Saturday, December 9, 2017


Have you heard about Andy Warhol. Sure, but what about The Factory? Just in case you haven't, that was the hangout of all hangouts in the 60s. That's the place where the famous pop art was painted (and pretty much invented) and where Edie Sedgwick was photographed every other day. Holding a cig and with no shoes on, of course.

Today I'm showing you how to decorate a room inspired by the wild-party-at-the-factory era without spending tons of time and money at Bazaar. What does this kind of interior mean? Lots of silver and cameras, all available in Plaza!

First of all, the interior. I'm getting the Dinner at Eight, but there are a few more options! All pics are clickable.
And as for the tree, while a normal person would just buy a non-standard pine, I decided to get Krafty.  So I took a silver sculpture and heaped a bunch of Puffy Harlow Sleeves on it :D
We'll also need to add some furniture: Factory needs a velvet-y sofa for the guests to sit and a table to hold all their drinks!
Finally, it's time to decorate. Get some canvas and paint because it's an artist studio and some cameras because movies were filmed there, too. And some pop art, we're getting inspired by Warhol, after all!
I also like the idea of putting some brightly coloured details like the gifts and the cocktails and adding in even more silver with a curtain(Silver Sparkle Curtain, Kitsch), pendants and disco ball(s). The neon sign saying 'love me' is a perfect allusion to the 15 minutes of fame concept, so I added it, too. Here's what I used and what I suggest using:
And just that easy we're putting together our non-standard holiday room! I wanted it to be messy, because you have zero tie to tidy up when you're an NYC's nightlife creature.
What do you think about these ideas? What would your Warhol room look like?

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