't private
I could get more

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love this club/blog so I'm looking forward to being even more active! [:

Mateya95 said...

Im in!

Anonymous said...

I know that I am late, but this past two weeks I have had a lot of school work and I didn't have time for stardoll.. I will still domy bestfom now on..

by: red.roses.4.me

I AM IN!!^.^

Anonymous said...

im in, except i never win competions on stardoll. :(

I somehow hope i win. (im going to try even if i lose)


Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome! Love the thought of it! And you areso generous! Wow! Haha! Thanks!(:

Cali_Beauty said...

Awesome ide!
Good luck to all.
I have my fingers crossed :D

Jamie said...

Yay! I'm in :]

Anonymous said...

wow you am really genourous giving mka RC away mist people would never do that the only people who would try are scammers...but i kno you aint..thats soo kewl..but i dont finkk i will be entering this time too much school work..=(

Amanda Morelli said...

Kewlio! I didnt even know about this till like now... haha. I've already been pretty active so i guess i'll just keep particapting :P. lol


Anonymous said...

Well I will try!! ^.^ red.roses.4.me

Anonymous said...

i'd love to be the member of the month! --katieLOVE1

Anonymous said...


I'll try to be active :)

ashleyfan1999 said...

Im in!I'm doing the best I can!

Anonymous said...

im pretty sure it was more last time i checked...

Anonymous said...

Great comp, this is amazing, im always suprised. Nice job. U should win a oscar with your ideas, i dont know anyone like u Jenna.
Stardoll user: Filipamaria

lillyandmile/sarra said...


Esra said...


emocora said...

Oh coolio im in

Anonymous said...

Im In.
Xo-Kerri-oX is my stardoll name.

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