Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Lucky Square!

 Hello everyone! Stardoll's Most Wanted is OFFICIALLY back, and I'm so excited to be one of the new members on the blog. If you don't know who I am, I'm Elite-girl on Stardoll, otherwise known as Linda. Most of my post will consist of competition/raffle/'lotteries' sponsored by myself.

The Lucky Square, is going for a trial run this week! The game is simple. You reserve as square and you could win anything from 250sd to the latest released items in the starplaza! The only thing is, only a certain amount of people can enter. For this trial run, only 16 people can reserve a square. That being said, there will be 16 empty squares, so good luck choosing the lucky one!

How to enter:
1)You must be following Stardoll's Most Wanted!
2) Choose, ONE square, from ONE board and in the comments section simply say, for example, "I reserve square 1 from board 1". *update* Please also list your username!
3) You have to be fast, because only 16 people can reserve a square.

& also 5 items of your choice from the new Original Future or Pretty n Love collections.

Just to make things a little more clear, the prizes are assigned to a square. You reserve that square and you win that prize. One square has the 250sd, two squares have 100sd, two squares have 50sd, three squares have 25sd prize, and three squares have the 5 items of your choice from the new Original Future and Pretty in Love collection. 

If this game goes well, I'll bring it back and more people will be able to enter!


P.S. Results will be posted tomorrow.

 Let me know what you think about this lottery style game... nahh or yahh? Should there be any modifications? Prize ideas? Give me your feedback! 

NEW Pretty n' Love is out!

The new Pretty n' Love items are out!

The dresses are cute, but not too exciting to me. The item I love most is the Bring me flowers tote.

I love the spring flowers inside. How about you? Will you be buying any?

Maybe you think my opinion is totally wrong?!

If you do and you created an amazing outfit with one of the dresses.. show it in comments.
You could win your self some gifts from Pretty n Love décor!

Opportunity will end on Tuesday (April 22, 2014).


Saturday, April 19, 2014

HB Party Crop Top Comp/Poll

Hi, I'm Oliva, but everyone calls  me Liv.  I'm Jenna's little sister and I am going to be helping out with the blog! I am using my Aunt's old account Dinahdoll22 :).

So today Stardoll released the HB Party Crop Top. 

If anyone knows who this is made by please let me know in comments. It's selling for $16sd.

I have been seeing comments that people think this top is really hard to make an outfit with. So, I wanted to see what you thought and hold a little comp!

Create your best outfit using this top and post it in comments. If you don't want to buy it, you can create it in Starplaza.
Participants will be put in a poll to win $100sd.

*You must be an official public follower of the blog and member of Hotbuys_Bazaar club
* The HB must be easily seen and not covered up
*Be creative and fashionable.
*Please make sure pics are large and clear. (The size of your suite). 

Comp ends Midnight NY time (est) April 20, 2014

*If you don't know how to screen print you can tell me you are wearing it in your suite and I will take one.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Hi everyone,

Our comments layout has been changed. Let me know what you think about it.

We are now using Disqus. Some of you may familar with it as it is the same system Underneath Stardoll uses. Thanks to sdoreymenano answering my questions about it!

The reason I switched is, I wanted to make it easier for everyone to enter comps. You can now add a picture of your entry directly in your comment. This is also so I do not have to take a chance and possible go to an unsafe link.

To do this, do a screen shot (print screen), save it to your computer and then upload it by clicking on the little icon in the bottom left corner of your comments box.

If you don't already have a Disqus account from following Underneath Stardoll, I suggest you make an ID. This is easy to do.

Click in the box that says Pick a name. You can use your Stardoll name, Blogger name, Google whatever. I use a combination of my Stardoll name and real name (Emorox4eva/Jenna). I would suggest that your Stardoll name be in it, so we can identify you for comps.

Next enter your email address that you wish to register with and select a password. Then click on the arrow to your right to register.

After that is completed, if you click on the avatar icon, you can upload a picture like you have on blogger or google etc.

See below. Click on avatar. Select Edit profile. Select Add photo. Upload your photo then choose next.

xoxo, Jenna

New: Original Future

So there's a new floor on the Original Future store, based around a sports theme...this helps because I couldn't figure out if I had the right website for spoilers but seeing some of the items I can see I do :D Not sure what to make of this store just yet, although browsing through it one or two items seem cool. Thoughts?

New era of SMW so I'm thinking it's time for a new banner? I've used this one for ages and think it might be time to refresh it. If you can make one, or can recommend someone who'd be willing to, please let me know! :)

Thursday, April 17, 2014

TRESS UP HAIR POLL- Who wore it better?

Well not as many as we are use to, but its a good start. Spread the word. People don't know about us and unfortunately they seem to think USD is the only legitimate contest blog. Well I will do my best to change that as we were one of the first big contest blogs. So, help anyway you can as its hard to do big contests without people. I had a couple in mind for Easter, but we need the people first :)

So, back to business! Who do you think wore it better? Vote below and tell your friends to vote for you.
Winner gets $50sd. Poll closes 4/24/14

Easter Campaign - 'Hope to it!'

