Friday, December 4, 2009


I've been noticing lately how much stuff is really for Superstars and how many of you have been saying that you can not get it because of that. I also see a lot of superstars who can't afford many of the things released. It really saddens me. I am just one person, but in the spirit of the holidays..I'd really like to help the few I can.

So if you have been an ACTIVE follower of this blog for a while. Meaning you comment our posts and participate as much as possible..sign your name in comments.


~NON-SUPERSTARS: You must provide a screen print showing that you are not superstar and a screen print of your recent transactions showing the last time you were superstar.

SUPERSTARS: If you are just broke and have basically been so for awhile. Take a screen print showing your current stardollars and also a image of your recent transactions and last date you purchased SS.

* Obviously do NOT show any personal or important information. Black it out in paint.

I will be looking at your screen prints and your participation and making people superstar and giving away stardollars throughout the month of December.

Obviously if I have no idea who you means you haven't been active and I will not choose you. Sorry.



RihannyX said...

Waw Jenna!!
You're out Stardoll Santa!! Heh.=D

Altought i'm not a ss, I won't enter, because i've won a copmetition in one club, i've won much money and it wouldn't be fair for me to enter...
So i'le leave a spot to someone else.=)
Happy holidays!! =D

ILoveWicked. said...

That's so nice!

This is a print screen showing my recent transactions:

this is a print screen showing the one time i was superstar, from a comp here:

This is a print screen showing i am non ss:

Thanks :D

Melissakuh said...

A fantastic idea!
You are really the most generous person I know!
You are going to make people so happy! I'm not going to sing my name, because I have enough money, but I don't spend a lot. I have my own trick: I only buy things with the 5 stardollars a day, and then just buy during the sales. Like that I can save a lot of money!

keaty said...

ow u are super nice! hope u know who i am! XD i have been in some polls and is my screen print i'm not ss

Miss_LolitaF said...

I can say that right now I have 210 Stardollars! And 28 Days left as SS!

Anyway i dont wanna be in becase more people deserve to be in!

Kerry. said...

That's really nice, Jenna! :]

I am SS and I get Stardollars often, so I won't enter of course, but good luck to everyone who enters!

No-one in particular said...

That is such a sweet thing to do!
Here is my proof:

I have never been superstar, so it would be nice ;]
Also, I only started following this blog about a week or 2 ago so I'm sorry if I'm not an active member =[

L.Buttly said...

Hi Jenna! I had already participated of some competitions here.. I have never been superstar!

I'm not superstar:
(i'm from brazil, so it's in portuguese.. but you can see that i'm not superstar!)

My recent transactions:

that's all.. Thanks!!

bent-ksa said...

Jenna That's So Nice !

Well..I Have A lot Of Money XD
But Sadly i'm Not SS ...

Soo yes i will sign in

Shayan. said...

Thanks Jenna for lending a hand towards the poor, non-ss !

wwediva224 said...


VintageLoveDoll said...

Is it possible if I Email you for the pics cuz its in my Documents

wwediva224 said...
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wwediva224 said...

me not as superstar

my transactions

last time i was superstar

keaty said...

ow i have to sign otu form this giveaway my sister surpeised me with a code!! :D

SpockRocker said...

Thank you for being so generous!
i love your blog and try to be as active as i can be and the last time its been a long time since i've been ss. hope you feel i deserve it. Here are the details:

taranee25 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
taranee25 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
taranee25 said...

Wow! That's really nice! Really generous.

I'm a ss, but I have only 9sd. I had like 50, but I've spent it when the ss sale was on. Here's the link:

Mihaela said...

I agree with RihannyX you are out Stardoll Santa!!!
You will make so many members happier!!
I have 10 days left ss and 35sds...
I know there is a lot of people who deserve it more then me!

Katsumy said...

Hi Jenna!
Looks like you are being a Santa this year! Haha! ;D
Anyways, I hope I can be in. :]
Im a non-ss,1 sd and other details are here.
And lately, I haven't been buying any items from starplaza. Lots of things are for superstars and all items for non-ss are expensive. :[

sezena. said...

