Saturday, November 22, 2014

Get The Look

Hello everyone. I seem to enjoy taking long hiatuses way more than I should. However, I'm back with new editon of Get The Look. Continue reading and join me in try to "steal" looks of two amazing, young actresses. 
Also, reminder that you can apply as model here, and it's open for as long as I'm posting these articles.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Subcouture is out!

It's finally out! Inspired by Philipp Plein and Burberry and including a lot of bling bling.
Prices go from 10 to 30sd, as usual, and has 3 SS ítems (the tartan dress, combat boots and cropped moto jacket). You can also purchase the gift box!
It will be gone in two days, so hurry up!
Which ítems do you like?
Show us your outfits in comments!
I'll update the post with some of them :)
I personally went for this navy combination I love, I didn't even bother too much with the accesories.
Some amazing outfits:

           MissLia.liana                                   beautybomb1Love                               Theshinystar                                  MissLadyAnjah 
kickherout                     bella98twilight

Real life pictures:
(Special thanks to FloralDelRey for the first picture and sdoreymenano / USD for the rest)
Fendi A/W 14-15
Elie Saab A/W 14-15 (found by BFF5698)
Prada A/W 14-15 
Moschino A/W 14-15 (found by BFF5698)
Phillipp Plein A/W 14-15
Burberry A/W 14-15
Dsquared A/W 14-15  (found by BFF5698)
Alexis Mabille F/W 14-15 (found by ashleybaby93)
Barbara Bui F/W 14-15 (thanks FloralDelRey)
Trussardi F/W 14-15 (thanks FloralDelRey)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Callie's Picks No.29 - Cozy Coats + COMP

You've probably all seen this release by now, but it's never too late for a comp, right? ;)


So, this time Callie has chosen to release a collection inspired by upcoming colder months. There are some really nice coats, some of them were rare but it's needless to say, I guess we got used to see such items being available again and again...


Happy belated birthday to...

and happy birthday to...

SMW wishes you all the best and we hope you had a wonderful day celebrating!
May all your wishes come true! Thanks so much for being our readers :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TUTORIAL: Easy and cheap Non-SS hairstyles


I'm sure you sometimes feel like you need to change your wig, but you have almost no money to spend on a new one.
Let's face it, wigs are expensive and I blame Stardoll for that.
I had to show you some of these tricks to renew our (too) well-known non-superstar hairstyles.
I used 1/2 pieces of StarDesign Hair, take a look!
First hairstyle
You'll just need a braid (from the Basic section)
This has to be my favourite one.

Second hairstyle
You'll just need two pieces of hair (from the Straight Up section)

Third hairstyle
You'll just need two pieces of hair (from the Curlfriend section)

With shading they would look even better, don't you think?
Do you have a favourite?
Let me know in comments if there's anything you would like to see in the tutorial section!

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Price is Right: HB Edition Rock On Booties

The sixth Hot Buy has been released! Here are the results for this Hot Buy...

The Price is Right: HB Edition Plaid Mini Dress

Half the Hot Buys of November have been released! Here are the results for this Hot Buy...

New floor of Pretty 'n' Love decor

New week on Stardoll has started with a new release. New floor has been added to Pretty 'n' Love decor shop. Prices range from 5 to 28 stardollars. Two items are superstar only, and there are no starcoin items. This collection also includes an interior which can be bought for 28 stardollars.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

HB Plaid Minidress comp

After the small "cover up or not to cover up" scandal which occured at the HB Lace gown post, I considered it twice whether I should publish a poll for this dress or not. I ended up posting it because it is not transparent and does not have a shade which is barely visible, so I hope you will find it easier to style this one now.

The Price is Right: HB Edition Black Diva Sunglasses

The fourth Hot Buy of the month has been released! Here are the results for this Hot Buy!

SMW's Got Talent: Featured Talents

Thanks so much for sharing your skills and talents with us. If you haven't sent us your photos/videos/drawings etc. yet, be sure to check out the main SMW's Got Talent post by clicking HERE :)

This week I'm featuring 2 exceptionally talented people, SkyKam and sweet_gal11 whose skill is drawing. Their breathtaking work absolutely won me! I also included their own words describing their art.

Friday, November 14, 2014

New Floor Of Voile

After quite slow and boring week, we finally have new release and it's Voile. Two items are sold for starcoins, while the prices of rest range from 4 to 25 stardollars. There's only one superstar only item, and it's a bag.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I hope you haven't forgotten this comp yet haha! Let's continue Design Wars! Here are the results and the next task!

27 people passed on to the 2nd Round. We had to eliminate 2 people because of no response, plus 2 contestants quitted - so we ended up having 23 valid entries.

Monday, November 10, 2014

New floor of Mr.

Joe, it's your lucky day again, feel free to show your outfits! :D

Today we've got a brand new release of Mr. The clothes are mostly casual-sporty with simple sweaters and comfy pants. Prices range between 3 and 18 stardollars, there are 2 starcoin and 3 superstar items.


Happy birthday to...

and also, happy belated birthday to...

We hope you both had a wonderful time celebrating! May all your wishes come true!
Thank you for being the members of SMW :)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tutorial: Side-swept Brunette Wig

Hi there! I'm back with a brand new section... Do It Yourselves!
This week I felt like doing a video tutorial for one of my DIY wigs.
I promise next time I'll make a cheaper one (Oops!), I hope it helps anyways.
Let me know your opinion below and if you prefer videos over pictures for the next DIYs.
I take requests, so feel free to post a picture of any hairstyle you would like to stardollize (yep, I just made that word up xD) here :)

 See you around! XOXO
Agnes (JosephinaA @Stardoll)


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