Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Market fun!

Hi guys, how was your Christmas? I hope all of you ate themselves full and had relaxing days! Technically, I wanted to do this before Christmas but I simply didn't had the time so I'm doing this now (:

Every year my mom and I used to collect items we didn't used anymore: clothes, toys etc and gave it to the local hospital throught the Red Cross. So I decided to bring this tradition here and make it a little 'stardoll-ish'

Welcome to my thrift shop

These are my Stardollar items I no longer use:

And these are my Starcoin items I no longer need:

If you want a closer look, you can find them on the LOWER floor of my Loft/penthouse.

So the rules are:

- This is for ACTIVE members only
- Because of timezones, the Thrif shop will be open till Friday (Dec 29.) 16:00 CET.
- Write in the comments what item/s you would like. Please only choose the items you REALLY want and will use it. If someone already picked the ones you want, you can outbid them. All bids start with 1 sd/1 sc(aka the minimum). 
- Starcoin items will be sold ONLY for starcoins and stardollar items for stardollars. No exceptions. Respect the rules.

Have fun!!!


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