Tuesday, December 5, 2017

HotBuys Mod Shift Dress is OUT

The second Hot Buys item for this month has (finally) arrived (thank you  It is HotBuys Mod Shift Dress from Pretty n' Love and it costs 28 SD (25 SD for Royalty members).

I'm not the biggest fan, to be honest. It looks just so plasticky ... Not to mention that it's just a recoloured version of May Hot Buys dress. (If anyone forgot what did it look like, here it is)

What are your thoughts on this dress (December one, or both 😉) Will you be buying the new version? Did you prefer the old one? Tell us in the comments below.

SIDE NOTE: While I was creating that quick look above, I noticed this little thing:
(From top to bottom: STARDOLL FEAT. Charley24 Mary Janes for 20 SD, Pearls Patent Mary Jane Heels for 7 SD and Millionaire Mansion Fashion Suede Mary Janes for 14 SD)

It looks like oversized denim jacked/high waisted jeans situation to me ...

Have a nice day!

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