Monday, August 3, 2009

MakeUp Tutorial - Smokey Eyes.

Hey everyone I decided to make some makeup tutorials to guide you while you're styling your medoll. My first tutorial will be, how to create the smokey eye look!
(Click on the Picture to Zoom)

1. Blush - I started off with a light stroke of blusher to make the cheek stand out a bit more (Isn't necessary to the smokey look but it makes the medoll look better!).

2. Starter Eye Shadow - I used a light coat of white for the starting eyeshadow. I think it brings out the eyes a bit more once it comes to the end of the tutorial.

3. 2nd Stroke of Eye Shadow - I used a light grey eyeshadow for the second stroke of eyeshadow, but this eyeshadow was for Sephora so it may not be available for some of you (Sorry about that). And I did 1 light stroke across the eye, still leaving you with white above it though (be careful to leave some white).

4. 3rd Stroke of Eye Shadow - I used black eyeshadow (found in Kat Von D Makeup) and just do another light stroke above the eye, still allowing you to see the lighter grey and white above.

5. Mascara - I used the volumising mascara for the 5th step! Just simply add it to the eyelashes. :)

6. Liquid Liner - Put a light bit of eyeliner around the eye but make sure not to make a huge flick at the end. It won't look good in the end. So just stick to a tiny flick, hardly noticable (Like seen in the picture).

7. Pencil Liner - *Very Important* for this look. Apply it fully over the top of the eye only! See in the picture if you don't understand. :)

8. White Pencil Liner - To make the eye stand out a bit more, apply a little smudge of white eye pencil in the corner of the eye. This gives it more effect. :)

9. The Last Touch - And lastly, if you think the eye could be a bit darker, you can add another stroke of black eyeshadow just above the eye.

And Ta-da! :P You're finished!

Did you like the tutorial, would you like more? Any makeup you would like to see next time? :)
Leave a comment with your opinion, please. Thank you, Ciara. x


_kool_kat_1 said...

you should really do more! its a very good tutorial!thanks!

Mihaela said...

Thank you!!..That is realy good!..=) more tutorials!!..=)))))))))

Anonymous said...

Really nice [:

Sara/cutie07392 said...

The makeup look really good!
Do more!
I would really like a lavender eyeshadow/soft pastel look next time!

PapaPaparazzi said...

Love it. Make more!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thats great :]
Please do a make-up tutorial every week! Its so good, you have great taste! x

Bluegreen86 said...

Wow! You really really should do more, I absolutely love the finish product and im going to try my best to try it on my own medoll later!

Wow! :D

Ashton Eramya said...

WOW this is so awesome. 10/10

ashkitkat90 said...

It was really good. But next time could you use prodocts that are still in the starplaza? Thx ! But other than that it was really nice!

Ciara said...

Thank you, glad you liked it! :)

Yeah, I'm sorry that they're not in the starplaza. :/
But I like to use different colours too and DOT is too colourful sometimes. I'll try more though. lol :P

C. x

katara4 said...

aww.... thats so wonderful .. *-*
i'm trying it now on my medoll ;D

and i also think you should post more posts about that... *-*
i totally love it ^^

Unknown said...

thanks, it's very very beautiful,
it's a good job !! !
i love it !!

Aaliyah/hip-hop-girl123 [On SD] said...

Awesome tutorial, you should totally make more!

Anonymous said...

Omg. I love this article. It's something new in this blog. I love everything what concerned with make up. xD
Thank you and Hope to see more soon.

Unknown said...

Great Job C!

XforaX said...

Wow these are really cute ]: but im not a superstar

Cali_Beauty said...

I'm gonna try this! I've always tried to do the smokey eye look but never worked lol.


filipinhamaria said...

I love it, and i also like the make-up, u have very good taste, i would like to see more make-up tutorials.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous makeup, you have a real talent for it (:
I'd love to see more!

Smiley said...

Great tutorial, I'm looking forward to next! ;]

xoxo Denise

Anonymous said...

I'm an eyeshadow girl and I really like your end result. Cute tutorial. How about a FOTD(face of the day idea). Like 70-80's glam/sexy or a netural cat/wing tip look? Even MAC or BB looks?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this tutorial :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, i rly suck @ makeup for Medolls so i needed this. Please make more!!!

Ciara said...

Thank you for commenting. :)
Glad you liked it, and I will be making more. x

C. x

MollyMasquerade said...

sweet :)

2_cutecarla said...

Your great. How did you lay it out like you did? Photoshop?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.

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