Aww this is soo nice n generous
i think i apply so here is my links showing,
im not ss
n have lil money lol ;)

the last time i was superstar:

Tiina--- said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ameena said...

That's so kind! I just bought ss lol, so I won't enter :D

There are some people that really deserve to win :)


Haute Skinny Latte said...

Wow, great idea...again!!! ♥
My Superstar Status (ends on Sunday):

My (recent) transaction history:

Tiina--- said...

This is really nice of u!
I am ss now, but only for a few more days... I think it's fair for me to enter this. I've never hade a 200 sd code, I just had to save up sds and make smart trades :) Since stardoll changed the month worth txt code to only 2 weeks I won't be ss very often anymore :/

My information is here:

+ Happy Holidays to everyone : )

Unknown said...

Hi! Great idea, you're so generous and kind!

Here's the pic showing I'm not superstar:

Recent transactions:


misscaitlin9999 said...

im new but ive entered and commented a lot!

misscaitlin9999 said...

youre the best jenna! you light up my day! :D

xxxxxqueenxxxxx said...

That's a great idea.
I just wanted to ask, can my friend participate, even if she doesn't have a Blogger account?

Gosia said...

im out
but just want to say
you are really, really good and nice preson

BrunoExclusive said...

Well i just bought 2 weeks today does that mean i can't be in because i haven't bought it for a while

jaade ;] said...

Here's minee.

Hehe, Thankiiess.

thanu said...

my transactions & non-ss:
i was never ss b4 :( ... but i put my transactions anywayz

Caroline said...

This is a great way to reward followers! I think I have been quite active - I comment almost every post I read unless I don't have time, and I join in all the competitions! I've also been giving feedback to people on the practise blog for quite a while.
Here's my screenprint:
Thank you and good luck everyone!

Caroline [crazycaz07]

~Saku~ said...

Aww Jen seeing this post kinda of brighten my day, especially after I fail my CPT test. It's so nice of you to do that.
Who ever wins that it would be a good holiday gift for them. I really don't know how you do it, but it's a good thing that you do. ^.^

~Saku~ said...

My bad, I don't know why I keep calling you Jen. Maybe because I know a lot of Jennifers and Jen.

Unknown said...

so jenna-rous lol get it

(so generouss get it now lol)

i will do a screen print 2 morrow cos dad doesnt have it on his computer


aka young_talented

Unknown said...

i have never been ss either

Emorox4eva/Jenna said...

Saku I normally go by Jen in RL, but I spell it Jenn :)

Sorry about your test :(

katieLove1 said...

jenna this is so nice. your soo generous. im superstar but recently spent all my money on the DKNY that came out. So now i only have 3 dollars left. i know that this is an amazing club because your such an AMAZING person for doing things like this. THIS is what makes this club the best.

her is proof of my money situation and my transactions.

Ameena said...

Awsome, here's my entry:

I'm the kinda person who would wear this outfit in RL lol!


Ooglefish said...

Wow, i wasn't expecting this, a lovely idea though and very generous. Here is the info about my stardoll:

Thank you for the chance to enter.

Anita said...

=D you're soooooooooooooo nice!!!
I'm not ss and that's my screenprint:

Rachii said...

I've never been a Superstar so I obviously can't show you the last time I was one, but I took a screenprint anyway:

this is such a sweet idea :)

smoothielove said...

First I'd just like to say, you're one hell of a kind person! And this blog will go to the stardoll history of bright things :)

Here you see I'm not ss..

And here you see the latest time I was..

xoxo Molly /smoothieLove

Tinkerbells -- Ada said...

OMG!! you are sooo generous!! I agree with other girls... You will make happy a lot of people!! :D

Good luck girls!! ;)

AbbieJane said...

my proof is here

i wrote you a message on it so i hope you have time to read it.

please let me win i really want to buy some voile clothes

xx Little.miss.28

Anonymous said...

she's no santa - she's an angel from above :D :)
you're like so(!!) helpful and nice :)

Anyways, I'll enter too, it's been 3 months when I was a superstars :S :D

I'm not a superstar -
My transactions -
Last time superstar (purchased in February, it lasted 6 months , so that means it ended in August) -


nicole24-7 said...

