Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Shine Bright Comp!

The holidays are here and so is the holiday spirit! With that being said, I’m in a mood to host a holiday competition!

For this competition, I want you to create an outfit that shines! This means that you must create an outfit that uses GLITTER and/or METALLIC. It can be any color, but it must shine or sparkle. Keep in mind that this is a holiday comp so make sure your outfits are festive! This can range from using holiday colors to dressing up for a holiday party – the choice is yours!

You have until December 19 to submit your entry.

You may use another doll to create your outfit (just state whose doll you used).
You may create your outfit in the Starplaza.
Don't forget your Stardoll username.

Prizes will range from 50sd to 100sd depending on the number of entries.

Good luck & may the best doll win! 


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