Sunday, August 9, 2009

To the dearly disgruntled...

In case you can't read it..

I used to read the blog alot but with all the new followers they're way to many people so i can't enter comps :( you've lost a follower.
Also people only read your blog for comps check your comments and see unless you do a "who comments the most" crap, then the comment for the fame crap. xoxo Laura... err the nots so more follower, but ill try

Dear Anon,

I know, I really do not need to say it.. as it's obvious that one who can not leave their username is just a coward. I am sure you know this already. Regardless... I am sorry you feel that way, but I hate to say you will never accomplish anything in life by giving up and never trying just because there are too many people who have their eye on the same prize.

As for people ONLY reading my blog for the comps...yeah and??!!
I don't think that is the case, but even if it is..I fail to see your point or insult or whatever. We are a comps blog/club. This is primarily what we do. This is what I find fun and if people have no interest in prob isn't the blog for them since we do A LOT.
So in conclusion, I hope you get a little braver and own up to your words/feelings. You are entitled to your opinion..just own it. Hope you realize the truth in my words. If not.. So long farewell...(you know how the song goes). If not, it's from the Sound of Music, you can look it up.

It's not in the numbers, but in the talent.
I hope people enter because they are fun and keep stardoll interesting for us all not soley for the prizes.

xoxo, Jenna


nicole24-7 said...

wow, that's kind of a stupid reason to un-follow your blog :/

And it sounds like she was one of the ones only in it for the contests. >.<

Anonymous said...

Well I dont become a follower for the comps, I love to read all the Stardoll gossip, see Johns graphics and just read what you write!
I do think there is lots of followers and sometimes people will just be a follower for the prizes.
I try to enter comps when I can, but when there are about 75 posts to enter, I normally dont do it, unless it was a really good one. Because I would feel like I have no chance,
and I think Laura person was a coward to not leave her username, I am giving my opinion, and look, username at the top! ^^^
Just to clarrify, it X_TAMMII3_X

But Jenna this blog is AMAZING, I think you have great writers and everthing is great. So that girl was oviousley quite brainless to stop following this blog and leaving a comment about it! She is oviousley just a attention seeker, and this blog doesnt need people like that, and you dont come to the blog JUST for comps, so really, she was no loss.

Tanisha xx
(Long post, sorry :))

VampireLady33 said...

one word - looser
what now? if you don't have a chance to win, then u stop following blog? wait, is that you then reading and following this just because of comps ? lmao

Baileygirl1212 said...

Wow sad, I personally love this blog.

It seems like she was in it for comps and shes most likely still a follower and is going to read the blog everyday. lmao

Sara/cutie07392 said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
I am tellin' you, that little girl is so jealous that you are extremely successful and she just wants to try to get to you.
It has never occoured to me that people might be reading this blog, just for the stuff.
Haha (:
I must be dumb.
I certinly don't, there are many people who truely love this blog and we're not going to let her ruin it for everyone.

colleenp87 said...

The more people, the tougher the competition, the harder you have to try, the better your end result will be. Thats my thoughts. Plus, quitting because it is too hard? Very cowardly.

Jessica said...

I don't read it just for the contests.

You're all great writers and all.

I haven't entered ANY of the comps yet.

I've followed it since like, April.

She is obviously a gay, sore loser.

Mimi_Mami said...

I don't read the blog for the competitions. Also I don't try my luck on competition because there are people that deserve the prize more than me.

_kool_kat_1 said...

This blog isn't ONLY for comps.. i read every post and its much more intesting and less melodramatic than some blogs i know! i love jhons graphics and yes its really cool comps you come up with but theres more to a blog that makes it popular. and why on earth would you stop following because theres alot of followers...that i frankly dont get! i love this blog cause not only for the comps but for making each post worth reading and for creating new ideas that keep us to anon, i think your the melodramatic girl who cant stand competion(wich dont you think is want comps are about) so.. thanks jenna for the great blog and just igore haters, theres to many wanna bes in this world!LOL

bobdude123 said...

good on you Jenna!!!!
some people can't just leave quietly can they???
they have to make a fuss and kick up a stink before they do.

hanastacia-M said...

I disagree with her!!

Anywho So long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night...

I hate to go and leave this pretty sight!! Goodnight!!

I shortened it alot!!

sd_is_da_best / Sinead said...

It's her loss! this blog is amazing!

BrunoExclusive said...

She losses i am on this blog for some month i never win anything but i keep trying and some day i will
Don't give up

Kathi86 said...

this blog is fab!
not only because of the comps here!
those which don't see how much effort ppl put into this blog must be blind ^^

Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...

You tell em'

Unknown said...

Why un-follow just because they didn't win in a competition. Jenna's blog is not the only one with comps. They should try out more competitions and just hope for luck like i do. lOl

sahar-star said...

This blog is great, and tat person is stupid+a coward, the comps do add for the blog but it's all great and 1 person wouldn't make a difference

Anonymous said...

Well it's her opinion she feels that way. But this is one of the fun stardoll blog, that I really like going to. The competitions does make it more interesting. You don't have to explain your blog to her, some people just don't get it. Either she didn't try too hard, or wasn't into it much.
Like some said, her loss. She should just give the blog an other try, instead of bitching.


Cali_Beauty said...

It's quality not quantity....

filipinhamaria said...

Well tht person should get a life, im a follower bc i like this amazing blog, not bc of the comps, sure the comps are really good and nobody does comps like u Jenna and people should give value to tht bc this gives much work and time to do it. Its very easy to spk bad about something, i think this is really a person tht is jealous nothing more, a looser. Ur always post interesting posts, this is my favorite blog. Its very upset to see this type of comments bc u did a great job Jenna, ur still doing and people should admire u bc ur a nice and kind person.

talonofthehawk said...

Everyone is entitled to
their own opinion, I guess.
But I do agree with you Jenna,
that it is cowardly to
not leave your name [or username in this case].

I love this blog.

Bluegreen86 said...

Yeah thats a sily messege, and I 100 percent agree with you Jenna!

Anonymous said...

Ha yes that was me i dont want to waste your time or anything i said ill try and just for the first commenter i read the blog since before 100 followers, and my blogger name is Laura my user name is purrdymuffin

Unknown said...

Is it me or are ANON's geting a little big headed?

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