Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Seriously Stardoll?

Hey everyone!

Okay so I was just wandering around Stardoll and came across this
It says " Stardoll teaches the value of money through Stardollars "
Now, I used to think that but are they really going to say that after they make us pay for Stardollars and after they make us pay $15 for a skirt? Let's not talk forget DKNY & Philosphy.... ect.
So who are they kidding? Or who are they trying to kid, our Parents?
Seriously Stardoll the value of money ship has totally set sail after these prices have been added to your clothes.

Remember when Stardoll used to be cheap....those were the days!
Anyways I'd like your opinions on this, and thought I'd have to post this since HB's and others are just so expensive and Stardoll thinks we are learning money values off that!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I've read it too. Maybe (and I underline maybe) Stardoll wants to teach us to save our money...they put dresses very expensive, and we have to start to manage our money, but this is only a theory.
Between this can be only a stupidity, they say this to justify all the rise in prices..I don't know if you have understand my's difficult for me express myself ^^'

Anonymous said...

it was cheaper then, but now its not becuase theres alot more members, and most people have a ton of money now a days LOLOLOL i wouldnt buy that 15sd skirt, its ugly i think

Nezt_Top.Model said...

I agree.Non superstars are getting lesser and lesser privilages. If they think they are getting more people to become superstars then they are wrong. Sure they have to make money but we have more important things to do than make our paperdoll a "superstar" Some people dont have the money. Thats why so many stardoll members are out asking people for them 2 make them superstars. And entering comps.

Jamie said...

I've already seen it :]
I must've looked like an idiot laughing at the screen when i stumbled upon it - £1.50 for a pixleated "50" on a screen? Yeah, sure, Stardoll!

- xcrazy_chickx

Anonymous said...

True. i spend all my money in a week on stardoll

sahar-star said...

Totally agree with you 0.0

Lettie97 said...

Excuse me while I laugh.


blondebug said...

Nah. You still have to manage your money, no matter how much you have or how high the prices are.

2_cutecarla said...

WE can still learn to manage our money even if things aren't expensive on stardoll.

Anonymous said...

i think the prices are getting outragous on stardoll! before non superstars got a lot more stuff now they have nothing and most kids dont want to spend there own money buying super star i think it should last a lot longer time for superstar insted of a month
xoxo cheertampateam

Unknown said...

O-M-G. Who are they trying to kid? *laughs head off* If Stardoll wants to teach us to save money and put the dresses really pricey, we're not going to go desperate and sell precious stuff in starbazaar. Guess what we're going to do? Go to our parents and ask for a top up on membership. WE'RE STILL USING MONEY!?
It's not working, Stardoll... just ain't working... I feel really sorry for the non-ss because their getting less privileges and forced to use money and become superstars.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

It's just them trying to mask their greed. ;)

Anonymous said...

íts bad. its really bad. uggly "hotbuys" skirts for 15. LE that everyone wants for 250. people on stardoll putting up uggly things in there starbazars for 60..people getting scammed. and the list just gets longer of things that stardoll just have gone wrong. please stardoll stop making it so hard for us members to have fun on

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