Wednesday, July 31, 2019


There's a new CP release today. This time featuring Marie Curie and giving you the opportunity to buy her pal. Prices range from 9sd - 35sd.

What do you think of this release?

Are there any items you were really looking forward to seeing?

Thanks to Armaniala for the pics in chat as I'm not at my pc.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Ever wondered when were they released and how the first ever tributes looked like?

In this special post dedicated to tributes, we'll be going back to 2010 when the first ever tribute season actually started. 

The first ever tribute season on Stardoll started back in the July of 2010. Another reason why I decided to make this post is exactly because right now it's July and currently it's tribute season. It seems like all the summer tribute seasons start on July or is it just a coincidence? Somebody please educate me since I'm not very familiar with tributes even though I've been on Stardoll for almost a decade now. If I'm wrong anywhere, don't hesitate to correct me in the comments.

Funny, how I'm a user since 2010 and I don't remember anything from this tribute release. Mainly because I was young at that time and not very active. Ok, I was practically never on Stardoll until last year lol. But, anyway back to the topic. 

Here is what the first tribute collection looked like, it was Chanel and had two floors with prices ranging from 9-42 SD:

Some time later, after a few days they released another collection. This time a Diane Von Furstenberg tribute with three floors. Prices ranged from 10-36 SD. Here is what it looked like:

After this collection the Just Cavalli one was released. It had 3 floors and prices ranged from 10- 40 SD. 

The fourth collection to be released as a tribute was Sonia Rykiel and surprisingly had FIVE floors! I've never seen this many floors in any Starplaza shop! The prices ranged from 12-42 SD. 

On the August of 2010 Stardoll released their first fall inspired tribute collection, debuting with Herve Leger and the collection had 3 floors. The prices ranged from 16-35 SD.

This collection marked the end of the first ever tributes to be released by Stardoll. Later on starting the next ones in 2011 and so on.

What do you think about the first ever Stardoll tributes? Do you by any chance have any of them? Or do you remember them being released?

I hope you enjoyed this little special tributes post!

With love, 

credits for the pictures & the info: USD


Monday, July 29, 2019

Jeremy Scott Tribute +Comp/Giveaway (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)

Today we got two floors of the Jeremy Scott Tribute. This brand is a first for Stardoll's tributes, so that's refreshing. Prices are moderate and range from 9-31 SD.  I think we've all known this was coming for a couple of days and some of y'all were less than thrilled. lol. I have tried everything on and I like more things than I thought I would! Like this whole tribute season though, there is a lack of accessories. I understand that SD can't please everyone, but I feel like this is a general consensus so I wish they would listen.

Jeremy Scott is an American fashion designer and has been the creative director of Moschino since 2013. I lowkey might have preferred a Moschino collection. lol (or I wish they included his pikachu looks hehe) His style is known for being kitschy and wildly fun.  He uses pop culture as an inspiration for his art and, going along with this theme, he works with a lot of celebrities and brands. 

What do y'all think of this collection? What are your positives and negatives? What do you think of tribute season as a whole?

Enter our comp within 24 hours to win a clothing WL item!

Comp: Style at least 1 main clothing item from this release for a chance to win 50 sd!

-Ends Monday August 5, 2019
-Can be created in Starplaza
-Please include your username and whether your entry is for the comp, giveaway or both
-Minimum is 10 entries

We've got one look from his Fall 2019 RTW collection that used black and white newsprint on almost the entire collection to represent his theme, Fake News. I really enjoyed this collection and would have like to see more of it. Though, I think some people were worried that's the tribute we would get. lol
We have a few from the Spring 2019 RTW collection
This collection called back to Jeremy Scott's teenage days when he used to put together his own looks and featured a distinctly 90's era aesthetic. 

Spring 2018 RTW-His 20th anniversary show which drew on all of his past collections for inspiration, but made the ideas new and fresh.

And one from his 2016 RTW collection that honored the 60s with a focus on sci-fi and the B-movie genre.


Chat #24

Please remember to take a moment and nominate your fellow members using #featurethis. I spoke to Jenna about this, starting with this chat you are allowed to nominate up to 3 people a week! Also, instead of featuring those who get the most votes, anyone who gets at least one vote has a chance of being featured. This is to allow everyone who is active on the blog a chance to be featured!

This weeks member will be interviewed by Giniaparks and receive a gift from their WL. 

Hope y'all understand, Thank you!

Congrats to...

Featured Member:


Nominated By:
Vogue_Veronica, Armaniala, vev, JanaStarlite, and Alex.

