Tuesday, December 12, 2017

'Tis the Season is out in Plaza and new Calendar gift!

Hello dolls! Stardoll recycledleased the 1st decor shop for this winter and it's 'Tis the Season.

They are all items released before and I'm not even gonna pretend I'm surprised.

Prices range between 25 and 3 sd. There are 3 starcoin items.

I think the most wanted item will be the animated snowfall(although it's rather expensive) and the Christmas tree. 

So I'm giving this release 1 star:
What do you think of this shop? Are you buying anything?

Now for the calendar:
It's a Herm├ęs Bordeaux Croco Kelly bag! It is expensive of course, but it's suprisingly well made. 

Do you like it? Are you going to buy?


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