Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey guys! Well as AngelRuxxy pointed out, the LE collection is out, and if you want my opinion here it is. Let me repeat, this is MY opinion and an opinion is never wrong. ;)

I spent 100 sd on the stupid sequins bathing suit since that was the only item left. I've regretted it since! It is a stupid bathing suit as well as all those other LE items. They are priced horribly and for regular superstar users, it's much to expensive! Not everyone is loaded with 1000sds and if you are, then no offense but that's quite a lot of cash for virtual money. It's not bad, but it does make me wonder how much time some users spend on paying for stardollars, everytime they log in?

I'm getting off point lol. So the LE clothes are stylish and all but they aren't rare one bit! So many users are buying these items that it doesn't even matter who has them since everyone else has them. What's the point? What is your opinion?

Thanks! ♥


Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Hmm,I mean yeah some of the LE was ugly, but some was cute. As for spending alot of time on stardoll to have 1000sd not true at ll. Just buy a code for $25 OR $40. I personally bought one for 2400sd just to get the LE clothes. Also no they are not as rare, but they are still out of like 400 which I would say is pretty rare for 2o million + members. I do hate that they are crazy expensive,but I guess if they weren't then everyone really would have them and they wouldn't be rare at all. :)

Anonymous said...

Well LE is so limited, its a MUST have to collectors and others. I basically a hobby.

Maria Sweeney said...

I do agree with you Jenna and I didn't say ALL just many so-called Elite mwmbers load themselves with stardollars. =/
And true, they are limited but so many have them that they begin to lose it's rare value. And there are a bit more than 400 I reckon but I haven't a clue. =}

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the previous comments it's true that it's super expensive but if you think it's 400 out of 26 million, it isn't that much though there are probably people who collect it like DKNY or MKA RC. So it depends on how desperate you want them. In my opinion not all the items are great some are but most aren't really special

Anonymous said...

ur perfectly right
and infact wht i made the LE pantyhose and shorts
its been sold and my ss expired but then whn i b ss again i wld like people to save their money by buying mine as its chap compared to wht LE is

Anonymous said...

i only bought the ones i liked and that even cost me about a 1000 stardollars! i couldn't buy the cupid dress though even though it wasn't sold out...

Mateya95 said...

Well, they are kinda rare... I mean if there are only 350 shirts and there are 25 000 000 members... :/
And I like them. But prices are a bit to high... I only spent about 400 stardollars.

Anonymous said...

i think they must be that expensive because they are LIMITED and if they were cheap, they would be sold out in an hour!! that is why it is good, because just collectors and people who really like the clothes will buy it! if you don't like it, no one is pushing you to buy it! well, that is my opinion! =))


HanniaBabees ♥ said...

I Was On LE Like 2 Seconds AGo And The Denim Stilleto Boots + Heart Blazer [Which Is Ugly] Are Still For Sale.
Infact Noone Had Bought The Blazer And Im Only Off It For Like 30 Seconds.
2 Items Are Still Up.
Im Sooo Annoyed I Missed It All. Lmao.
Loveee Hannia.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

The hearts blazer is by top shop. They show it on cltreanor's blog breathless magazine

Ciara said...

I think the LE collection is pretty cute but I am not going to pay so much for the end of the day...its fake clothes... :/


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