Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rebel prom 2009 and new clothes by Balmain

We have a new doll for superstars, Prom queen. Stardoll got all around prom 2009, so they created Rebel prom 2009, and most of the clothes you can see on the doll will be in starplaza. They also returned very old prom to enlarge
I think the clothes are nice, just doll is a bit ugly. I am looking forward to see this blue dress in starplaza:

Also that Balmain clothes came in starplaza, but all we got is two jackets, pants, a skirt and shoes.
I was hoping we'll get a whole new shop, but I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

yeah those scenerys have been used 3 times! nice post and yes im sad too about no balmain shop :(

xoxo purrdymuffin

Anonymous said...

I did bought the clothes and i love the white Balmain jacket, im wear today, its so stylish and fashion.
Stardoll user: Filipamaria

Mackenzie said...

yes i was hoping there would be a balmain shop aswell. stardoll needs new shops :( i and i bought all the balmain clothes out. they are so cute i love da jacket :)

Unknown said...

It would be better if there was a new shop. I like some of the prom stuff. Some are glamourous rather than "rebelious"

idilpekel585 said...

I simply adore the new clothes, Balmain is one my top brands and now , am so happy to able to buy that band jacket.( I don't care its just a game :D)

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