Wednesday, March 4, 2015

HB Shiny Disco Pants poll winners

The winner of the HB Shiny Disco Pants poll is...

New floor of Nelly

Yet another floor of Nelly has been realeased. We had one floor on Monday, and one today. Most of the items are black, white or grey, unlike the first floor we recieved. I'd say that this one is better. The items are very easy to combine and the graphics are quite good. Price range is 7 to 23 stardollars.

IMPORTANT: Glitch on the lace t-shirt has been fixed.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

HB Couture Moto Jacket poll

Poll is open until March 6 (Friday)

Vote for your top 3 favorites!

Please no asking for votes or cheating. Polls are for blog members only.

Monday, March 2, 2015

HB Corvette Vest comp


Create an outfit using the HB Vest and post the pic in comments. Don't forget your Stardoll Name.
Entries will be placed in poll for all to vote. 

The Price is Right: HB Edition - Corvette Vest

The first Hot Buy of March has been released! Here are the results for this Hot Buy...

Stardoll's Next Top Artist: The Winners

The winners of Stardoll's Next Top Artist competition are revealed. Accoring to Stardoll they received a lot of entries, inspired by various things, from the Renaissance era to sculpture. They had a hard job deciding which 31 designs will be released in the brand new Museum Mile collection scheduled for this Friday, March 6. Keep reading if you're interested to see the winners.

New Floor of Nelly

Another floor of Nelly has been released today, I have a feeling that this store is being updated more and more regularly. This collection has a true spring spirit offering mainly sorbet coloured pieces and monochromatic items for those who prefer edgy style. Prices range between 6 and 25 stardollars, there are no starcoin items but it's not surprising when it comes to Nelly.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Stardoll's Most Wanted MeDoll of March 2015

Guys, I really don't know what's the matter lately, but I noticed that we're having less entries than before. I'd like to get into details about this. Firstly, I recommend you to ALWAYS have a look at the Reminders on the sidebar, since I'm updating the list of comps, polls and fresh articles there constantly, so you don't miss anything. Plus, under the header another bar is advertising current comps for the same purpose. Please, help my work with checking out these often, since this way I will not have to bring posts to the top and include warnings about deadlines or the lack of entries.

Secondly - the competitions of Stardoll's Most Wanted MeDoll are usually more difficult than other, mainly styling-based contests. I've noticed that some of you don't put enough effort in making sceneries or, like in February, outfits out of decoration. When you're entering this comp, make sure you take enough time to make your entry outstanding! Also, I recommend you to prepare for your tenure as a guest blogger in case you get chosen as a winner, I'm open to any of your ideas - if you want to host a comp, come up with temporary articles or just write recaps about the latest releases. I don't want this comp to be only about the fabulous 150 stardollars prize. I'm looking forward to cooperate with you!

Without further ado - the title of Stardoll's Most Wanted MeDoll of March 2015 goes to...

Calling all March Birthdays!


If you are an active blog follower please list your birthday and Stardoll name in comments.  
Please, be honest!

Also, if you are a consistently active member of our SMW Community,
meaning you comment often and participate in comps...
(Level of activity is not just for the month of your birthday. It must be consistent) 

...We may send you a small birthday surprise!

Surprises are gifts from your wishlist, so please always keep them stocked :)

Who knows maybe you will get a few extra birthday wishes from our members and that's always nice!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Birthday to LadyAnneLena!

Happy birthday to...

Thank you VERY VERY much for your awesome contribution to the blog! SMW wouldn't be the same without your devoted work. On this mutual journey of ours you've become one of my best friends, a friend whom I can always trust and rely on. I wish you all the best in real life and I hope you enjoy this precious and special day! May all your wishes come true :D

The Price is Right: HB Edition - Bejewelled Minaudiere

The last Hot Buy of February has been released! Here are the results for this Hot Buy...

Friday, February 27, 2015

HB Lace Print Sheer Blouse poll winners

 The winner of the HB Lace Print Sheer Blouse poll is...

The Jet Set released

The complete Jet Set floors have been released today and... OH MY GOD I JUST LOVE EVERY SINGLE PIECE! Seriously it's amazing, the prices are reasonable between 6 and 30 stardollars with 2 beautiful starcoin items available. The details on the clothes make me speechless and I can clearly see that a lot of effort was put in this collection. I wish the graphic designers kept editing their clothes with this technique that is very similar to the original 2008-10 looks. Nice job, Stardoll!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stardoll Fashion Awards Masquerade Ball - List of Best Dressed attendees

The closing event of Fashion Week was a blast! Pau.Cam.Arena hosted a fancy Masquerade Ball attended by Stardoll's most talented designers, models and graphic designers. 12 awards were given out in different categories, all based on the activity and events during Fashion Week.

