Sunday, December 10, 2017

Wishlist Season

There's always someone with more starcoins than they know what to do with - and someone else desperately hoping for some! I'm not so sure anyone has that issue with stardollars, but who knows?

So, if you've got a wishlist filled to the brim, or a bunch of items you can never quite afford - or like me, forget to buy until it's too late - then this is your chance! Post your wishlist pic down below, along with your username. If you've never been SS, make sure to add that in! As I mentioned in the Birthday tips post, it's best to have a variety of items on your wishlist.

Gifters, please reply to the comment with the name of the item you bought/gifted. This will hopefully stop anyone from ending up with 30 of the same thing.

Bella suggested a secret Santa, and we may yet do that, but until then I think this is a nice way to help your fellow dolls out in the silly season.

Image result for wishlist stardoll

Plaza wishlists only please - this is for gifting, not sales and exchanges!


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