Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well as Ewonline has already announced...We did it (Thank you!) Can you believe it! I can't! Thank you all so much for helping make my stardoll experience complete! I am so happy to finally have that lovely gold rosette finally adorn my walls(lol)! I love you all!!!
(That's me!!! LOL)
Special thanks again to my Best Friends AGAIN Filipinhamaria, Bluegreen86 for working tirelessly and supporting me non-stop. I love you both. You are truly my Stardoll Sisters! Filipa! You are next!!!

Thanks to all of you who posted in your clubs and blogs and voted from numerous accounts!

Thanks also to MarsaL15 for supporting me and putting me on her presentation and blog after winning Cover Girl.

I'd like to do that for another as well. Please if you are not to worn out. Take a moment and visit VASIA28
She really wanted to win and cam in 2nd today! In the end yersterday she stopped sending broadcasts and threw her support to me. Who knows it might have made all the difference between 1st and 2nd. Thank you hun! So please vote her today if you can!

She is on vacation today, but it would be great if she won!

As for the RAFFLE... I am going to start entering all the names into the raffle software. It will take a while as they are all over the place, but the results should be up by the end of the day or tomorrow!

Thanks again!!!


Jaderiane said...

Congrats Jenna!
I will go vote VASIA28 now

fifibannana said...


filipinhamaria said...

Im so happy Jenna i cry when i saw u on stardoll magazine, i really happy for u hunny, im so prowed to be ur friend, ur like a sister to me, u really deserve, now everyone know how amazing u are, U have the most amazing blog, u do the best comps and ur tranform people's dreams in reality. I already know tht but i want everyone to know too. Im so luck to be ur friend i did suport u and if u werent covergirl today i would help u untill u reach 1 place. Ill be ur friend forever and im here to help and suport, ur always can count with me Jenna. Today is a great and amazing day, is ur day Jenna.

john2_el_mejor said...

Congratz! Congratz! I´m so happy. You´re one of my best friend and I voted 5/5/ for you on my all sd accounts and friends.


talonofthehawk said...

Congrats, congrats` Jenna!

I don`t know what to say,
I`m just happy for you!

When I logged in this morning,
I saw you on the front page
and I was like,
"Oh my Goshh!"
So again,
`Cuz you deserved it.


Jinniy said...

Congrats Jenna (may I call you Jenna?) =)
You deserved it, I'm so happy for you! =D

Anonymous said...

I Knew It. I Knew All Along She`d Do It Eventually!
She Really Deserves It.
I Sent Mail To All Of My Friends To Vote You, So I Hope They Voted You!

Love Rab92.

Susan said...

Yay! You're covergirl! You really, really did deserve it Jenna. Congratulations!


Love, Susan [Spicychic18]

katara4 said...

when i logged in , i waited that the slideshow started and then... YOU WERE ON IT!! i was so happy, cuz i think you really deserve it :)
congrats again ;D

_kool_kat_1 said...

congrats! enjoy this special day to the fullest!! =)

BrunoExclusive said...

Jenna i know that now you are helping vasia and she is nice and she deserve it but i would like if you could help me i am making a raflle with many prizes gifts , codes, and HB's. I voted VAsia could you please tell peoples to vote me i don't have much money for adversitement but i am doing my very best

Eftychia / MarsaL15 said...

Congratulations Jenna! I knew you would win! Thanks for the feature but as you know you are one of my bf and I couldn't resist not to support you. I am always here for u hun and today is your day!!! ;)

MollyMasquerade said...

Well Done Jenna!
You really deserved it, as do all the other girls who won this week. Congratulations, it's an amazing achievement, and you worked so hard for it! :)

Stefany R. said...

Congrats Jenna :)

Anonymous said...


Regina said...

wow, you really deserve it ^^ i voted you, too :) congrats ^^

2_cutecarla said...

I am happy for you Jenna.
Filipa your great.

JAjusticemonkey said...

omg good job ! congratz ! :]

Sara/cutie07392 said...

I'm so happy you're CG!
Congrats Jenna, and can't wait for the raffle (:

Anonymous said...

I voted u cause AmazingBlossom told me to!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

polI voted u cause AmazingBlossom told me to!!!!

Anonymous said...

AmazingBlossom told me vote u hope she win she really deserve it!!!

