Sunday, September 23, 2018

Chat 11

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Three people wanted a game on the chat pages, so I thought I'd humor you with a cute penguin snowboard flash game.

Play free games at Kongregate

Happy (Belated) Birthday Lula.Osorio

It's no joke - Lula is quite literally the most active member of the blog, with 15714 comments and counting! Unfortunately my laptop threw a hissy fit AGAIN, so this is a tad late, many apologies.

Apparently, she had a thing for matchy-matchy once upon a time:

Make sure to visit her HERE!

Lookbook Winner 9/16/18 - 9/22/18

If you've been active in chat recently then you know we have added a lookbook tab to the menu at the top of the blog. Take a look at it HERE

The new page features any OOTD outfits from the week that either we liked or that were liked a lot by other members in chat. 

Each week those who are featured are entered in to a drawing to win $50sd.

This week's winner is......

Congratulations! Reserve a non-stardesign item for Devon223 and comment when complete. 
(If non SS add $50sd worth of items to your WL.)

A new week starts each Sunday. To qualify for this week's lookbook be sure to post your ootd in comments. Also please leave the outfit on for at least 24 hours. (If saving in 1 room only be sure to state which room.)

MSW 2018 - Support each other

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope you're having a nice weekend, and maybe some of you are getting ready for MSW. 

As we are a community that supports each other, there will be a post about those who run for the title. With this, it will be easier to vote for you. 
I strongly note that this is NOT a campaign, as Stardoll rules changed. (I hope you read the changes.) 

So, how to get featured:

-Post a picture about your doll/MSW room With your doll
-Write down your username
-2-3 sentences why you are participating

Deadline: I would like to publish our contestants as soon the voting start. 

Remember, to follow the rules and play fair. 


Saturday, September 22, 2018


Thank you to all who participated in the last Starcoin Challenge. This time I decided to change it a bit and gave longer to complete it. Let me know if you guys want this particular comp to continue.

I think they are good way to use more of these starcoin items and the outfits inspire others to get items they may not have liked previously.

This time I have picked 4 starcoin items and you must choose 1 to style.

Choose 1 of the Starcoin items above and style it. This is the only mandatory starcoin item. You can use any other items either in suite or starplaza to complete your look, however this item must be well seen an recognizable. Post the pic in comments.

WIN $50sd

~ Can be made either in your suite or in Starplaza.
~ Don't forget your Stardoll name
~ Ends Thursday Sept 28, 2018


Happy 1st Day of Fall + Comp

Happy First Day of Fall (to those in the northern hemisphere.) I don’t know about you, but I absolutely adore the fall! Chilly days, crisp leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes! What about you? What are your plans this fall? What fall activities are looking forward to? What's in your fall playlist? Sound off in the comments below!

It’s not autumn on this blog until there’s a fall themed competition! For this competition I want you to create TWO autumn/fall outfits. Once you’re done, submit your outfits in the comments with your username. The prize will be announced depending on participation.
Deadline September 28!
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Friday, September 21, 2018

10 Years #5

Welcome back, halfway mark.

Let’s switch it up and have fun with decor. Create a room incorporating these 3 items.
Please write your username.

Contest ends Thursday



Fashion week challenge:: Get the London Look

Hello dolls, second stage of the Fashion Week Challenge is here and this time we are flying to London!

Create and outfit that you think would be fit for a guest of the first rows of Burberry, Victoria Beckham or Jenny Packham!*

- no photo editing is allowed except from background
- do not forget your username and which fashion show your doll is attending 
- have fun!

The prize: 

All four stages will have its winner and from those who entered all 4 will be choosen an ultimate Street Style Queen/King to win 100 sd and a featured interview here on the SMW blog!**

*you can choose any designer you want as long as it's relevant to the location you are here to represent

**prize for each stage will depend on the number of entries, it varies from 30 sd to 50. The ultimate winning prize of 100 sd is fix!!!

Second stage will be closed on 26th September


Stardoll has released a new floor to the MSW shop. Some cuter pieces this time. Wish some of them were more separate, but tell me what you think and which is your favorite.