HB Shiny Disco Pants poll

I enjoyed editing this poll so much!
I was listening to some gooood 80s music while browsing through all your outfits using these disco essentials :D

Voting is open until March 1 (Sunday)

Vote for your top 3 favorites!

Please no asking for votes or cheating. Polls are for blog members only.

B/W Competition

I've always liked multiple-outfit competitions, and since we haven't had one for a while, here we go!

Inspired by the latest LE collection, which was dominated by black and white pieces, create TWO outfits that consist of monochromatic pieces. Each look's style must be in contrast with each other (e.g., girly and boyish, futuristic and vintage, formal and playful, etc.) You MUST write down what styles you've chosen!

The Jet Set spoilers!

Just spotted these spoilers posted by Joe412 on Facebook, they will be 2 new floors of the SS-only store Jet Set, scheduled to be released tomorrow. I'm really excited for this because the clothes look wonderful, I especially like the very first outfit, the colors and how it's styled overall, even though I'm not keen on red. And how about the dress next to it? The pattern of the skirt is purely gorgeous. Also, let's mention the ahhhhmazing interior, I really hope it's going to be on sale! I have a thing for every interior that is about New York City.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Stardoll Fashion Week: Day 4

The final day of Stardoll Fashion Week was purely amazing, instead of 3 there were 5 collections presented including a surprise show. Click on 'Read More' to discover the gorgeous collections of Ralph & Russo by Nounacoolrock, Maria Signature by Maria-0077, Desire by MandaMichalka, Chang by Julia-ChangDiva and LOVE by xXSophiie.LuvXx.

Callie's Picks No.35 - Glamouflage + COMP

Click on "Read More" to see comp!

Just when we thought Callie's Picks Apparel was finally gone, it was released again with 2 new floors of clothing. There are, as usually, both positive and negative sides of this release. The positive thing is, there are 7 (!!!) starcoin items included, their prices range between 45 and 80. What I found disappointing is the collection includes many many items from all kinds of wanted brands, like Pet-a-Porter, Valentino, Gucci, Saint Laurent, and even that green cape from Mortal Kiss (SS-only). The Fringed Skinny Jeans are from Royalty only, it is originally from the ELLE store. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The X Awards

Haus of X is home to many artistic projects on Stardoll. Opened in 2013 by Jailer Sevigny (exodus27) the haus still stands strong today. After four successful X Magazine issues and a several collections of the iconic X Apparel the brand continued to grow and established its very own awards show, honouring the best people in fashion, design and blogging.

There are 10 categories presented, such as Best Lookbook, Best Graphics Collection and Unique Style of 2015. In each category, there are 3-4 nominees listed. I'm happy to tell you that Stardoll's Most Wanted has been nominated as Best News Blog of 2015 (alongside Underneath Stardoll and Carmen Bynes). It's such an amazing feeling to have our team's hard work widely acknowledged.

Also, I've been nominated as Best Blogger of 2015, alongside VampireLady33 and sparklewand12. This is means a lot to me, about half a year ago I wouldn't have dreamed of earning such an amazing achievement, and it wouldn't have become real without SMW and all you, my dear readers who support me in every way no matter what. Thank you!

If you think we deserve to win and wish to support us with your vote, please click HERE to access the official X Awards page! You can vote only once and the polls are closing on February 27.


I'd like to ask you all to please enter, time is running out and we only have 9 entries so far, which is not enough for me to close the comp.

Please don't be lazy or do not forget to create your scenery, believe me, it's absolutely worth the work, only if you take a look at the wonderful prizes and opportunities you're getting if you win! The same problem is on with the Alexander McQueen competition, there are only 11 entries, so please consider entering if you have the time! Thank you.

Monday, February 23, 2015

New Floor of Minimalism

A new floor of Minimalism was released earlier today. Staying true to the store name, the closet room themed items have a very modern and minimalist design, dominated by the cold hues of white, silver and grey. There are twenty decor items and one interior. Price range between 2 to 15 stardollars and there are 3 starcoin items.

Fashion diaries: NYFW AW 2015 Recap (I)

Fashion weeks are back! Yaaaaaaaaay! My favourite time of the year... kicking off in New York City.
So here's the first recap for Autumn/Winter 2015-2016.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Price is Right: Hot Buys Edition - March 2015

Now that the March Hot Buys have been released, it's time for a new round of 
The Price is Right! Let's get started, shall we?

Users submit in their guesses on how much they think each Hot Buy is worth.
When each Hot Buy item is released, the participants who guessed the right price will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win that item!

Stardoll Fashion Week: Day 3

Day 3 of Fashion Week ended up showcasing 3 collections instead of four, since Ralph & Russo got postponed until today. However, the impression was no less intense, this day ended up being the top favorite of mine! Click on 'Read more' to discover the beauty and awesomeness of Kors by Stephenia Kors, Euphoria by Pau.Cam.Arena and Joe-S by Joe412.

