Monday, August 24, 2009


Yes, here is how to get the free Avril Lavigne perfume and bracelet.
Credit goes to Stardoll News & Tips

Follow the instructions:

1. Change your manual proxy in and Port 80

3. Join the club - now you got the perfume

4. Go down and on the right there is a case in which you have to invite one person (no matter who). So now you got the bracelet too!!

But wait it's not over yet! While you are in that same proxy, go to starplaza and you will be able to buy the items below from the Avril Lavigne shop!

If you don't know how to do the manual proxy. Here is help:

Firefox users:
Go to tools
Under the 1st section- connections- click settings
select manual proxy configuration
type where it says http proxy
type 80 where it says port
click ok.

Then click on the link to join the club and follow the directions above.

When finished go back and select no proxy and change your password to be safer.

Internet Explorer Users:
Internet Options
Lan Settings
Select box for Use a proxy server.
Type the abover numbers where it says address and port.
click ok.

Be sure to remove when finished.


Mihaela said...

I love it!!But i dont know how to change my port...=(

Anonymous said...

this proxy doesn't work for me :[

Mihaela said...

I didnt see that you write how to do that with port...ok..tnx

Yasmine said...

I dunno how to do it for Firefox 'cause I can't find Settings...

Auled I. said...

I took the perfume, the bracelet I can't and at plaza it tells me that I don't have the Adobe Flash Something, but I have it, otherwise Stardoll without proxy wouldn't show me the rooms and the plaza.

john2_el_mejor said...


The Amazing (NOT) Lilla / ewonline said...

You can just search for the clothes in Starplaza without the proxy, but the only thing I cant get is the gloves.

nicole24-7 said...

Yeah, You can buy the Black Star stuff if you search pink and dresses or grey and shoes...stuff like that. But they're on the last page.

Elle said...

anyone know how to do it for safari?

AnĂ³nimo said...

tks! it works and is wonderful!

MissFeeney said...

Help, it's not in Australia yet!!! I HOPE it comes!!

Claire Mae / Jhuyed on SD said...

Manual Proxies don't work for me - they take forever to load. And usually, it never loads. But I found the searches for most of the items:
Studded Pink Tutu Dress = black + dress. page 7
Studded Black Tutu Dress & Gathered Hem Party Dress = pink + dresses. page 5
Pink Tulle Skirt = skirt. page 9.
Pink Star Hoodie & Tie Print Shirt= pink + black + shirt. page 13
Black Star Necklace & Pink/Black Star Bracelet = pink + black + jewelery (the first one). page 1 and 2
All Shoes = black + shoes. page 11.

I can't find the tights, or the glove though. Also, the boots look a lot like the LE ones. ;)
Hope I helped to everyone who can't use the manual proxies, or if you can't get them to work.

colleenp87 said...

Thanks Jenna!

I absolutely love the studded black ankle boots!

Mihaela said...

You can buy and clothes in starbazar...just go to search.

Rab92 said...

Omg I Want Them! Even Though I`m A Boy Lol.
But I Don`t Know How To Change The Manual Proxy. =(
The Ankle Boots Are To Die For!


Katherine9870 said...

WOW!! thanks soooo much! your a star...

_kool_kat_1 said...

i love the shop!! so cool! im definatley gonna buy stuff

Anonymous said...

It works for me, thanks :D

pinkpoppy212 said...

I just wanted the clothes, lol. I didn't really care about the perfume, and it didn't work for me anyways :P

lipgloss_babe91 said...

I used a different Proxy but thats a Swidish one right? And im really strugling to find a American one then when i do i cant get onto stardoll =[ Can anyone give me an american proxy and port and a link to stardoll please =] xxx

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