Feel free to share any creations in comments!

Real Life Versions:
Thanks Lula and Giannoula5

By Cucculelli Shaheen:

By Zuhair Murad:

By Attico:

By Mary Katrantzou:


Thursday, September 20, 2018

COMPETITION: The Style Files #2 (+winner)

It's time for the next edition of the Style Files, where we take old competitions, and make them new again!

This floor of Callie's may be long gone, but dressing in all black has always been an interesting affair!

I want you to create your best all-black look...and your best all-white look!
You must submit one of each for your entry to be counted.

Prize is equal to the amount of entries received*, so make sure to tell your friends!

Absolutely no coloured clothing or accessories are allowed. Hair and makeup are fine however.

Small details like coloured shoelaces, zips and buckles are OK, but ONLY because they cannot be removed from clothing - you are not allowed to intentionally add them!  If  it's more than a quarter of the item, it's not allowed.

You may use your own doll, either in the suite or the starplaza.

You MUST include your stardoll username! No exceptions.



And the winner of the first Style Files is....


Please place an item(s) in your wishlist for up for 25sd, and leave a comment down below so I know which ones!

Honorable mention goes to giannoula5 & Marta-43

*up to 25sd


Unfortunately, I was unable to do a post for the two latest hotbuys, but as you are aware they are currently available to purchase.

The pants are selling for $23sd and the jacket for $30sd.

Real Versions:
Thanks Lula!

By Chloe

By Stella McCartney

 I still wanted to do a post, so I decided to combine them into 1 comp.

Create a separate outfit for BOTH the HB Cropped Flared Pants and the Oversized Denim Jacket and you could win $100sd in our poll.

~Post both pics in comments. 
Either post together or reply to your first comment to post your seond so they are both together.

~Ends Tues Sept 25, 2018.
~Outfits can be made in Starplaza
~1 entry per person
~Must do both outfits to qualify



Please place the HB in your WL and comment in this post when complete.

Winners have 1 week to claim prize.


Please place an item for sale in your bazaar for $50sd and comment when complete. 

~Non stardesign if possible
~Actual amount received is less because of Stardoll tax
~If Non SS place $50sd worth of items in WL
~Winners have 1 week to claim


Ok, this was a tough choice but I loved 2 outfits!

Congrats to the winners!

1st place: $50sd

Please place an item for sale in your bazaar for $50sd and comment when complete. 

~Non stardesign if possible
~Actual amount received is less because of Stardoll tax
~If Non SS place $50sd worth of items in WL

Runner Up: 1 gift of choice $25sd or less

Please place an item in your WL and comment in this post when complete.

Winners have 1 week to claim prize.


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Women's Suffrage

An unusual type of post today!

Here in New Zealand, yesterday was Women's Suffrage Day, and as we were the first country to grant women the right to vote, I thought I ought to share some information on the history of women's suffrage around the world.

What Is Women's Suffrage?

'Suffrage' is the right to vote in politics, and the Women's Suffrage - sometimes 'Suffragette movement'  - movement, was a series of various protests, sit-ins, petitions, marches, and other events, in a form of non-violent protest in order to persuade governments to grant women the vote, and, once women could vote, to then grant full political rights for all. Those who participated in suffrage movements are known as Suffragists. It was a world-wide initiative, that still continues in some countries and regions today.

18th Century - 

The first nation to allow women to vote at all was Sweden - however, it came with conditions such as needing to require land, or being part of a trade guild (which were both rare and difficult for women to achieve in the first place,) and the laws that allowed these women to vote were repealed, revoked, and altered many times.

In 1756, a single Massachusetts woman in the United States was allowed to vote in her town meeting.

19th Century - 

Many women were given restricted rights of voting, largely only within their local area rather than nation wide. In order to vote, women needed to meet a variety of different requirements, including land or property ownership, guild membership, permits, being a tax payer, being higher educated, or being unmarried/widowed. All of these were either very difficult for a woman to achieve, or were socially seen as being negative qualities for a woman to hold. This meant that few women actually had the right, and often at the expense of other parts of their lives.

