Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Looking for a lottery dress? Well here's your chance..kinda. I was looking at one of the latest posts at Breathless Magazine and it was about the new spoilers which are now in starplaza! Look at 1 of them. Does it look familar? Well it should that pink dress looks exactly like the rare beige lotto. There are also some other re-releases in the pack so take a look.BTW- If you entered the Easter Dress Up Comp, my Easter plans changed a bit at the last minute and I didn't get to see many people's outfit because they changed for the cut. So if everyone could put their outfits back on tomorrow (WED), I will run around and take a quick peek. Sorry for the inconvenience.


colleenp87 said...

Will do =)

Ugh, re-releases sort of bother me. Especially when they butchered the pink hot buys top! The other one is cute, but this one is kind of messed up looking. I like the print they re-did the yellow wrap dress in, though. It is more exciting looking now. The old version was a bit too bland.

Joanna said...

They're in the StarPlaza now :)
I will definitely redress for the Easter Comp

lipgloss_babe91 said...

Eek i would be kinda annoyed if i paid like loaddds for that lottary dress... tho i guess your paying mainly for the name xD

LittleMunckin said...

Its so annoying how stardoll do this!! GRRR

BabyDoll980 said...

kk, will redress myself in easter comp clothes;) btw thnx for puttin me in the honourable mentions or wateva its called!

for the easter comp does it have to be entirely out of minishop items or can it have a base dress to work from??

Unknown said...

I'll buy some. except why can't stardoll be more creative and make DIFFERENT clothes... not re-releases look-alikes.

Jamie said...

It's really unfair to whoever's actully got a lotto dress- it probably seems less rare now :(
And i do hate rereleases, SD expect us to pay collosal amounts for something we already have, but photoshopped? I think not. >:[

- xcrazy_chickx

Sophia Brivati said...

Whats with the Simple face wipes?
I use them every day :D

Ciara said...

Ugh! They have to be released when I'm not a superstar. x

.Allana.=) said...

is the Simple face wipes free?
& wer can uu purchase it?

2_cutecarla said...

The big skirts look cool.

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