Oh, my gosh!!! You are sooo generous :)
It's nice to know that there are really kind people like you :)

Oh, I have never been superstar, but I have 82 star dollars because I rarely ever spent money on SD :p

heartparis2/Lila said...

hey Jenna this was great idea ur so kind and generous to do this and i wish everyone luck!! my info is here:

Lila (; heartparis2

p.s ur like santa stardoll kool

26jen said...

What if I'm a rich non-superstar cuz I saved my money from when I was superstar? (I have less than $500 though, but more than $300)

P.S. That's SO generous of you. Jenna, you seriously rock, incase you didn't already know that from the comments above me.

26jen said...

I'm just going to write these here so I don't lose them. If its okay that I'm kinda rich, I won't comment again with these same urls:
Non-Superstar Proof:
Last Time I was Superstar: (DANG that was a year ago. UGH!)

Chiccybabe said...

Thats fantastic!

Unfortunately I am superstar and have some stardollars.

Good luck and enjoy the sd's!

InnerBeautyGirl said...

I dont comment alot on post to i cant join ill try my best next time i have 98 sd and i am ss but only for a few days even though im not in it here is proff i dont think i deserve the sd only ss but im not in so yea nice talking to u!

Rab92 said...

Jenna, That`s So Nice Of You!
No Other Person On Stardoll Would Ever Do Such A Thing, Only You & That`s Why You`re So Great.

I`d Love To Be Part Of This But I Don`t Really Know How To Show The Transactions... :S


ADJAJA/Anna said...

Here is all of my stuff in one picture:

Thank you for this opportunity, it's so nice!

Anonymous said...

Ah Jenna, that's a very kind of you (:
I am a non-SS and will never be.
Here it is >

I've been saving my money for ages. Lmao but too bad now the 1sd campaign ends :)

2_cutecarla said...

Hey Jenna Thanks!!

I was one of the first members who participated in this blog. I was September 08's covergirl, so I have been around for a while.
Anyways, here's the screenies:

ADJAJA/Anna said...

Oops I realized the transactions were a bit vague. Here is more:

STARDOLL said...

here is my entry


good luck everyone=]

xKaboum said...

I love you so much! You have no idea how hard this recession has hit me! You are sooo kind!

This link is a printscreen of both my transactions and my non-superstar proof :]

Thank you so much!
xKaboum <3

Rab92 said...

I Think I`ve Got The Hang Of It Now...

Here`s All The Info Needed (I Think):

& Once Again, It`s So Nice Of You To Help Us, Non SS, Out Like This.

Heart Newbridge said...

Thank you so much Jenna!
You're such a generous person!

You're the Stardoll Santa! LOL.


I'm Non-SS, and those are my transactions ^^

I have nevr been SS in my life.

marcelak said...

You are very generous!I hope you get all the happiness you give for others .

Abb_kate said...

You Are Really Generous (:

Here Is My Recent Transactions, When I Was Superstar, And Proof That I Am Not Superstar


Abb_kate said...

My Image Thing Didn`t Work.

Here Is The Real One

reira422 said...

Thank you Jenna :D It's worth a try for me I guess. I really want to become SS again because I want the Floral Enchanted Dress XD Actually, I just want superstar membership and don't need a lot of stardollars.

Proof of non ss and last time ss

Nicole said...

Hi Jenna this is really nice of you I want to get my sister to be a superstar for christmas she never join but I do sometimes im in polls my name is nebrittashley this is my sisters money[IMG][/IMG]

Nicole said...

Athena said...

wow That's so nice of you I will not enter in this comp cause I have already many stardollars and I am superstar. you are sooo good!!!!

Caro :) said...

Great Idea :)
I was a time an ss but just for a month
Here is the proof:

BabyDoll980 said...

I'm in. Even though I'm ss, i only have a few days left. I buy my ss via sms but now stardoll has changed it to only 2 weeks. i can't afford to have ss every time it expires. i wud love to get ss! good luck to everyone! oh and thnx jenma for being so kind! may god bless you!

