Thursday, April 24, 2014

Selfie Comp/SMW Cover Girl

The world is obsessed with doing creative selfies. Why should Stardoll be any different? Take a creative selfie of your medoll and save it in your album. You can leave it there for us to check or post it in comments.

The rules are always the same.
~Be creative
~ Screen print should be large and clear. Be sure to crop so it only shows your entry.
~Post pic NOT link in GB or say its in your photos. Make a comment SMW Selfie Comp.
~Don't forget to leave your STARDOLL NAME
~You must be a follower (Click the join this site button on the left side bar) and a member of my club Hotbuys_Bazaar to enter comps.

Have you ever wondered what is is like to be Cover Girl? Maybe you have achieved it or maybe not, but regardless you can still be.. Stardoll's Most Wanted Medoll.

That's right, you can be SMW's Cover Girl for a whole month! Ok, Ok that sounds wonderful right, but what exactly does that mean? Well it's only the most amazing thing ever!

You Get:
~Featured here on the blog and club. Includes interview.
~$350sd or $10 gift code (See below)
~New Wardrobe and New Decor. Includes all May HB's. 
~Guest Blogger for 1 month
~Judge for comps
~added to our WALL OF FAME
~promotion of any of your projects on the blog
~On my Best Friends List for 1 month

Last day to enter April 29, 2014 EST (New York)

*New wardrobe and decor includes-Various gifts from the newest decor and clothing that is released throughout the month. Items from your wish list from the newest collections.
*While it is not required to blog or judge it can affect the amount of clothing/decor items you receive.
*$350sd code is for Non-superstars only or people about to run out of Superstar. Otherwise it is $350sd.

Punk Princess Comp and bonus

Inspired by Callie's punk princess themed release, I'd like to do a comp :). Create your best punk princess look from head to toe (make up, hair etc..).

~Must include at least main clothing item from this Callie's pick.
~Take a screen print.
~ Screen print should be large and clear. Be sure to crop so it only shows your entry.
~Post pic NOT link in GB or say you are wearing it at your suite and I will take the pic. I will leave a comment once I have the pic.
~Don't forget to leave your STARDOLL NAME
~You must be a follower (Click the join this site button on the left side bar) and a member of my club Hotbuys_Bazaar to enter comps.

Winner will receive $250SD. Non-rsuperstars $250sd in gifts of their choice.

Find a friend to enter the comp also. If they do you will be entered into a raffle for a 
This for Superstars and Non. Non Superstars this is your chance to be superstars.

~You must enter as well
~Friend must follow both blog and club
~They must state in comments that you invited them

~Please don't cheat. We want legitimate, active people. If I suspect you of cheating I reserve the right to choose another winner. Must look like legit, active stardoll accounts.

Last day to enter: May 1, 2014

xoxo Jenna

HB Stage Glasses and New Interior

The HB Stage glasses have been released. They are listed for $9. See below. What do you think? Will you be buying them?

I don't think they are my style, but they look good on Joe412.
*Also, just for the newbies we pick up.. whenever a HB is released. Except for accessories, I don't usually do those. Traditionally, I will do a post and ask if you are wearing it. Then do a poll. Outfit can also be done in the starbazaar if you are Non-superstar or don't wish to buy it. Its kind of a tribute to HB's as that is what the blog and club were founded on.

In other news...
Update: Its for Millionaire Mansion. May be decor. Thanks sdoreymenano for info.

Stardoll has also sneak peeked on Instagram the new interior that will be released tomorrow.

I like it, but I'll have to wait and see once it's released. What do you think? Are you excited for the release.

Also, sorry for the combined posts. I am just not concentrating much on Stardoll News. While I want you to have it, I feel you can basically get it faster elsewhere and I'd like to concentrate on comps and bringing other interesting things to the blog. Hope you don't mind :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New: Callie's Picks

The fourteenth edition of Callie's Picks was released in the Starplaza. Think the fact that it is the 14th edition shows me how much I've missed on here! It's based on a Punk Princess fashion theme, and I do like quite a few of the pieces. There's the odd one or two that can be bought with Starcoins as well. Do you guys like any of them?

