Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cover girl cheating- The Full Story

As you can see HERE a source has claimed that Alex aka Vnvi has made approximately 600 accounts in which he used to vote himself CG.

Well Alex contacted me. The rumors are true. He does have 600 accounts as used them to vote himself and others CG. See below.
What do you think about this? Is it OK if they use it to help others too?
I personally think that helps. I am not going to deny that I would love to have the use of 600 accounts to help the people on our CG list, but who the hell has the time.

One of the things that makes me upset is that people spend real money on stardoll to become CG. Whether it is by broadcasting or offering's a lot of money. When other people are pursuing CG at the same time and use these accounts to win it totally cheats the other person that spent all their money.

See below where Alex says that MarsaL15 used the accounts to vote for herself on the same day that I was trying to become CG. She was suppose to support me that day (as I supported her on her day), but she won that day with the help of Alex's accounts. Then the next day Alex says that she used those accounts to vote for Vasia28 who came in 2nd.Wow, so.. I guess it was just by this blog and broadcasting that I luckily managed to pull out a win with 600 accounts already against me. Thanks also to Vasia for backing out and not want to continue voting against me.

So my point is that had I not won, those 600 accounts would have cost me the approx $2000sd in broadcasts I spent. Not cool.

Let me just state that I am not saying that Alex is not a nice person or even that he didn't deserve to win..because he is and he did! He has a fab style and suite and what he did is nothing new. I admire you Alex for admitting it and telling the truth.

I know others who have made hundreds of accounts in the past. It is a shame that CG voting can not be an honest thing. Many people have a few extra accounts and this is understandable. Even tricks to get more votes are acceptable, but 600 is basically "monopolizing the market" as it takes at least 700 votes to become CG.

Friends voting against friends, backstabbing, cheating, having to spend a ton of money.....Will it ever change?


Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...

This isn't far, at all. Even if she is using the accounts to vote ohers. Why not give people who deserve it a chance? I'm not saying she doesn't, I mean people who one it farily...

Jessica Samantha said...

Just to let you know, you didn't cover ALL evidence.
Now I know who it is.
Someone named Vasia?

Ur mom said...

People who go this far to become covergirl are pathetic. Gosh theres nothing amazing about covergirl, get over it.

- Mik-Ma

thatgirlsophy said...

omg 600 accounts LMAO! does this person have a life?
join a school club or something, seriously.

katara4 said...

i dont think it's good or something like that....
600 accs are a lot!!
idk what i should sa about that

R said...

OMG, it's not fair ! ;oo

Nevelina said...

Is it really worth it...? To spend all that money and/or vote with 600 accounts :O I'm speechless.

Eftychia / MarsaL15 said...

Jenna I want to tell my side too. Is this possible?Hell, I don't even know the password of all these accounts. How was I supposed to vote? lol. I don't say I didn't cheat but in my case there's nothing similar to what Alex is talking about now. Prob misunderstandings. Will you post it as well? I need to clear this out!

Girl with a Lightning Scar said...

LOL, even if you blacked the person who told everyone Alex cheated name out, it's still kinda obvious.

Vintage Vixen just said it.

& why make such a big deal out of this?
A LOT of covergirls in the past have cheated, that's why you keep seeing some people win over & over again.
I think it's brave that Alex has the guts to admit it & he's a nice person, he also helped his friends.

bobdude123 said...

flippin heck it must ahve taken ages!!!!
i think if you are desperate enough to go that far then good on you.

-Cooldude said...

Personally I don't think it's OK to cheat.. Wasting your life making 600 accounts, JUST for a mere 25 Stardollars and a yellow badge? It's sad. Really sad.

& People send over 300 broadcasts, which is like, 2,000 Stardollars..

Kathi86 said...

this is not fair! 600 accounts omg... can't believe it ^^ i only have one account and i was covergirl one time. but only with the votes of my great friends and not 600 own accounts ^^

rosie333. said...

I'm shocked as to how far some people will stoop just for covergirl! fayasi and Rachwee are vnvi's close friends but Eftychia!? I didn't expect her to use 600 accounts like that! Well yes, I thought she deserved it after all she does on her blog but I'm ashamed that someone who I regard on stardoll as a great, honest person winning like that!? I'm a bit stomped!

Abb_kate said...

It`s Not Right.

