Thursday, April 30, 2009

Makeover Comp Sample/Help

Some are confused about the makeover comp, so I made a quick sample to show you what to do.

1. Do a print screen of the before picture. Notice the dkny lip print dress. Since this is the only main piece of clothing she has on, I must use this in my new outfit.

* The scarf, bag, bunny ears, shoes or anything like accessories, belt, stockings etc.. CAN NOT be used as the main piece of clothing used in the new outfit.
2. Click on the medoll editor
3. Makeover the medoll. Do a screen print.
4. Do the style makeover. See dkny liprint used in new outfit. Screen print.
That's it. Just list the link or links in 1 comment under the comp post. Unfortunately stardoll doesn't allow you to change the hair color unless they they have hair dye in their storage. They also don't allow you to save the look.

The best you can do is this way or if you are friends with the person you can maybe ask them to change their hair/color for a few minutes, but your make-up still wouldn't be there.

Hope this helps.


2_cutecarla said...

Thanks a lot!

Kc said...


Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Yes it does. May have to redo mines.

ashleyfan1999 said...

Thanks so much! It really helps!

cookie9988 said...

thanks the first time i want quite sure what you meant

Anonymous said...

do u hve to give the persons username??

Anonymous said...

hey, am in , my me doll is BAYBii3_MARGii xx

Anonymous said...

heya, am in my username is _starminx_

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Yes to username

And also you can only enter comps under 1 account.

This is not where to sign up for this comp. This was just to help

Anonymous said...

ok thanks

Anonymous said...

can i e-mail you my makeover??plz?

_kool_kat_1 said...

can i e-mail you my makeover??plz?

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