Friday, February 6, 2009

Same Ol' Spoliers

Hey everyone! So I know I haven't posted in a bit, I am after school a lot for sports so I get home late, and then homework needs to be done! lol You know the drill!

I was looking for some spoliers and I found these gorgeous dresses! They are built very similiar to the Moonacre dresses. I like the last two the best! What is your opinion?

There is also LOADS of items coming that we have already seen! There is waaayyy too many for me to post but here's an example: (Everything has been out except camel and necklace.)

And for all you people that missed out on the Fergie blue sweat suit, it's coming back! Along with nearly all the High School Musical clothes from Monique Coleman and Ashley Tisdale. WHY can't stardoll do something new?

-Dionky ♥



Anonymous said...

I agree. Do something different. All of these comebacks are unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

Quite unnecessary indeed! All the time they spend recoding the website to add new clothes could be used in MAKING new clothes. =[

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

I think some of the dresses in the first pic were out before too. I'm pretty sure the two on the end were. :(

roxy [: said...

The first dresses are ALLREADY in StarPlaza.

rosie333. said...

A camel? Weird, could be a desert theme? lol

Anonymous said...

what does doinker mean?

Maria Sweeney said...

Okay AngelRuxxy, my spolier cheat is glitchy so chillax! =)
And what does Doinker mean as what? A word? It's what my family calls me, a doinker. lol =)

roxy [: said...

I wasn't saying it in a mean way, lol :P

I was just saying that stardoll are retards re-releasing them when there still in STar Plaza xD

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