Important Info:

There is a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for arguing or being disrespectful to other moderators or members.

ANYONE who breaks these rules will be removed form the blog immediately!

If you experience an issue or have a concern, please contact Jenna (emorox4eva) on Stardoll or one of the moderators.


See new rules post here.

Sunday, July 28, 2019


I think you all know the drill by now. It's time to vote for your top 3 favorite picks! 

The poll will close on July 31st at 11:59 PM CEST!

See you all on the next event and the winners announcement on August 1st. 

Happy voting!


Saturday, July 27, 2019

Happy Birthday, MissFoxyRoxy913!

Roxanne is one of oldest members and contributors ofSMW's blog, today she's turning 20!

She's a stardoll player since 2009 and have great skills at doing scenery poses, I personally loved this one!

Roxanne is still a very active member in the blog, always sharing her amazing, creative and unique style in chat or in comps.


Make sure to stop at her suite and wish her a Happy Birthday!

[Gifts are not mandatory, but always appreciated]

Friday, July 26, 2019


Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great start to your weekend beginning with the release of a new Millionaire Mansion collection.

Looks like some nice pieces here, although I swore we already have that wood handbag in the second pic! Idk!

Prices range from 7sd - 19sd before discount.

What do you think of this release and what's your favorite item?

Dare to be creative.


1. Style an item from this release and post the pic in comments.
*can be any item

2. Style the same item and use it in an unconventional way. A way it is not normally intended.
*example use a top for a skirt. resize and turn things to create different looks. Separate a dress and only use one half etc..

~Must enter both parts
~Min 10 entries
~Be sure to state what item you used and make sure it is visible in both entries.
~Post entries together in same pic or reply to your first entry to post your second.
~Don't forget your Stardoll name
~Can be created in Starplaza
~Can use someone else's doll but must give credit

Ends Wednesday July 31, 2019

WIN up to 200sd
*if you win both looks


Hello everyone, you know the drill ;)

If you celebrate your birthday in the month of August and would like a chance to be featured, please share your birthdate with us.

Of course, there are some rules:
1. To get a feature post you HAVE TO BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER here on the blog (whoever writes the feature post checks for activity), meaning participating not only in competitions and/or being active in the Chat section of the blog!

2. If you celebrate your birthday in August, leave a comment with your USERNAME AND BIRTHDATE!!!

Have a lovely day!
Love, Anja

PS: In my monthly post, I tend to mention every monthly "birthday baby", even if you don't meet the criteria for the feature post. I just feel that if you took your time and wrote your birthdate in the comments, you can get at least that much :)

Wednesday, July 24, 2019


It’s Wednesday peeps and disappointingly the release today is a new floor of Spectacular.
Prices range from 11sd - 14sd pre discount.
I haven’t had a chance to try any on, but it’s not too exciting for me.
Let me know what you guys think. 


Tuesday, July 23, 2019


The HB Corset Holly top was released yesterday for 25sd (23sd).

It's inspired by this I.AM.GIA. top below.
Image result for corset holly top
Thanks Lolitka1444

It's cute but I personally like the white version a bit better.
Image result for corset holly top

What is your favorite top on Stardoll?

Post a pic below to be included in this giveaway!

~Open for 48 hours
~Don't forget your Stardoll name


Happy Birthday, yuriyuri723!


Today is a special day for Yuri, she's from Japan and is turning 19.

She joined SMW this year but I'm sure you already saw her taking part of the comps or sharing her outfits and commenting on chat section.


Make sure to stop at her suite and wish her a Happy Birthday!

[Gifts are not mandatory, but always appreciated]

Monday, July 22, 2019


Just when I gave up and thought Stardoll wasn’t going to release anything today... they release BALENCIAGA.. which I love if you can’t tell.

 Of course I am now on my iPad and can’t try them on my doll properly and have to struggle to make a post, but I can’t complain too much. From first glance, I see several things I really like. Price range from 16sd - 40sd.

What do you think of this release?

Style a main clothing item (not accessory) from this release and post the pic in comments.


~Ends Monday July 29, 2019
~Can be created in Starplaza
~Don’t forget your Stardoll name
Please state comp, giveaway or both in entry
~Min 10 entries


1. Enter the comp within 24 hours to be included in our first opportunity to win an item from this collection.

~Open for 24 hours

2. Share a pic of an item from Balenciaga’s pre-fall 2019 collection that you wish Stardoll had included in this release.

~Open for 48 hours

Thanks Megamashytik (Stardoll and Real Blog)

Balenciaga outfits
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