Friday, February 13, 2009

Look A LIKE..

As i looked through the shop items there was 1 item that seemed very familiar to me. It was the shoes shown below. In my opinion i like the shoes with the yellow background because they seem more professional and more polished. However they are no longer selling in the Starplazza... the Starbazzar is always available on the other hand. Add these colorful creations to your closet!
ciao pirates_soccer(ALENA) kiss,kiss


Anonymous said...

wow the light one is 4!

Ciara said...

They're cute! ...I have the darker pink ones.

Pirates_Soccer said...

Yes but i got the others when they were on sale so... and yeah i have the darker ones too! I am actually wearing them.haha.

Anonymous said...


NeonTiara. said...

I like the Voile ones more :]]

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