Saturday, November 30, 2019


It Girls came out on Friday. It's a cute collection so lets have a lil comp.

-Minimum 10 entries
-Use a main clothing item from this release
-Can be made in Starplaza
-Put your username
-Ends in 10 days
-Prize: 50 sd


Cycle 3 Winners!

Hi everyone!

We have reached the end of Cycle 3! Although we had a very small pool of contestants this go around, I appreciate that each of you stuck till the end and still gave your best effort! It was a pleasure working with all of you and if any of you want to send ME feedback on what you think I could do better or what you would like to see, please do!

I also realized after Week 2, that I hadn't showed anyone your scores. If you would like to see them, just let me know but I will say the feedback we gave you is on par with the scores each of you got. 

I apologize for the delay in wrapping up this cycle however I will be sending Feedback by the end of the weekend for task 4 and 5! 

Now on for the winner... Congrats to....


In second place came Jiiobie, third place was radaB and in a VERY close fourth place was Anya-Samantha.

For the prizes I said 1st Place receives 500SD, 2nd place receives 300SD, 3rd place receives 200SD and because 4th place was so close,  will also recieve 200SD. I'll be writing your guestbooks soon! 

Congrats one again and I look forward to the next Cycle with you all!


Friday, November 29, 2019

Week's recap: Active, Epiphany, It Girls + December birthdays

First of all, I'd like to apologise for not posting 'December birthdays' post sooner, but I've been so busy this week with all kinds of different things - from crafting wreaths for my mum, signing my work contract (I start on Monday which could possibly mean even less time for writing, but I'll try to keep a schedule), but also for not posting separate posts for these releases (again, lack of time).

Monday's release was Active. One of my least favourite stores on Stardoll; it didn't "disappoint", again. 
All was themed around winter sports. Besides the male hockey outfit (why nothing for girls, Stardoll?!), everything else was pretty much seen before. Looking much better, naturally. The only redeeming factors for me were piles of snow. 
There were no starcoins items and the prices range from 7 to 14 SD before discount.

Wednesday brought Epiphany - with a lot of technical difficulties (the items were too small for some reason; note: when I'm writing this, everything looks "normal"). All items are BP only, unlike previous two (I believe) releases. I do wish for the headband and pearl (or snowball to be more accurate) necklace to be suite items as well, I think. 
Again, no starcoins items. Prices range from 6 to 17 SD before the discount.

And, at last, today (Friday) we got new It Girls. Definitely the best release of the week, no questions asked (at least for me, but from Chat posts, I'm not the only one). While there were no major new looks or silhouettes (or whatever) and even some "look-a-likes" as user rasrix pointed out, I still like several of the pieces myself.
Again (and it feels like that's the theme of the week), there are no starcoins items and the prices range from 6 to 18 SD.

What are your thoughts on this week's releases? Share your opinions, looks, whatever in the comments below, just adhere to the standard chat rules.

And now to the second part of this post - December birthdays
So, if you celebrate your birthday in December and would like to be mentioned in the monthly post, please leave a comment below with your USERNAME and your BIRTHDATE
There is a chance for you to get a feature post, but that's often depending on your activity and of course on the activity of other writers (individual posts were never my "domain" and I doubt that I'll have time for it anyways with my new job and all).

Have a great day (or whatever remains of it) and a lovely weekend!

xoxo, Anja

Monday, November 25, 2019

Chat #41

Please remember to take a moment and nominate your fellow members using #featurethis.  You are allowed to nominate up to 3 people a week! 

This weeks members will receive a gift from their WL. 

I felt compelled to feature 3 members this week who's black outfits were on point and received a lot of upvotes!

Congrats to...

Featured Members:


Nominated By:
Judyellafairy & Armaniala

Important Info:

There is a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for arguing or being disrespectful to other moderators or members.

ANYONE who breaks these rules will be removed form the blog immediately!

If you experience an issue or have a concern, please contact Jenna (emorox4eva) on Stardoll or one of the moderators.


See new rules post here.

Friday, November 22, 2019

New Subcouture Released-Giveaway

I really love it! 
What do you guys think?
We've got an assortment of brands, it's not kind of the club/trendy vibe that I had come to expect from SBC, but I'm really loving almost everything.
I feel like we haven't had a good release in a while, so I'm pleased. Plus I love SBC because you have 3 days to get it.

Are y'all buying anything?
What is your favorite piece?

Let me know your favorite piece down below within 24 hours to enter a quick giveaway. Make sure you have a SBC clothing item in your WL in case you are chosen. Please include your username


Acne Studios


Alexander McQueen

Alexandre Vauthier and Valextra

Manu Atelier and Rick Owens


Dries Van Noten and Stella McCartney

Thank You MegaMashytik!


Wednesday, November 20, 2019

WotW:Africa comp POLL (please vote) [winner announced]


Please vote for your favourite look in the poll down below.

And also lots of love to everyone who took time to create an outfit. You should be proud of yourself!


The poll will be open till Sunday 11:59 PM (UTC+1)



New Tress Up

Oh look another Tress Up...idk why

Do any of y'all use these?


Monday, November 18, 2019

Cycle 3 Task 5: Dishes to Rags?

Hi y’all!

I apologize for posting this a day late. All of you that completed the fourth task are able to move on! Remember this is for people who signed up for this cycle! I will be sending out feedback for Task 3 as well as gifts before the end of Wednesday!

You can refer to the rules of the cycle here

Now for the task...
Dishes to Rags!

For this task you must style an outfit around a food dish! It is pretty easy. Pick your favorite food dish and turn the colors and textures into an outfit.

Be as creative as you want to be!

You will be graded on: The look itself (Cohesiveness, colors, materials, etc) (10 pts) and including the name & picture of the food (5 pts)!

This task will close next Sunday, November 24th at 11:59PM EST. This is the final task so scores will be released and a winner will be announced!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Good Luck!



New Basics Decor + Giveaway

Hello! Lovely Monday to you all!

As we are all aware, new week on Stardoll means new release :)

Today we got Basics Decor.
There are three new floors, each in its own colour (black, cream and grey). The prices range from 90 (81) SC to 230 (207) SC.


Personally, I like the back facing sofa(s), dried hortensia(s) in bowl(s), hanging lights, and maybe few other things as well, but those three items grabbed my attention from the start. Oh, the stairs, that's right! Can't forget the stairs. They just might prove themselves rather useful ;)

What are your thoughts on the collection? Will you be buying anything? Feel free to share your thoughts and pictures of your suites with these items in the comments below!


First ten people to share their favourite item from this release and post one decor item they wish to see on Stardoll will receive one item from the collection. 
DO NOT FORGET YOUR USERNAME! Entries without usernames will be ignored!

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