Friday, December 1, 2017


Stardoll has put out a holiday calendar where each day we will have a special deal that we can purchase.

Today's deal is on a mini decorative advent calendar that you can get for $45sc
What do you think of this calendar?

I want to briefly address what happened the other day and a few other things.

First, I want to apologize for not being able to be here. I am finding it more and more difficult to be able to find the energy and time to think about Stardoll and the blog. As most of you know this is my first year of Med School and it is increasingly demanding. Not too mention, the health issues that I have had and am still having that have really put me behind schedule in everything.

I hope to be able to continue the blog in some form, but I will have to think on that over my winter break. I will say, that if this is blog is going to continue... we need more people willing to post whenever available. It needs to function as a community blog where everyone helps out.
Most of the posts we do are pretty much the same...when a new release comes out, we try and do a comp. So it's not difficult. We also have an account that is set up for prize payouts so it does not have to come out of your pocket. So if you are interested in helping out, please let me know as this will help me determine whether to continue or wrap it up.

Next, I will be posting any outstanding comp results and polls over the weekend. So please just be a little more patient.

Lastly, I am disappointed in the goings on the other day in chat and to hear that some other valued members have also left because of disputes here on this blog. 

This has always been a warm caring community which is something I really valued here. I know we all have bad days or there are people here that could be more polite, but we all have to remember to be respectful when we speak to each other. I do not want the verbal attacks from either members to moderators, moderators to members or even moderators to moderators. That just shouldn't happen. Take a moment to think about if what you typed sounds rude as it is hard to interpret tone this way. Also, take a moment and ask yourself is it really my place to get involved. If you feel it is something that really needs to be addressed you can always contact me.

All parties involved have been restored to the blog as it is my decision that I found fault on all sides and the situation could have been handled better by everyone. If they have not already, they will be receiving a message from me.

Thank you to everyone who took steps to contain the situation and I appreciate Sunnysidessue closing the chat.

 This is such a rare situation here, so please don't let it color your opinion of the blog.

Thank you to all who contribute and participate. Your help is greatly appreciated and I know these rare situations do not reflect who we are as a community, but any consistent trouble makers will be blocked going forward.

Let's now put it behind us.

Also, as for grey areas with the chat..

I really feel that chat can be used for anything you feel like talking about as long as it isn't inappropriate. I know we have a designated area for sales but have no issue in people occasionally posting their sales there or ootd.  I promotes conversation and if it is something that personally bothers you. just skip over the post and move on.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you, Jennađź’•

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