CG Is Supposed To Be Where You Vote For A Person Cause They Deserve It. People Who Cheat Like That Don`t Deserve It Because Without Those 600 Accounts They Wouldn`t Of Gotten It. It`s Pathetic

money makes the world go round... said...

blah blah blah blah
Eftychia,you're my friend but I'll have to say the truth you did cheat with some of these accounts.I cheated too and I really have to thank Alex because without his accounts I wouldn't have achieved it.
Now back off ,I bet all of you'd love to own 600 accounts and be able to win cg but as it's impossible you just say that it's lame.


Imagica Vasia said...

I am sure and i promise that eftychia did not use alex's accounts foe voting me !I did not use them too!I was 2nd because I psent a big amount of money..the last time i gave up for Jenna!

Eftychia / MarsaL15 said...

I never said I didn't Fay but you were the one who gave me the password and never told me they belonged to Alex and as I am telling in my blog I stopped in the 90th account.

Eftychia / MarsaL15 said...

The only thing I am sure about is that Vasia didn't win because of me and Alex cause simply I didn't vote her from any account and neither did he as I know. I was sick that day and was offline. I did send some broadcasts for her first but my full attention was to you Jenna. When I am saying something I do it too. I hope you've seen that happening. I promised to support you and I did. I have proof, I didn't vote Vasia from any accounts as well as that I voted for myself just from 90-100 accounts. I spent the same amount of stardollars the previous day too, 2000 or maybe more. I was 2 times in the top broadcasters with 127 and 221 broadcasts as I remember. If I had used all these accounts as many did in the past and won I wouldn't be so stupid to spend that much on broadcasts. I knew I'd win definitely. But I didn't want to win by that way so that's why I stopped. I clear everything out on my blog. There's the whole real story.

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Eftychia that is absolutely a lie. I talked to you several times on stardoll that day and you had every opportunity to use those accounts for Vasia.

And your attention was not to me until half way through the day when Vasia backed out and we were arguing because of you breaking your word in the first place.

Of course you would spend that much on broadcasts because you wanted to make sure you won no matter what and you couldn't be sure how many votes I would get because I was broadcasting like crazy.

It's just the principle!

sahar-star said...

CG thing isn't that big, lol
I adnit I was happy to win CG but I'd never like to take anyone's chance of winning I was really surprised when I won because I only told my friends & people in club Animal-Lovers and send 72 broadcasts only, I guess not many people were trying that day...but any way, I think all the people who won even by using the fake accounts deserve it, and I don't want to offend anyone but since the CG 'craze' we see people with good Medolls and suites on the CG when before we saw people with ugly Medolls(sorry :|) who no one ever heard of,which I think cheated too

Emii said...

Wow. That is a lot of accounts. I don't think it's fair for other people who deserve to be CG. And WOW you spent 2000 sds just to be CG!? Don't they only give you 25 sds when you become CG? :S

talonofthehawk said...

Woah, 600 accounts is a hell`a lot of accounts..
And I agree with what
most people are saying
here in the comments;
600 accounts just to
win Covergirl on Stardoll
is just.. a waste of time..
I mean, really..
It`s Stardoll..
This is going too far.
And it`s absolutely not
fair because there are
a lot of people out there
who really do deserve
to become Covergirl,
and do not make hundreds
of accounts to win!
This is not right,
those who actually
deserve this title
are not getting the
chance to win CG
because of cheaters..
Like, oh my gosh,
600 accounts?!
That`s crazy.
Maybe people like
this should get off the
computer for a bit
and go experience the real


Beauty Becomes Her said...

That so is NOT fair! First of all, like you said, who has the time?!
And second, its just stupid! People should become CoverGirl because they have a good suite, fab style and nice personality, not because they have the time and accounts to vote for themselves! >:(
I spent over 1000$ on broadcasts and never made it, and to think that they spend NOTHING and become CG is TOTALLY UNFAIR AND MEAN!
I'm not saying Alex shouldn't have won, just that she shouldn't have won by doing this.

Kc said...


Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

omg thats why however hard people try they dont make it cuz people cheat
that is so bogus i mean i spent heck of a lot trying to be cg and they came to no good its really unfai when people are working hard and others are cheating and winning and not giving others a chance...

Lillyandmile/Lilly said...

and who the hell bothers to vote for them self with 600 frikin accounts!?!?! get a life! gosh

Mario Dodovski said...

You can vote from 600 accounts in 2 hours, if you are fast and if you are 2 ;)

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