BabyDoll980 said...

oh btw, the 17sd purchase was for the new voile collection, which i used for the new voile poll. i always participate in comps and polls, i am a contrbuting writer (practice one) and i comment as much as possible, or the posts that are relevant to me. im a follower too!

Cherri Blossom said...

jenna your really kind!! its amazing someone can be this generous!!

this shows the date i was last superstar and proving that im not superstar right now


Cali_Beauty said...

Lmao, Stardoll Santa. :)

It's a great thing to do, although I will not participate because I do have Stardollars, I just don't buy new releases because I can't buy any Stardollars. So, what I gave is all I have, but at least I have, right?


katara4 said...

i just say WOW...^^

but i think i wont enter....
there are hard times and i know that i wont buy as much as stardollars i had before.
and i've been saving my money for more than 7 months (i'm still saving xO)... and i think it wouldnt be fair if i enter :l

so good luck to the other ones :)

smoothielove said...

Oh, btw, my friend just made me superstar, so I guess I can't enter, though I'm still pretty broke xD

pinkpoppy212 said...

That's really nice of you, Jenna! It's really generous.
Here's my screen print showing that I'm not ss:
Here are my recent transactions:
And this shows the one time I was ss:
Thanks again for this opportunity Jenna, it's really nice!

iluvedwardc. said...

Wow, Jenna!
you're so generous,
i don't know any other
person who does stuff like
this, anywayss
here is my screen print:

Lauren Keeley said...

wow that's a really nice thing to do :')

proof i'm superstar & current stardollars:

recent transactions:

last time i bought superstar:

good luck to everyone else and merry nearly christmas(:

Emma said...

wow are sooo kind and generous! i'll be sure to enter :)

Daisy April Smith said...

Great idea Jenna !!
Here's my stuff:


Thanks so much .. and good luck to the others :]
Happy Holidays x

No-one in particular said...

Oh nvm, I just became ss for 2 weeks thanks to a BRILL friend =]

sd_is_da_best / Sinead said...

You are so generous Jenna.
I am non-ss at the moment and I don't have a lot of sd. I have been ss 3 times in the two years that I have been on Stardoll.

I have been active on your blog for about 6 or 7 months and I really enjoy entering competitions even if I don't win.

Happy Holidays! I hope you have a safe and happy Christmas with your family :)

Princess-A said...

wow jenna your fab x

cheerleader2648 said...

I can tell you I have NEVER been SS,only on my other acount cooi999 in April.

Here is Proof I am Non-SS:(it also has some of my trans but not able to get full view)

I have not been able to get on this site because my computer would not let me:( So for now on I am going to try to get on it and comment.

Wenqi said...

thx! ur my Holiday Stardoll Santa! the las time i was SS was prepaid card and it was a b-day present


InnerBeautyGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Oh my gosh Jenna you are so wonderful! You have been Santa's apprentice for the whole year giving up sd...hohoho merry x-mas jenna..i hope Stardoll will reward you...
God bless always!!

Unknown said...

Wow Jenna yours so Jenna-ourous
Get the joke lol
heres my transactions
and i will give other 2 moz cos im on a trial king kong and can only save 1 a day

xxthnx Charity (aka young_talented)xxx

Shayan. said...

Jenna ,sweety here are my recent transactions and non-ss status
here it is
btw, i have been ss only once during the almost 3 years I have been on stardoll

cooldeer123 !

Emma said...

wonderful idea jenna!

here's my screen print:

stardoll username: dancekicksbutt

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
dam552 said...

I am not entering this, I just want to comment on what a generous thing you are doing, Happy Holidays to you !

Megan Burr said...

Jenna, thank you so much,

MY screen print showing everything -

Megan (cherrysugar10)

Yekin said...

Wow that is really generous!

I have lots of school work and things so im not able to come and participate here very often. But, when I log into stardoll, I always (after that) come here and see whats new. I try to be as active as I can. I have been wanting to become superstar since last year, but since I cant afford it again, I cant. So this is a great opportunity for me and others. Its really not fair that stardoll is making things most for superstars, and its hard for us non ss. I've won a previous comp here where I won a mka belt, but since my ss ran out i couldnt collect my prize.


Anonymous said...

I don't now how to do this please someone could tell me how?

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