Tasnimc said...

I knew you'd get it and you totally deserved it too-well done dear!

Bluegreen86 said...


hahaha when I saw your face on the cover screen I started screaming out of joy! Omg I am so happy and am so glad all of everyone's votes and hard work counted!

and you are so sweet, you really are like my sister too and that is why I knew I needed to do everything ot help!


Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...

Congratz Jenna! You deserve it!
I told all my friends to vote, and I voted you on all 6 of my account

hanastacia-M said...

I shall go vote vasia28!!

iluvedwardc. said...

you deserve it<33


katsachocoholic said...

Congratulations Jenna!!

I'm so happy you won!! :)

sd_is_da_best / Sinead said...

aaaw! Filipa's comment is so sweet!!! You are definitely one of the most worthy Covergirls of all time!!! x Enjoy it hun!! :)

thatgirlsophy said...

omg thats so insane! the power of a blog...LOL wow congrats!

PapaPaparazzi said...

Congrats to you again Jenna! You so deserved this. And bluegreen86 and filipinhamaria also did a great job. Jenna your blog is so amazing and I hope this is one of the ways we could thank you for having such an amazing blog and having so many comps and everything! I hope you enjoy your covergirl dream. Now I'm on my way to the page of vasia. So congrats again Jenna! Bye Bye, Bart :]

dotish said...

hello, l am Dotish and l vote u CG with my 48 dolls, and other day 31 more :))

Unknown said...

Congratz ! =]
You're a stardoll diva ;D

Anonymous said...

reading this makes me so glad that I quit Stardoll. I know its an accomplishment of some sort but its so meaningless. There is so much better things to do with your time. I honestly don't even know...I just find it sad, especially because I was in that position not too long ago where I couldn't live without Stardoll and I would get so happy every time someone omplimented me on my outfit or said they thought my medoll was pretty. It's all so superficial and in real life, it means nothinh- it will get you nowhere.

Уαsмıиe♥ said...

Well done [:
Now I wanna win xD
Please help, guys?

bobdude123 said...

congratulations and i think that what filipinhamaria said i sooo sweet!!!!
you deserve it

Unknown said...


.mmzzsmile. said...

Congratulations!! You really deserve it!

lizeth said...

i voted CG for u
the days: 6 and 7 :)
lol i really hope win aww
im gussana__x
in stardoll :)

lizeth said...

i voted CG for u
the days: 6 and 7 :)
lol i really hope win aww
im gussana__x
in stardoll :)

lizeth said...

i voted CG for u
the days: 6 and 7 :)
lol i really hope win aww
im gussana__x
in stardoll :)

nicole24-7 said...


Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Anonymous...really. I think most people realize this is a virtual site and that it is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.

It was just an accomplishment to have
achieved on this site. I wanted to achieve it at least once and I did. The end. If I had not..oh well I would have moved on.

I do not define myself or my life by stardoll..btw if you are still reading stardoll related blogs..I hate to tell ya, but you didn't quit.

Chiccybabe said...

Congratulations! You deserve it

Kc said...

Yayy!! Congrats Jenna!! You REALLY deserve it!!! I'm VERY happy for you!!

daisy-croatia said...


You really deserved it Jenna.

You're the best. =)

Liza (elisaveta1994) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Liza (elisaveta1994) said...

I was sure you would win! :P
As I usually say about those who recently win CG - definitely, that's the secret of winning - offer people money and they will immediately make you CG. Hehe.

Shinygirl772 said...


Mishka1997/Caroline said...

Yay! I'm so happy,Jenna coz u won! U raelly deserve it,not much of people at Stradoll really deserves too win,but u deserve! Congrats,again! Also sending u one more 5/5 star and I wish u would win again :) Congrats!

Sophie-G. said...

Yayy! I voted for you. You TOTALLY rock. I can't wait to find out who won the raffle. I'd like to say thanks for giving people this amazing oppurtunity to us and another congratulations!

Vitium said...

Congrats, you deserve it :)

*tiina* / tiina--- said...

conqraz! ( :
It is really hard to be covergirl today, cause everyone wants to!

colleenp87 said...

Congratulations sweetie! You deserve it =)

Ciara said...

Congrats Jenna! :)
You deserved it! x

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