The Women's National Loyal League forms in 1863 in the United States, headed by Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Stanton, and supported the formation of a new amendment to abolish slavery and give all people the right to vote. Many different groups and branches followed, with a very complex history, and some parts are still active today.

In 1885, New Zealand women are inspired by the American groups, and begin their own - the New Zealand Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) which is still active today.

In the late 19th century, there were 13 petitions to the New Zealand government by suffragists, with the largest petition, taken in 1893,  holding 31,872 signatures from New Zealand women. That same year, New Zealand's Suffragette movement succeeds, being the first nation to allow all women to vote.

In 1894, the Australian state of South Australia follows, and in 1895, becomes the first place to allow women to stand in an election.

Soon, most small states, colonies, and regions had granted limited voting rights to women. 

20th Century - 

In 1902. Australia grants all non-Aboriginal women the right to vote, but some restrictions remain. It takes until 1962 before all Aboriginal people are able to vote, and restrictions on women are lifted.

Finland becomes the first to give women full political rights, and the first women are elected into parliament the next year.

In 1914, WW1 begins. During the war, many women took up traditionally masculine roles all around the world, and began to change the ideals and beliefs about feminine ability and place at the time. The idea that women may be capable of voting seemed much less far-fetched, and suffrage around the world began to flourish.

From the 1910s, state-by-state, the United States of America begin to grant women the right to vote.  By 1920, all women have the right to vote.

In 1918, the UK and Ireland grant the vote to women over 30. They are also still required to own property.

In 1919, women in New Zealand are granted full political rights.

By the end of the century, most countries gave some degree of suffrage, with a few still imposing restrictions such as age, property ownership, and marriage status.

21st Century -

The UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, and Afghanistan give women the vote, though some areas have limitations.

In 2015, Saudi Arabia grant women the vote, and the right to run for local elections.

I hope you found this interesting, and maybe found out something new, or perhaps have your own voting stories to share below! (No politics talk though, please.)If you have a national (or international) event you'd like to share, feel free to contact Lucy!

Happy Birthday WildChrissie

One of our most active members and an  icon around these parts, Chrissie has been a wonderful part of our community and it's time we give her some love back for her birthday!

Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday post without a little digging into the archives... and what an archive I found! 3 years ago seems like just yesterday, but then again... maybe not!

Make sure to click HERE to visit her, and leave good birthday wishes (or even a nice gift.)


Callie's Picks Decor #20

The theme is Beyond The Drive, which basically means it's a collection of painfully expensive vehicles. 

Prices range from 9 to 50 ( F I F T Y ?!) sd, with 3 starcoin items between 120 and 155 starcoins.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

10 Years 10 Contests #4

For this contest I want you to partner up. This place is about community and friendship. So grab a partner and conduct a 3 question interview.

Write both of your usernames and you interviewing them.


Marie, Exabella

Q: Who is Bella?
A: Bella is my alter ego. She is someone that is fashionable and tries to be kind to all

Q: How long have you been on stardoll?
A: 7 years and still going strong

Q: What do you like to do?
A: I love traveling and trying new food

Of course make your questions and responses more interesting. Both participants will win.

Since this will take a little,longer you will have until next Wednesday to submit your entries.

Remember all winners will be announced at the end of the 10th contest.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Stardoll's Most Wanted Magazine Spoilers & Some Info

First off, thank you for everyone who has been interested in this really fun project! I hired a graphic designer to help with this really hard process, and a few writers as well! 

I just finished an editorial with our covergirl, and I cant wait till the release to brag about it so...

You thought I'd leak the covergirl didn't you? I also forgot the nails... luckily its just a spoiler! :3
Anyways, thank you once again.

Stardoll's Most Wanted Magazine's F/W '18 issue will be released November 26th

10 Years 10 Contests #3

For this contest I want you to go way back to the beginning of time and find the first OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) you posted on SMW. Recreate an updated version of it.

Post your username
Original picture
New picture

Contest ends Thursday.

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