Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Check out the stardoll mag for the new DANCE ATTITUDE STYLED OUTFITS! All Lady GaGa fans are in for a treat! It looks like we will be getting a Lady GaGa doll and clothes pretty soon! Here are some GaGa clothes from above in real life:
I have to admit I am quite a big fan of Lady GaGa's music and I really hope stardoll give us some decent GaGa clothes such as the blonde hair bow and geometric dresses pictured above! xx Rosie


Kc said...

Love Her!!!
Just Dance!!

2_cutecarla said...

Lady Gaga is cool!

Anonymous said...


Who won that twilight comp?

Unknown said...

I luv her music and the outfits r kewl.

Kkiby_Cristine said...

the doll is very similar^^

Cali_Beauty said...

Blag I hate her! :S

I heard she's a man and that's why she's always covering her neck lol.

mushkaa said...

omg.. lady gaga! i love her and her music... she really inspires me! im soo happy

Anonymous said...

i dont know i really dont like lady gaga's style much at all. she looks like she is trying really hard to be out there & coregeous with her fashion choices but it just come off as .... strange?

-much love, from katieLOVE1

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