Frankie Morello Tribute items:

Other items of interest:

Burberry Prorsum jacket

Balmain jacket

Versace dress

Balmain Jacket

Lanvin Choker
Thanks Rose_Jean


So, Stardolls Easter Egg Hunt is finally over! No more waiting to discover what wonderful prizes await us!

Well... I guess they are nice for Easter themed items, but I was hoping for something a little less bunny inspired and more designer inspired. A gorgeous dress or shoes maybe.

What do you think of the prizes? Was it worth the wait?

Tuesday, April 22, 2014





I've decided to post a quote each week to help us get to know each other. Sometimes it will include a competition and sometimes it's just about sharing.


I just wanted to take a moment and say Thank you!

Thank you to those of you who welcomed me back after about 3 years with open arms. You don't know how much that means to me. This site shaped a good part of who I was as a person growing up. It gave me leadership and blogging skills, I didn't even know I possessed. It gave me friends I didn't know I'd miss.

Thank you to all the new followers as well. I hope you enjoy being a part of our Stardoll family. This blog is about the games and prizes, but there is so much more you can get out of it if you just look a little deeper and challenge yourself.

Thank you to my friends and writers who are supporting me and doing everything they can to help make this blog successful again.

Lastly, thank you for bearing with us while we are figuring out who we are in this new Stardoll world. It will definitely be worth the wait!

I appreciate you all so much!

To show my appreciation, I have decided to give a gift to everyone who has commented since my return up until this post. I hope you have something in your wishlists :D

xoxo, Jenna

*Exception is the new followers competition post. Sorry.

May Hot Buys

The May Hot Buys were released today. Personally I absolutely love the leather shirt - hopefully it's the same when it gets released! - and am also a fan of the jacket, and I'm sort of in two minds about the bag and shoes at the moment. Thoughts? And if you know who's inspired any of the real life versions please let us know in comments! :)


Michael Kors Bag
Thanks Juliette116 and Ms.Brigitte

Lanvin Tee

Thanks Ms.Brigitte

Louboutin Aqua Ronda Heels

Thanks Ms.Brigitte

Christopher Kane Skirt
Thanks Ms.Brigitte

Thanks Ms.Brigitte


Thanks sdoreymenano and  Elz946

M Missoni Dress
Thanks sdoreymenano and  Elz946

Christopher Kane Jacket
Thanks Underneath Stardoll

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Lucky Square: Results!

Time for results! Are you guys ready to see who the winners are?

So yesterday, sixteen of you reserved squares! Out of all sixteen of you, six of you reserved lucky squares. One person even landed on the 250sd square! Here are the winning squares(the highlighted squares). 


Square 8 Board 2: 250sd 
Square 4 Board 1 & Square 7 Board 1: 100sd
Square 14 Board 2 & Square 12 Board 1: 50sd
Square 15 Board 2 & Square 2 Board 2 & Square 3 Board 2:  25sd
Square 15 Board 1 & Square 14 Board 1 & Square 2 Board 1 & Square 3 Board 1: 5 new items of your choice from Original Future & Pretty n' Love

The List of Winners
Ms.Brigette (Please leave your username in the comments) 250sd
Juliette116 100sd
Keaiilah1 100sd
Natoustars 25sd
Jackjailer & Vampirelady33: 5 new items of your choice from Original Future & Pretty n' Love

Now winner. If you're a superstar member please reserve an item in your bazaar for the price of your prize for me(Elite-girl). If you won 5 items from Original Future & Pretty n' Love just added the items to your wishlist. If you're a non superstar just add items to your wishlist that adds up to your prize amount. 

Congrats winner! 

Now I need your feedback! What do you guys think about The Lucky Square?


 Sorry for the delay! Unfortunately several people did not leave their Stardoll name in their entry. One person (Athena Stardoll) still has not responded, but we posted the poll anyway.

Pleas note it is best if your Stardoll name is in your ID. In the future you may lose out on being  entered if we don't know who you are.

Also, if you win and you are not BOTH a follower of this blog and a member of our club hotbuys_bazaar, you will not receive a prize.

*To follow click the JOIN THIS SITE blue button on the left side.

Good luck! Prize is $50sd

Hot Buys Hat

The Hot Buys Tisci Hat was released in the Starplaza yesterday. It's part of the Original Future collection and costs $13sd. Not too sure I like it to be honest...also, if anyone knows who inspired the real version then please let us know in comments! :)


Real life version by Givenchy. Thanks to Rose_Jean! :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Lucky Square!

