Sunday, December 17, 2017


Hi everyone! As a part of my holiday decor series, this post will show how to make your Christmas room an ultimately 2017 one, all in pink tones.

As usual, we're avoiding Starbazaar and trying to choose items that will cost us an arm and a leg. That's why we're starting with choosing an interior ~wisely~. I'd suggest something like these, light and with some windows to show outdoors:
Now, the centerpiece, the tree. You might go ultimately pink with a pile of boxes from Kitsch, pick a blue pine from Film Theory or get your self a classy green tree like mine from 'Tis The Season.
We'll also need some furniture to make a room guest-ready. I've opted for light/clear pieces like these (but there are many, many other options in Plaza,like pink sofas and pink bar stools).
Not to the most fun part, filling the room with little cute things! We're hanging a ceiling light and some garlands...
...adding some textiles to make the room pinker and cozier...

...and also decorating the tree, setting the table, and well, creating some Christmas-ey vibe in the room!

And that's it! We're ready to celebrate the holidays with our nice and rosy room! I made mine two slightly different ways:
What do you think? 
What your pink holiday room would look like?

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