Monday, August 10, 2009

Live Chat Soon + New Stardesign!

Hey everyone. What a week this has been, with everything from Jenna winning covergirl to gossip finally resurfacing. Perhaps 2009 will be nicknamed the Covergirl Summer haha :)

So anyway, make sure you log in on Wednesday at 1pm PST (use a time converter if that isn't your time zone) because there's a live chat with Aly Michalka, I guess because of her new film BandSlam. I think this sort of thing has been done in the past, with Heidi Klum. I've never been part of one though, let the rest of us know in the comments if you've ever taken part in one :D

Check out the pics below ;)

Stardoll have also updated the StarDesign, with a new design available - I think because of the hottest new competition, Beat the Designer. It's a pretty little dress, and you can buy it for 5 stardollars and it's available for non-superstars too. More info below :D

So what do you think?
Will you be taking part in the Live Chat?
And will you be buying/designing the new dress?

Let me know in a comment :D



_kool_kat_1 said...

i wont be able to be apart of the live chat..ill be sleeping by then and the stardesign is cute nothing special though..LOL

colleenp87 said...

I think the dress is adorable!

As for the live chat, nah, I never do those things.

talonofthehawk said...

I don`t think I`ll be participating in the live chat.

Thanks for telling us about
the new design available!
It`s nice!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I like that dress! :)

And what does PST mean ?
And what time would that be in England ?? x

Naomi said...

i wld love to chat and i am making some designs for the dress and so i may sell it
and at the moment i am selling pepe jeans logo top
please do come and see (i can also make in any colour or top/dress pattern u want)
my id is naomi_b

Sarah_Sugerplum said...
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PapaPaparazzi said...

I love the dress.

I'm never really into those live chats. But I love the Michalka's, so I might join this one.

Bluegreen86 said...

I did a chat with someone before, I dont remember who it was! I believe it was Milly and Becky, but they didnt select my question/comment to show them!

I think that everyone who goes can submit questions, but they only chose like 50 to ask! So it kinda stunk, but it was fun watching!

as for the dress, WOW I am so excited about it!

filipinhamaria said...

I like the dress is so feminine, im thinking in buying for sure and doing something in Stardesigne but with time. About the chat i never did tht,i dont think i go.

The Amazing (NOT) Lilla / ewonline said...

I am going away to my old best friend's house from tomorrow afternoon til Thursday afternoon so I am missing the Chat -.-

Sara/cutie07392 said...

I like the dress!
Prob won't do the live chat, but maybe I'll try something new for a change (:

Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...

1:00 pm PST to England is 9:00 pm, for all those who need to know :D
I won't be taking part in the chat.
But the new dress is ADORABLE

Rab92 said...

I Hope I Can Make It To The Live Chat. I`ve Never Took Part In One Before.

& The New Dress Is Stunning!
I Think I`ll Design Something =)

Anonymous said...

well, I'm not really into that lice chat :O
So I'm not going to take part.

But I really-really like that new design dress :)
It's so cute =)

yekin said...

The dress is cute and affordable.

I abosulutely, love it!

And the celeb live chat... CANT WAIT!

2_cutecarla said...

I am busy on Wednesday.

katara4 said...

i think its quite cool, that we can chat with her.. but if i'm online at this time, idk yet...

and i really love the desgin!

Regina said...

i don't really like these live chat things..

the new stardesign dress is awesome ^^ i love it and it's only 5 sd!!! omg :D

Unknown said...

i love it !!!

ADJAJA/Anna said...

i don't think i will be able to log in that day (on vacation) but i'm not going to try really hard to be on. (:
wow i love that dress. are you selling it?

Rare-Trading said...

Doubt I'll do the live chat.
But I've already made and bought the new star design dress.

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