 Hello everyone! Stardoll's Most Wanted is OFFICIALLY back, and I'm so excited to be one of the new members on the blog. If you don't know who I am, I'm Elite-girl on Stardoll, otherwise known as Linda. Most of my post will consist of competition/raffle/'lotteries' sponsored by myself.

The Lucky Square, is going for a trial run this week! The game is simple. You reserve as square and you could win anything from 250sd to the latest released items in the starplaza! The only thing is, only a certain amount of people can enter. For this trial run, only 16 people can reserve a square. That being said, there will be 16 empty squares, so good luck choosing the lucky one!

How to enter:
1)You must be following Stardoll's Most Wanted!
2) Choose, ONE square, from ONE board and in the comments section simply say, for example, "I reserve square 1 from board 1". *update* Please also list your username!
3) You have to be fast, because only 16 people can reserve a square.

& also 5 items of your choice from the new Original Future or Pretty n Love collections.

Just to make things a little more clear, the prizes are assigned to a square. You reserve that square and you win that prize. One square has the 250sd, two squares have 100sd, two squares have 50sd, three squares have 25sd prize, and three squares have the 5 items of your choice from the new Original Future and Pretty in Love collection. 

If this game goes well, I'll bring it back and more people will be able to enter!


P.S. Results will be posted tomorrow.

 Let me know what you think about this lottery style game... nahh or yahh? Should there be any modifications? Prize ideas? Give me your feedback! 

NEW Pretty n' Love is out!

The new Pretty n' Love items are out!

The dresses are cute, but not too exciting to me. The item I love most is the Bring me flowers tote.

I love the spring flowers inside. How about you? Will you be buying any?

Maybe you think my opinion is totally wrong?!

If you do and you created an amazing outfit with one of the dresses.. show it in comments.
You could win your self some gifts from Pretty n Love décor!

Opportunity will end on Tuesday (April 22, 2014).


Saturday, April 19, 2014

HB Party Crop Top Comp/Poll

Hi, I'm Oliva, but everyone calls  me Liv.  I'm Jenna's little sister and I am going to be helping out with the blog! I am using my Aunt's old account Dinahdoll22 :).

So today Stardoll released the HB Party Crop Top. 

If anyone knows who this is made by please let me know in comments. It's selling for $16sd.

I have been seeing comments that people think this top is really hard to make an outfit with. So, I wanted to see what you thought and hold a little comp!

Create your best outfit using this top and post it in comments. If you don't want to buy it, you can create it in Starplaza.
Participants will be put in a poll to win $100sd.

*You must be an official public follower of the blog and member of Hotbuys_Bazaar club
* The HB must be easily seen and not covered up
*Be creative and fashionable.
*Please make sure pics are large and clear. (The size of your suite). 

Comp ends Midnight NY time (est) April 20, 2014

*If you don't know how to screen print you can tell me you are wearing it in your suite and I will take one.

Friday, April 18, 2014


Hi everyone,

Our comments layout has been changed. Let me know what you think about it.

We are now using Disqus. Some of you may familar with it as it is the same system Underneath Stardoll uses. Thanks to sdoreymenano answering my questions about it!

The reason I switched is, I wanted to make it easier for everyone to enter comps. You can now add a picture of your entry directly in your comment. This is also so I do not have to take a chance and possible go to an unsafe link.

To do this, do a screen shot (print screen), save it to your computer and then upload it by clicking on the little icon in the bottom left corner of your comments box.

If you don't already have a Disqus account from following Underneath Stardoll, I suggest you make an ID. This is easy to do.

Click in the box that says Pick a name. You can use your Stardoll name, Blogger name, Google whatever. I use a combination of my Stardoll name and real name (Emorox4eva/Jenna). I would suggest that your Stardoll name be in it, so we can identify you for comps.

Next enter your email address that you wish to register with and select a password. Then click on the arrow to your right to register.

After that is completed, if you click on the avatar icon, you can upload a picture like you have on blogger or google etc.

See below. Click on avatar. Select Edit profile. Select Add photo. Upload your photo then choose next.

xoxo, Jenna
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