Hey guys! Not sure if many of you remember me, seeing as it's been ages since I've been on here, but Jenna's been kind enough to let me come back and write on the blog. So much has changed since the last time - both on Stardoll and real life. I've finished high school and am getting ready for my final exams that take me to university. And Stardoll looks completely different too! I spent the last day or so finding my way round and looking in the Starbazaar, jealous of everyone who can make good hair with the design feature. *sigh*

Anyways! Stardoll news. They've bought the Easter Superstar campaign back. I am actually rather tempted but am forcing myself to not be a superstar until all my exams are out the way in Summer, otherwise I'll get super distracted :P But they've also introduced an egg hunt which seems like fun. They've promised some big prizes as well - will you take part in any?

And feel free to stop by my guestbook and say hi! It's been that long that most my old Stardoll friends have disappeared, so wouldn't mind getting to know a few of you :) 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Today Stardoll released 2 new levels for their Tress Up store. They are a wind blown hair theme. Some of them are nice, but not really drool worthy imo.

What do you think of the new wigs? Did you buy any?

Are you wearing any? 
If so show us your best "wind blown" look and tell us in comments. 
You will be featured in our poll to win $50sd.

The number of people featured in the poll is limited and is on a first come basis. Must be a public follower of our blog.

* NON_SUPERSTARS can do a screen print from starbazaar and list the link in comments :)

Every selected participant will receive a gift from the new Yacht Club Collection.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


There are many items that we probably all want. Since my return, I have been strolling around Dollywood, peeking in peoples closets. I have seen so many things I love. The Lupita dress, Subcouture, Chanel just to name a few.  But throughout my Stardoll time, there has been one item that I have always wanted to add to my collection, but was never fortunate enough to get. The Mary Kate Olsen RC Yellow Dress (Castle Star dress). I know its a bit dated, but I have always loved it and wanted it!

Very sad their dolls are no longer here :(
Picture credit to Seen on Stardoll

What is that one Stardoll rare that you wish you could get your hands on? 
The one you want above all others..
Tell us in comments!

Follow us with a Google account (No blog needed)

Don't have one? Simple. Click sign in in the upper right corner. It will take you to Google's sign in page. Click create an account!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Wow! It was so great to hear from some of you! I really hope that we can give this blog a new go! My sister and I will need your help! In order to get this blog active again and start new comps... we need people!!!

As an incentive for your help, I will be raffling off numerous prizes! All you have to do is tell people about our blog, or advertise on your page/blog! Easy, right?!

The people you refer to the blog must:
1. Publicly follow the blog
2.  Make a comment in this post listing their Stardoll name and stating that you referred them. They must have legitimate, active Stardoll accounts.

*If they are already a follower and you informed them we are back, they can state that as well in comments.

For every advertisement or referral you will receive 1 raffle entry.
*Advertisements consist of broadcasts, an ad on your page or a post in an active blog you write for.
(You must comment below and let me know about any ads and must show proof of all broadcasts).

If you found our blog through one of my broadcasts then just follow and leave a comment to receive 1 entry.

The more readers we get the more prizes we will raffle off!
I am prepared to gift a bunch of stardollar prizes as well as prepaid cards and rare items like season 1 DKNY/LE!!!
(Right now my aim is 10 prizes for 100 referrals, but that can grow depending on participation!)

In addition to that, the person who has the most entries from their ads and referrals will receive $25 prepaid card code.

We are also looking for a couple experienced bloggers for day to day Stardoll news and someone to help with some graphic designing. So if you are interested contact me on Stardoll @ Emorox4eva. Thanks!

So what are you waiting for? 
Go tell people, we're back!

Friday, April 4, 2014

I'm back....Kinda


I am just testing to see if there is still anyone out there?! It has been years since I have been on Stardoll! So just checking to see if anyone actually will get this post lol. Stardoll seems like a ghost town and it is so sad to see a great deal of my friends also left, but you know you grow and change and life gets in the way. I am in college now and have been introducing my younger sister and cousin to Stardoll. I hope they enjoy it as much as I did. My sister is interested in doing competitions on Stardoll like I use to do, so don't be surprised to see this blog start back up.

I just want to say thanks to the friends that actually tried to keep my blog going long after I was gone. You are amazing people.

So, if you are reading this, reach out and say Hi or stop by my account Emorox4eva on Stardoll.

Thanks, Jenna

Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hi guys! It's been a long while... Lately everyone on Stardoll is on and off (more off than on, tho) and that includes me. Thanks god Stardoll started this Academy thing, which is really entertaining and fun! At least I enjoy it :)

Today I'm gonna talk about one of my favourite stores in Stardoll and real life: Nelly.com
I'm totally in love with those swedish designs and the collaborations they make (this includes the most known fashion bloggers, like Fanny Lyckman, aftDRK and 5 inch and up)!

