Friday, August 28, 2009

Harry Potter vs Twilight- THE COMP

A few weeks ago Maggie (Findurlove) made a post about Harry Potter vs Twilight and the comments got pretty heated. Well as everyone knows I am huge Twilight fan, but currently I am on the 4th book of Harry Potter and loving it.

So I decided why not do a comp!


1. Create a scenery re-creating a scene from either Harry Potter or Twilight. Explain your scene in the comments. (It can be from any of the Harry Potter/Twilight books or movies).

We will pick 1 Harry Potter winner AND 1 Twilight winner. Each will get $50sd.

They will then be placed in a POLL to determine the ultimate winner.

The winner of the poll will get $200sd code.

Plus I will support it here to be voted as scenery winner the following week.


Decide on your scene. Create your scenery & take a screen print.(You do not have to buy it).

SIGN UP here in comments. Be sure to list your stardoll name, the link & info about your scene (ie book/movie what is happening, who is in it etc..).


For instructions on screen printing see my starblog.


Lies153™ said...

A scenery is free! :O

talonofthehawk said...

Hmm.. I don`t think I`ll do this one..
I`m not a Twilight fan,
and I barely know anyhting about Harry Potter,
so maybe next time. `:)

BrunoExclusive said...

I think i will do harry potter
And i think a scenery is free to i have never paied for it

Lauren Keeley said...

That's a great idea for a comp, it's ashame that I'm going on holiday tomorrow so I can't enter ): Btw, I think you were meant to put 'September 5th' instead of 'August 5th' (:

Zoë said...

Can it be from any if the Harry Potter books or Twilight Series?

Totally_9 said...

I liked do join, but I can´t make senerys on my computer. Sorry, but it was a great comp :)

Anonymous said...

OK, i've tried and am hoping i haven't missed the point! lol!
Here is my entry:

Anónimo said...

well i'm in! i'm doing an Harry potter scene! when i finish i will put the link here!

Mihaela said...

That is very good idea!:)

Anónimo said...

here is the link:

This is a scene from the 1st movie, when the 3 friends went to the dark forest with Hagrid 'cause Dumbledore punish them 'cause of they behavior! hope u like it!

Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...

Ive done! I saved the scenery. It's on my account, hip-hop-girl123.
It's from the Twilight saga New Moon cliff diving scene.
IT'S NOT THAT GOOD. Justbear that in mind.
I did my best, though.
It's from bella's point of view, so noones in it.
Bear in mind that bella doesn't actually see the lump of orange hair.

23sarah said...

done-twilight-la push

katara4 said...

well, i already made one (it was for another comp ;) and i'm using it now for this one...

the picture:

i'm (i'm bella :p) lying with jacob in the grass (edward left me before), but i cant forget edward...

i hop you like it :)

ILoveWicked. said...

Ooh, i'll enter :)
i've done the ballet room scene from 'Twilight'. i've described it better in comments on my scenery.
it's in my scenerys :D
thaanks :D

SD name: ILoveWicked.

ILoveWicked. said...

i've just reread my comment + realised that the whole link didn't fit.
delete the spaces :D

alternativley, it is saved, so you can do either :D

Caghma.Maboula said...

its called "CONTEST harrypotter & the gobelet of fire"
and on my account "Maboula"

good luck for all of us !

BeccaXD said...

I did a scenery for Twilight here is my photo
I based it on:


23sarah said...

i changed mine it is
the description is there too

BeccaXD said...

I change my entry! Sorry, My real scenery is :

Anonymous said...

Rosie333. here! I also created the scenery but here is the link:

Scene: Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire

In this scene, Harry with the assistance of gillyweed and a dagger has freed Ron and Gabrielle, you can see harry floating upwards with his load.

There are the merpeople and the dagger on the sea bed.I have put lots of seaweed in, like in the movie, it is easy to get stuck in and it is where Ron and Gabrielle were bound which is why the dagger is on the floor.

Alice said...

Hiya, here is my entery:

Harry Potter
My scenery is of Harry Ron and Hermione in Honeydukes sweet shop.
Sorry the quality of the picture isn't very good.
Stardoll Username:

Prikazna said...

Hey, hey! ^-^
I love Harry Potter it's very special for me... but my inspiration came for Twilight

I tried to create the moment when Edward tells Bella his secret in the forest


Anonymous said...

ill do a harry potter scenery my doll's name is randomwun234

_funnyprincess_ said...

I love both, buy my scenery is about Twilight:

I had some problem with my laptop so I couldn't save it, I had to take a screenprint before I leave the page.
The name of the scenery should be ''New Moon: Alice's Vision''.
I hope you like it.


The Amazing (NOT) Lilla / ewonline said...

Harry Potter one >

Leah [CrayonsandPens] said...

super fun!
loved this comp!
here is my link:

BrunoExclusive said...

Here it is the link:
It's Harry Potter scene they are fighting with spells

ILoveWicked. said...

I know the closing date is over, but i entered on the 29th august. However, i'm not sure if my links work?
if not, it is saved as "fight scene from twilight". or, here is the link:

if my other links do work, please ignore this post ^^
i hope my entry is still vaild.


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