Also, the Stardoll Fashion Awards will start in a few hours on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23 at 8 pm GMT (had to be postponed due to time reasons). Make sure you tune in on the official SFW Facebook page or the Twitter of Stardoll's Most Wanted - I'll be posting the very best looks of the Masquerade Ball.

INK'D Poll winners

The winner of the Ink'd Poll is...

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stardoll Fashion Week: Day 1 and Day 2

Right after the opening party, the first two collections of fashion week were revealed. The spotlight of the first day was on the creations of designers The-Kemoue and Julia-ChangDiva. The second day kicked off with a presentation by Maria-0077, followed by the works of Beluchiitaa and Pavlovagurl.

The Price is Right: HB Edition - Feather Sleeves Blouse

The ninth Hot Buy of February has been released! Here are the results for this Hot Buy...

HB Lace Print Sheer Blouse poll

Poll is open until February 24 (Tuesday)

Vote for your top 3 favorites!

Plase no asking for votes or cheating. Polls are for blog members only.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Stardoll Fashion Week (February 19-22)

We're happy to announce that Stardoll's Most Wanted is sponsoring Stardoll Fashion Week!

Stardoll Fashion Week is a multiple-day event hosted by Pau.Cam.Arena and xXSophiie.LuvXx. Just like a real life fashion week, user-created graphic collections are being shown, lasting for 4 days. You can get the latest updates by following their Facebook page and you can have a look at the collections by visiting the official blog.

Cheap hairstyles comp winner!

I'm really glad you liked this cheap hairstyles section! It was really hard to choose a winner!
I'll be hosting more comps from time to time and I'm already thinking of another tutorial to show you.

And the winner of the comp is...

Limited Edition is out!

Click HERE to get all the items and the interior in your dressing room!

The collection was finally released after like 4-5 hours of impatient waiting. The clothes are more limited than in previous seasons, in like 20 minutes more than 10 items were already sold out. Prices range between 18 and 185 dollars, with the Glass Flowers Gown being the most expensive item.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Price is Right: HB Edition - Emerald Green Coat

The eighth Hot Buy of February has been released! Here are the results for this Hot Buy...

New Limited Edition is coming tomorrow!

The long awaited new LE is finally on the way! The spoilers have already been released, it's going to be a modern, monochromatic collection. The expected time for the release is between 11 am - 2 pm GMT, so get ready! Thanks to USD for the spoilers, click to enlarge them.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DTW Embroidered Ice Boots poll winners

 The winner of the Dare To Wear poll is...

New Floor of Pals

Today a new collection of Pals was released. This time the theme is family, including handsome boys, pretty girlfriends and adorable children. I think it was a nice idea to make the people posed so you can mix n' match them. Prices range between 4 and 34 stardollars, everything is for superstars only.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Interview with SMW's Most Wanted MeDoll of February 2015

Cover graphic and interview by JosephinaA (Agnes)

Agnes: Hi Teresa! Congrats on becoming Stardoll's Most Wanted MeDoll of February! How does it feel like?
Teresa: It feels pretty awesome. I've only won NCG once in Stardoll, and it took me almost seven years! It was surprising, because everybody else had submitted equally amazing entries and I'm definitely flattered by the fact that the judges like my entry. The best part is I got all these amazing opportunities. I feel like one lucky doll!

Guess the Designer - February 17

Post-Valentine's Guess the Designer! How cute is this pink puffball cape from Original Future? Can you find its inspiration?

About this game: Do you want to know what it's like to be a hunter of real versions? Well, here's your chance! I'd like to involve you in what I do. I've already found out who the designer is of the item below, but this time I won't tell you! I'm curious how YOU would search for it :)

Happy Birthday to amaia_estebanez

Happy birthday to...

SMW hopes you're having a great time celebrating this special day! Thanks so much for being our member :) 
Enjoy your gift, may all your wishes come true!

HB Couture Moto Jacket comp


Create an outfit using the HB Jacket and post the pic in comments. Don't forget your Stardoll Name.
Entries will be placed in poll for all to vote. 

The Price is Right: HB Edition - OTT Jewel Heels

The seventh Hot Buy of February has been released! Here are the results for this Hot Buy...

Monday, February 16, 2015

New floor of Evil Panda

A new floor of Evil Panda was released today. It is inspired by Tokio street style with mostly black clothes with various patterns. Prices range between 3 and 17 stardollars (Pretty good!) and there are 3 starcoin items.

Happy Birthday to Green_Eye_Angel

Happy birthday to...

SMW hopes you had an amazing day! Thanks so much for being our follower :) Enjoy your gift!
May all your wishes come true!

Get The Look

Hello, everyone. I'm very sorry for not posting Get The Look last week, I was really busy with shcool and other real life things. However, I'm free today and here comes another edition of my article. This time I tried to remake outfits of two famous young actresses, so if you're interested in finding out who they are, continue reading.


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