My wishlist is mainly this:
Nly Chloe Dress - 27SD
This dress is just perfect for a night out, and no one can deny it!
I wish Stardoll could show that amazing back we where missing...
Such a pity it's sold out in real life *sigh*

Nelly Mendez Dress - 25SD
FabulousIII Shoes - 9SD
Sparkly lovin'
I couldn't help to fall in love with those heels in real life...
I keep dreaming about owning a pair of 6 inches heels like these.

Vero Moda Sequin Shorts - 14SD
Gray Filippa K Booties - 11SD
I quite prefer these two in Stardoll than in real life, even though Vero Moda and Filippa K are one of my favourite stores ever.
Poppy Delevigne and Alexa Chung in Vero Moda

I could really go on forever with my wishlist and my love for Nelly and all the brands in there (I'm a Cheap Monday unconditional lover, so minimalistic designs are my second name), but in about 30 minutes Lacoste fashion show starts, so I need to finish some things :)

Which are your favourite Nelly designs?
Do you own anything by Nelly?

I'll show you some runway lookalikes in the next entry!

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Fashion Adviser: stardoll next top graphic designer

The thing that amazed me the most while I was on stardoll was the talent. Everyone had great ideas and everyone was eager to make it in here. I do believe that is a quality but too much eagerness made people do anything to get what they want. I am mumbling now. The point is, does stardoll still have that sparkle? I think somehow it is lost. Sure there are very interresting projects but there isn't the engagement that I remember from the followers. I have selected what it seems to be the most interresting project at the moment. Though I haven't searched much this project instantly caught my eye. Perhaps you have heard of stardoll next top graphic designer?
As you probably have understood by now it is a competition to choose the best designer. Graphics are the skill that surprises everyone the most. We all like stardoll magazines because of the graphics- it's a fact. I have seen all the tasks from all the cycles. I am hooked. I think that this contest improves the contestant's skills. You can clearly see an improvement in all contestants. There is now a new cycle starting so you better start following it. Everyone there is very talented but they just need to manage their skills in a more effecient way. They need guidance. If and when they get it they will be able to make the things we did in the past. I just hope some one helps them. Congratulations on this great idea and on the effort to keep it going Kimberly. You are doing a very good job! Same to do contestants.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Fashion Adviser: Sky high boots

 I am back again today. Here you have another fashion advice from your favorite expert, The Fashion Adviser. The title says it all. This is my take on sky high boots. Below you have 3 different ways to rock this trend.
1. The first outfit is almost all black and white which is going to be a big trend next spring, believe me. I also mixed two black and white pattern so that I had a more interresting combination. The boots are very country like and they are the only thing that isn't black or white. Overall this is a romantic look for any trendsetter, perfect for a date during the day.

2. Moving on to the second outfit. This unlike the first one is very rocker chic. Pairing the black jeans with boots from the same color makes you look taller and thinner. Then I added this blazer which is inspired by Alexander McQueen if I am not mistaken. I also added the red DKNY bag in order to have more colors in this look. This is the perfect outfit to rock a night out in the town.

3. Last but not least. When I look at this the first thing that comes to my mind is "Gossip Girl". The skirt is a school girl classic. The tank top and the jacket are very simple but goes greatly with the skirt. In terms of acessories I added the tights with the horizontal stripes (also a trend) and the big necklace. If you want to go for a walk on the upper east side, you know what to choose.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Fashion Adviser: New Year's Eve

 Hola amigos! You can call me The Fashion Adviser, there is no other name. I am the mother of good taste and I decided to share it with you. This blog has been long dead and I plan to shake it up a little. This is just the beginning. If it isn't obvious I will talk fashion. I am starting with the new year's eve outfit idea.
Disclaimer: I don't own this graphic, it is from Fresh Faces. I am just using it because it's pretty.
Now to the image I do own. New years needs some sparkle. I used this dress I had in my closet for a long time in order to creact a long asymmetric skirt to add just that. Then I went with a minimalistic shirt over in a creme color. I decided to acessorize this look in and unexpected way by adding the DKNY red headband. I finally finished it with matching shoes inspired by versus.

Do you want to be featured here? Leave you stardoll name and your best look for New Year's eve in comments.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


 Is so sad that Jenna leaved Stardoll and this blog don't run any more.
I remember time when this blog was most popular, everyone dreamed about writing here, me too.
Do you remember?

My dream come true, but sadly few months after Jenna was hacked and she give up at all.
I still love Stardoll Most Wanted and even no one post here I will still visit them.

I know few people also - just look on last John post. 
So i decided to write one more post 
and wish you a

Polskich użytkowników bloggera zapraszam na mojego bloga:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is anyone there? | My stardoll's styling-career is OPEN!

Hey all! I'm so happy for being back after long time!
Let's create the most fashionable outfits inspired from High-Fashion Designers from real life!


Just send me your favorite designer!




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